Twilight: 10 Ways Jacob Got Worse And Worse

In Twilight, Jacob displayed some toxic traits that made him seem like he was getting worse and worse, not to mention he lacked character development.

Many of the characters in the Twilight series have flawed characteristics. However, nobody is perfect, so arguably, it’s quite a naturalistic portrayal of the supernatural. Out of the three main characters, Bella Swan is the one most disliked by the fans, but Jacob Black isn’t exactly an angel either.

Of course, Jacob was no villain and constantly demonstrated throughout the series that he was capable of great selflessness and courage, which is to be admired. Unfortunately, he also displayed some more toxic traits that made the character seem like he was getting worse and worse, not to mention that he lacked character development.

10. His Feud With Edward

Jacob’s main source for all his negative behavior stemmed from his hatred of Edward Cullen. Or, to be more precise, he was jealous of Edward. In all fairness, the books and the films were centered around Edward and Bella’s romance, so Jacob was definitely the third wheel.

However, Jacob refused to be mature about the fact that Bella could never love him, and essentially blamed Edward for Bella’s choice. Edward was by no means innocent but he was patient with Jacob for the most part. Jacob showed him no such curtesy.

9. His Obsession Over Bella

When Jacob re-met Bella in the first book, he was only 15 years old. This was when he first developed feelings for Bella. At this point in time though, Bella only had eyes for Edward. However, Jacob’s crush on Bella soon turned disturbing.

He basically refused to accept the fact that she was in love with another man and kept on making awkward attempts at hitting on Bella. His behavior got really out of control in Eclipse, when he kissed Bella without her permission which was absolutely shocking.10 SecJames Bond: Quantum of Solace Pitch Meeting

8. His Self Pity

Jacob was only 16 for the majority of the series, and so it’s understandable that his behavior came across as pretty immature on multiple occasions. However, that’s still no excuse for his frequent pity parties when Bella turned him down or kissed Edward.

Jacob must have been pretty used to getting his own way because he just couldn’t let Bella go. In order to try and win her over, he even suggested that he would let himself ɗ𝔦ᥱ in battle, rather than see her marry Edward.

7. His Relationship With Renesmee

While this only really happened in the last two films, it still got worse and worse the more it was mentioned. The book series tried to explain that it was okay to love a baby earlier on by reinforcing that the imprinted werewolf would go along with whatever the baby wanted, but it was still pretty weird.

One of the most awkward parts about this was that before Jacob imprinted on Edward and Bella’s baby, he was literally ready to ƙ𝔦ℓℓ her. He went from ɱʋrɗᥱrous rage to doting brother/lover in a couple of pages, which didn’t really seem to fit.

6. His Presence In The Final Film

Although Breaking Dawn Part 2 was actually a pretty satisfying finale to the Twilight Saga, it did have a couple of issues – the most important one being that Jacob was essentially sidelined for the whole movie.

Bella and Edward got plenty of screen time, as they should have, but at times, it felt as though Jacob was just forgotten about. He had been reduced to a mere background character while Renesmee and the Volturi stole the spotlight. It just wasn’t right.

5. He Was A One Dimensional Character

While Jacob did have some wonderful moments, part of the problem about his character was that he was too one dimensional. Jacob only really existed to act as a romantic foil for Edward and as another possible romantic partner for Bella.

Beyond being part of a supernatural love triangle, Jacob didn’t really have any decent storylines of his own for the majority of the series. It was only in the final novel that Jacob was allowed to becomemore than just a lovesick puppy (pun intended).

4. His Treatment Of Bella

Bella Swan is the one character from the Twilight Saga that fans love to hate, regardless of whether they’re Team Edward or Team Jacob. Sure, Bella did some awful things to both men, but Jacob pulled some pretty terrible moves on Bella, too.

It started when he first became a werewolf and began ignoring her without any explanation, leaving Bella broken again. Jacob’s treatment of Bella only got worse in Eclipse, when he kissed her without asking, knowing that she was with Edward at the time.

3. His Dislike Of The Cullens

While Jacob’s hatred of Edward, while immature, was to be expected, considering Edward was dating the woman Jacob loved. But the werewolf’s dislike of Edward’s family was less understandable. Carlisle and Esme, in particular, always showed Jacob kindness and respect.

Despite occasionally feeling guilty for the way he treated Edward’s parents in the last book, Jacob still acted rudely. The Cullens had given him no real reason to dislike them, and yet Jacob did so anyway because of his prejudice against vampires.

2. His Post-Werewolf Attitude

In the first movie (and novel) in the Twilight Saga, Jacob was actually quite sweet. Sure, he had a slight crush on Bella, but that was only really because she flirted with him to get information on Edward. It wasn’t purely Jacob’s fault.

Also, Jacob didn’t feel the need to act upon his feelings. Therefore, he didn’t hate Edward for dating Bella and he scoffed at his father’s automatic dislike of the Cullens. Sadly, when he became a werewolf, he turned into a grumpy, moody man who was obsessed with a girl he could never have.

1. He Put Bella In Danger

To be fair, Jacob wasn’t the only one to put Bella in danger. Edward, being a vampire and all, also put Bella in danger every day. However, Edward at least did try to do something about that, even if it didn’t really work out at all in the end.

When Jacob became a werewolf, every time he got angry he was at risk of changing and hurting those closest to him, geographically speaking. Essentially, every time he got worked up over Bella (which was a lot), Jacob was putting her in grave peril.

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