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Priyanka Chopra Jonas Just Proved She Is The Ultimate Dog Mom

Priyanka Chopra Jonas might be a mom soon, but for the time being, she's a dedicated dog mom!

It’s hard to pick a favorite Hollywood couple, but we’d say Nick Jonas and his lady love Priyanka Chopra are definitely relationship goals. They’ve made fans swoon since 2016, and continue to do so, a little more each day.

While Nick Jonas is busy being a part of a band with his brothers, his wife is busy taking Hollywood by storm. The former Miss Universe recently starred in Robert Rodriguez’s new Netflix film, We Can Be Heroes, alongside Pedro Pascal, Boyd Holbrook and Taylor Dooley among others.

The Indian actor joined Netflix in a new video, where she played ‘Never Have I Ever’, but a Dog Mom edition of the game!

Meet The Goodest Dog Mom Ever!

5 pictures that prove Priyanka Chopra Jonas is the ultimate dog mom to her  pooch Diana

Priyanka Chopra Jonas answered the first question, introducing her dogs and revealing the one who slept in her bed. “I have three dogs, and one is Gino, one is Panda. They’re big boys!”

“But this one right here, is Diana! This one gets to sleep in bed with me. She’s the oldest, but she’s Queen Bee.” Chopra shared about her cute-as-a-button chihuahua.

She admitted to sharing her leftovers with her dogs, “Under the dining table, dogs get a lot of treats from me. It’s terrible, it’s terrible, I’m terrible.”

Chopra lost yet another round, on accepting that she’d thrown her dogs birthday parties. “This year was quarantine. They were all with me. I was at home. There may have been…doggy cakes involved.”

The actor surprised viewers on revealing that she wasn’t a jealous dog mom! Her dogs could shower others with their attention, and she’d be all right. “No, I have three of them. I’m really happy when somebody else gets the attention.”

She went on to share that Gino, Panda and Diana followed her everywhere she went! “My dogs sit outside the shower, when I’m showering.”

Chopra made a funny revelation when she shared a story about talking to her dogs as if they were human. “Totally. All the time,” she said.

“I’m like’ Gino! What are you doing Gino, huh? Is that how we behave in front of the guests?'” Chopra shared, in a heavy Italian accent.

She clarified, “I don’t know why I had an Italian accent…I think it’s because he’s called Gino. So you feel like, ‘Hey Gino, Gino!’ Like I have to do that.”

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