Coolest/Toughest/Lamest/Weakest: Letterkenny Edition

Who is the coolest, toughest, weakest, and lamest character in the Letterkenny universe?

This Boxing Day we all got a gift from north of the border as Season 9 of Letterkenny dropped on Hulu. The On Tap Sports Net crew is particularly fond of the show and in celebration, a few of us got together to nominate our picks for Coolest/Toughest/Weakest/Lamest in the Letterkenny cinematic universe.

Similar to our CTWL of Parks and Recreation, each contributor will have their pick of the cast for the CTWL characters in the show. While there will be no “right” answer, someone will surely be more wrong than the rest. Please point them out and let them hear it.

Matt Berklan picks:

Letterkenny: 10 Best Episodes According To IMDb | ScreenRant

Coolest: Squirrely Dan  Dan seems to be knowledgeable and those funny rants always seem to start with him. (Could say Reilly too because his delivery is always hilarious).
Toughest: Wayne – Literally the toughest guy in Letterkenny. Always the man with a plan and navigates everything.
Lamest: Gail – Gail adds nothing to the show. Just felt like she was just thrown in there and made awkward as possible.
Weakest: Roald – The first two seasons there was a power struggle with Devon and the skids. Devon’s out. Roald should become power-hungry and mess with Stewart, who is always too deep into things.

Jonnie Nonnie picks:

Coolest: Katy – Katy Cat gets what she wants, has an army ready to go to battle for her if needed, and dresses better than pretty much anyone in Letterkenny. Don’t forget her underrated zingers that provide a plethora of unexpected laughs.
Toughest: Wayne – I suggest you check his fight card and let that one marinate.
Lamest: Glen – The merchandise with knock-off slogans says it all.
Weakest: Coach – I love Coach, don’t get me wrong, but memories of his ɗᥱαɗ wife Barb always seem to deflate his spirits at the worst possible moments. Fucking embarrassing.

Schwartzy picks:

Canadian comedy series Letterkenny on SBS is impossible to describe

Coolest: Katy – Katy is the definition of cool. Confidence for decades. She’s desired by almost everyone in Letterkenny, and she acts on it when she chooses. Flip over the pillow and you will see Katy Cat on the other side.
Toughest: Wayne – It’s basically the premise of the first season and continues to be a point of order moving forward. This is a slam dunk I’m sure everyone will have on their list.
Weakest: Troy – Troy stole Wayne’s girl, and openly flaunted it to Wayne’s face. It was Troy’s treatment of Alexander outside of MoDeans that sealed his fate as the weakest in my book. He looked like a tool bag, his hat was atrocious, and most of all he had dropped a cornball 300 reference before kicking poor Alexander into the trash heap.
Lamest: Shep and Kingsley – These were Katy’s pair of model boyfriends for the first three episodes of Season 3 if you’ve forgotten them. Their existence in the show was probably lame by design, but I couldn’t have disliked their comedic delivery more (by Letterkenny standards).

Now the picks that some of us made may not be exactly what you would have gone with but to be fair…

That’s what the comments section is for.

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