Seinfeld: 5 Things Season 1 George Would Hate About Finale George (5 Things He Would Be Proud Of)

In most shows, the characters tend to evolve and become better people over the course of the series — but Seinfeld is not like most shows. George Costanza is a perfect example of the sitcom’s willingness to have its main characters be unlikeable people.

George not only doesn’t improve much over the nine seasons, but in some ways, he gets worse. In fact, by the time George reaches the finale, there are many aspects of his life that his younger self would have been quite upset by. On the other hand, in his own warped view of himself, there are certain changes to his life that George might actually take pride in.

10Hate: He Moved Back In With His Parents

George’s parents are among the funniest supporting characters in the entire series and their dysfunctionality actually helps to explain a lot about George. He tries his best not to interact with his parents, which is why it is such a nightmare for him when he’s forced to move back in with them.

By the finale, George has been able to move out of his parents’ house finally. However, if the George who is introduced in season 1 knew that he would be moving in with those people in a few years, he would have lost it.

9Proud: He’s Leaving New York

The amount of things George can find to complain about is endless, which is why it’s hard to take any of it too seriously. However, in the first season of the show, George laments his life in New York City and is confident things would be better if he could just get out of the city.

Despite the fact that the city is not responsible for all of George’s bad decisions, he is getting his wish in the finale. After NBC decides to go ahead with George and Jerry’s show, they make plans to move to California.

8Hate: His Anger Issues

In the first season of Seinfeld, George was mostly just a highly neurotic man. He worried and complained constantly. While those were not exactly qualities that made him a likable person, he had not yet become the rage-filled man he is in later seasons.

George tends to think the world is out to get him, and this causes him to explode in fits of rage whenever something doesn’t go his way. By the finale, his uncontrollable anger is probably his most prominent character feature.

7Proud: He’s A Skilled Liar

There are few things one could say George is talented at but lying is certainly one of them. While his deceptions often get found out eventually, George is shameless in the stories he makes up, most of which are meant to make him look better.

In the first season of the show, George has that instinct of lying to be impressive, but he has not yet honed his skills. Given that George in the finale has turned lying into an art, it would have greatly impressed his younger self.

6Hate: His Many Failed Relationships

With all his many shortcomings, it’s not surprising that George has trouble finding a long-term relationship. Like the other characters in the show, George goes through a long list of girlfriends throughout the series, some of whom were wonderful women.

If season 1 George could see all the chances for romance that he had over the years and all of the silly ways he squandered those chances, he would be devastated. Despite being a very selfish person, he seems to be convinced he wants a meaningful relationship.

5Proud: His Job With The Yankees

Just as George goes through a lot of girlfriends over the course of the series, he also has quite a few jobs, along with a few stretches of unemployment. While some of these jobs are short-lived, his most prominent job is with the New York Yankees.

The unexpected career move comes when George begins adopting a new philosophy of doing the opposite of what he usually does. This ends up impressing George Steinbrenner, who hires him. Eventually, George comes to hate that job as well, but for season 1 George to see where he ends up, he’d be quite impressed.

4Hate: He’s Not Wealthy

Money has always been another big struggle for George and he is known for being quite cheap. But in the finale of season 1, George makes the rare wise financial choice. He and Jerry invest in a risky stock that continues to fall. While Jerry bails, George sticks with it and it pays off quite well.

In the final scene, George is seen flush with cash and quite proud of himself. He also has a new sure-fire stock tip on the go. However, given his financial status in later seasons, it’s safe to say that wealth did not last.

3Proud: His Sitcom With Jerry Is Back

In the show’s most meta storyline, Jerry and George decide to pitch a new sitcom to NBC which sounds an awful lot like Seinfeld. They envision it as a show about nothing with all the characters in their lives.

Unfortunately, NBC decides not to go forward with the show until new management comes in the finale. They decide to pick up the series, giving George one more short at unearned success.

2Hate: Going To Jail

One of the reasons the finale of Seinfeld is so notorious is its rather unhappy ending for the main characters. While seeing George, Jerry, Elaine and Kramer end up in prison was surprising, it is also hard to say that they didn’t deserve it with all the terrible things they have done.

Of course, George is not a person who is able to experience guilt so he would likely just be mad about the whole thing. Indeed, it would certainly not make season 1 George very happy to see himself behind bars in the future.

1Proud: His Friendship With Jerry

The friendship between Jerry and George was never heartwarming or loving, but it was very much the center of the show. The entire series begins with the two friends in a café having a meaningless conversation about the placement of buttons on a shirt.

In the last scene of the show, the four friends find themselves in a prison cell as Jerry and George begin having that same conversation. Despite the circumstances, George would probably be happy to know that after all the years, he and Jerry were still having fun talking about nonsense.

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