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An Inside Look At The Life Of Bruce Lee, And What He Was Really Like

Bruce Lee is an iconic figure to martial artists, fitness enthusiasts, movie buffs and many others.

Bruce Lee is an iconic figure to martial artists, fitness enthusiasts, movie buffs and many others. Bruce, despite only being alive for 32 short years and only starring in seven movies, we all heard the story of how he had ɗ𝔦ᥱd while filming his last movie; which had to be quickly edited together to work… Nevertheless, Bruce made a massive impression. Aside from just being a martial artist in movies, Bruce Lee had world-class skills and many big-time martial artists of the era like Chuck Norris and Gene Lebell would frequently seek him out to train with him.

Lee was also known to be innovative and thoughtful when it came to his physical training, pioneering techniques that many people still use today. He also took philosophy classes, incorporated it to his training, and writing books about it.

Due to Bruce Lee’s short time in this world and the much less socially pervasive time he lived in, there isn’t a lot that people know about the man behind the muscles.


Despite most people viewing him as a thoughtful and meditative figure, basically, the stereotypical martial arts master, which in many ways Bruce was, he wasn’t always like that. Bruce got into many street fights when he was young, which eventually forced him to leave Hong Kong and move to the United States.

Bruce’s younger years were similar to how he was portrayed in the Kung Fu film Ip Man 3, an eager hothead who is a little arrogant. This attitude frequently got him into fights, as Lee wanted to prove his superior strength. This showoff nature, while considerably reined in, was something Bruce kept throughout his short life. It actually played to his benefit as he showed off his skills at shows in order to build his brand for himself and his Kung Fu schools.


As mentioned previously Bruce Lee studied philosophy and was almost as, if not just as much, interested in the study of philosophy, as he was interested in studying martial arts. Bruce Lee believed in constant self-development and that one should aim to reach the highest version of himself.

Martial Arts also had a big effect on his philosophy. Most of us have probably seen that famous black and white interview Bruce had where he talks about needing to be like water. Bruce believed that people should be adaptable and this is very applicable to martial arts, as one needs to adapt to their opponent.

Parenting Style

In an interview, Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee talked about how her father was as well, a father. Shannon stated that her father had moments when he freaked out and got very angry. Bruce admitted to having a temper in interviews and that extended to parent but his daughter Shannon stated that he would always apologize for them when he went too far. Bruce apparently saw these freakouts as moments to reflect upon and improve himself, tying back to his philosophy.

Training Fanatic

Bruce Lee had an absolutely insane physique, being seemingly all muscle with zero fat. It’s well known that Bruce was obsessed with training. Chuck Norris, friend and training partner to Bruce talked about how the two of them used to work out for hours, and then sit on the patio and talk, well Chuck would sit, apparently Bruce would instead do splits or sit-ups.

Bruce was known to do his martial arts training, core workouts and running every day.

How Would He Have Done In MMA

Chuck Norris stated that they both would have done well in MMA, if it was around during their time. Chuck states that he and Bruce loved to cross-train in different styles of martial arts and that they were skilled in both striking and grappling.

Many MMA analysts and fans agree with this, chief among them being Conor McGregor who stated to some media during a press tour that there is no doubt in his mind that if Bruce was alive and at his peak today, that he would easily be a world champion.

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