Seinfeld: 10 Most Unbelievable Things Kramer Got Away With

Seinfeld fans love Kramer's silly personality and wild storylines, but sometimes, Kramer gets away with too many confusing things.

Cosmo Kramer is one of the most unforgettable parts of Seinfeld. Whether sharing a wild story, falling into Jerry’s apartment, or giving hilarious life advice, Kramer always keeps things interesting. But even though Kramer is a beloved part of this sitcom, sometimes he makes mistakes or makes odd decisions that don’t make a lot of sense. He manages to go through life without much trouble, but would he really be able to do these things in real life?

Whether he’s getting a random job or causing trouble at the airport or during a family ceremony, Kramer can’t help but be totally himself, and sometimes that means that he has some unrealistic and confusing storylines.

10 Kramer Gives Jerry Horrible Investment Advice

In the season 3 episode “The Truth,” the IRS is putting Jerry through an audit, and it turns out that Kramer told Jerry to give money to a volcano relief fund that wasn’t actually real.

It’s amazing that Kramer is able to get Jerry to do this, as it seems likely that most people would tell Kramer that this doesn’t make any sense and they don’t have enough money to spend on it.

9 Everyone Accepts Kramer’s Bus Story

link, along with his story in the season 5 episode “The Fire.” Kramer explains that he was on a bus when the bus driver fainted and he had to step in. Kramer explained, “The bus is out of control! So I grab him by the collar, take him out of the seat. I get behind the wheel and now I’m driving the bus!”

While this is a hilarious tale, it’s also strange and confusing that Kramer’s friends seem to take his story at face value and they don’t wonder if maybe he’s exaggerating. Would Kramer really keep making the bus stops when there’s a supposed emergency?10 SecShang-Chi Pitch Meeting

8 Kramer Thinks He Can Move To California And Be An Actor

Kramer and Jerry experience some conflict in their friendship in the season 3 episode “The Keys.” When Jerry doesn’t want Kramer to visit so much, Kramer realizes that he can move to California and pursue his acting dreams.

Would Kramer really be able to make this big cross-country move so easily and casually? He doesn’t seem to give it a second thought or put any planning or organization into it, which begs the question of how he manages to get away with this scheme. Of course, he doesn’t really become a famous actor, but the fact that he even attempts it is a bit confusing.

7 Kramer Manages To Get Away In “The Airport”

Kramer’s physical comedy on Seinfeld is famous and he’s often falling into Jerry’s apartment or racing around New York City.

Kramer comes up with a wild plan in the season 4 episode “The Airport” as he thinks that a passenger is a man who was supposed to pay him $240 20 years ago. Kramer even tries to steal the man’s wallet right in front of him. Kramer ultimately gets away with this as he runs away from the security guard. It seems like IRL, Kramer would get in much bigger trouble.

6 Kramer Ruins A Baby’s Bris

The season 5 episode “The Bris” is definitely a chaotic one, with Kramer ruining the special ceremony and believing that he has to halt it from happening. While Kramer’s description of a “pig man” is the most memorable storyline here, his behavior at the bris is also strange.

Instead of being angry with Kramer, the parents make Kramer the godparent as they think that he has done a lot for their child. It seems like everyone would be upset with Kramer and that this would never actually happen.

5 Kramer Actually Repaints A Part Of The Highway Himself

The season 8 episode “The Pothole” sees Kramer frustrated with the highway, and after he’s able to actually adopt a part of the highway, he repaints a section.

While Kramer does a terrible job and there’s even more traffic and tension afterward, it’s hard to imagine Kramer actually being able to physically do this work himself. Wouldn’t someone see him and stop him?

4 Kramer Gets A Job Without Even Trying

Kramer’s jobs on Seinfeld are legendary, and in the season 7 episode “The Bizarro Jerry,” he begins a job at Brandt-Leland when he goes into the washroom there.

While Kramer doesn’t get paid since, of course, he isn’t actually in the system, this plotline still doesn’t seem realistic or likely. Wouldn’t someone notice that he was never hired? What does the manager have to say about it?

3 Kramer Gets A Pet Rooster

If any Seinfeld character is going to get a pet rooster, it’s going to be Kramer, but it doesn’t make sense that he’s able to take care of a rooster in his New York City apartment.

Wouldn’t the landlord notice, or wouldn’t one of the other residents of the apartment building hear the noise and complain? It doesn’t seem like something that Kramer could actually get away with. It’s funny that Kramer calls him “Little Jerry,” though.

2 Kramer’s Attempts To Change His Apartment

Kramer’s Seinfeld apartment might be right near Jerry’s, but while Jerry lives in a fairly simple one-bedroom, Kramer is always coming up with quirky ways to change his living space.

In season 9, Kramer does a lot of odd things to his apartment. He and Newman decide to change the peepholes on their doors so they’re the opposite way and in another episode, Kramer adds a screen door. It seems like the landlord or other tenants would notice, and since Kramer is renting, it doesn’t seem like he would be allowed to make these types of changes.

1 Kramer And Jerry Drop Candy Into A Man Getting Surgery

The season 4 episode “The Junior Mint” is one of the sitcom’s most famous, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Jerry and Kramer are about to watch a surgery take place, and it seems like there might be strict rules about guests in the gallery. To make things even worse, they’re eating candy and a junior mint falls into the man while he’s getting surgery. It’s definitely tough to imagine this really happening as it seems too far-fetched.

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