Kristen Stewart Says ‘No To The Dress,’ Revealing She’ll Be Wearing Jeans On Her Wedding Day

Kristen Stewart definitely won't be wearing a wedding dress when she walks down the aisle.

Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer are newly engaged, and they’re eager to launch their wedding plans right away.

With the buzz of their upcoming nuptials gripping headlines across the globe, the ever-important discussion surrounding their attire is at the top of everyone’s minds.

Fans want to know which designer will be chosen and what sort of style each of the ladies will wear.

While many may have had images of a stunning white dress in their minds, that’s not quite how Kristen has envisioned her fashion statement to be for this milestone moment in her life.

Kristen Stewart ‘s Bold Fashion Choice

Kristen Stewart Says 'No To The Dress,' Revealing She'll Be Wearing Jeans  On Her Wedding Day

When it comes to her wedding day, Kristen Stewart has some concrete plans that she intends to make good on, and one of the excitng details that has already been established is that her bridal outfit is going to be a very unique one. In fact, she’s not going to be a ‘typical bride’ in any way.

Those who have envisioned a flowing veil and a stunning white bridal gown with glamorous accents, wil be shocked to learn that Stewart has very different plans. In fact, she has absolutely no desire to wear a bridal dress at all.

Kristen Stewart has said ‘no’ to the dress, and is opting for a more low-key fashion statement instead.

There will be no veil.

There will be no flowing, long train.

There won’t even be a bridal gown at all.

Instead, Kristen Stewart is opting for a more low-key outfit. She’s bringing denim to the wedding scene.

Bringing Out The Jeans

Kristen Stewart Says 'No To The Dress,' Revealing She'll Be Wearing Jeans  On Her Wedding Day

Rather than donning a gown for her highly anticipated walk down the aisle, Kristen has revealed that she is opting for something more comfortable and is going to stay true to her own personal sense of style.

She has revealed that she plans to wear jeans on her big day.

That’s not all.

Kristen Stewart has already decided that her favorite pair of jeans is going to be matched with a cut-off tuxedo t-shirt, and that will be her personal nod to tradition for the day.

This is certainly not the most traditional fashion choice, but Kristen and Dylan aren’t exactly planning a traditional wedding in any way.

Some of the other fun wedding highlights that have been revealed, is the fact that they’d get a real kick out of it if Guy Fieri would agree to officiate their ceremony.

As more details emerge, this is proving to be one of the most fun, unique weddings that fans have experienced in a long time, and they’re all-in and ready to uncover more.

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