Twilight: 10 Best Couples That Don’t Include Bella Or Edward

When the Twilight saga came out, it quickly became a huge hit. And when it was adapted into movies with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the leading roles, it attracted even more fans. Unsurprisingly, the story mostly focused on Bella and Edward’s relationship since Bella was the narrator of the story. With the exception of Midnight Sun retelling the events of the first book from Edward’s point of view.

Either way, side characters didn’t get that much space. Despite that, the books and films both have managed to create some pretty memorable romances. Mostly vampiric ones, but not always. Some characters in the Twilight saga were simply meant to be together.

10. Charlie Swan And Sue Clearwater

Neither Charlie nor Sue had it easy. Charlie’s marriage broke fairly quickly when Bella was just a baby. And Sue lost her husband, became a widow.

Both have been lonely for quite some time so it came as a pleasant surprise when they started dating. Not much is known about their relationship but they were friends beforehand so they have a good base to make it work in the long term.

9. Emmett Cullen And Rosalie Hale

Their relationship isn’t given much space in the movies but it’s easier to understand in the books. They might seem like total opposites but Rosalie and Emmett complement each other well.

He helps diminish her worse impulses and Rosalie – well, she saved his life. Even though Emmett can’t give Rosalie what she would really want – her own children, their relationship still works and it’s the next best thing.

8. Alice Cullen And Jasper Hale

Alice and Jasper might also look like total opposites – but thanks to their unique skills, they understand each other better than people might suspect.

Jasper can get a feel of Alice’s emotions and she can see into the future which makes it easy to avoid relationship missteps. Alice’s easy-going, friendly nature also helps Jasper relax since he sometimes struggles with the lifestyle the Cullens are leading.

7. Carlisle Cullen And Esme Cullen

Carlisle’s and Esme’s romance is a clear example that sometimes things are meant to be. Carlisle was worried to change Esme into a vampire, he feared she wouldn’t forgive him. But she loved him instead and they quickly found happiness together.

They’re both inherently kind people – sorry, vampires – who care deeply about their children and other people. So their match seems like the most natural one of all three Cullen couples mentioned in this article.

6. Benjamin And Tia

Benjamin and Tia are another vampire couple that had to overcome difficulties on their way to happiness. They were happy together when they were both humans.

Benjamin then vanished and became a vampire. Tia got married even though she didn’t love her husband. But when Benjamin sought her out and offered her the chance to become a vampire as well, she accepted it and these two could finally continue their relationship that got so violently interrupted.

5. Garrett And Kate

Garrett and Kate are one of the rare couples that got together during the Twilight franchise, not sometimes before the main story. At first, it looked like these two would have nothing in common, considering their vastly different lifestyles.

But during the effort to save Renesmee, Garrett became interested in Kate and she returned the feeling. Their relationship wasn’t easy, especially considering Kate’s desire to avenge the ɗᥱαꚍɧ of her sister, but they made it work in the end.

4. Angela Weber And Eric Yorkie

Vampire relationships are prevalent in the Twilight saga, but aren’t the only ones. There’s also the romance between Bella’s high-school friend, Angela, and her classmate Eric. Eric originally had a crush on Bella but he changed his mind when Angela got the courage to ask him to prom.

They look sweet together and their mutual banter is amusing. Funnily enough, both of them date different people in the books. Angela dates another classmate of hers, Ben, and they’re also happy.

3. Sam Uley And Emily Young

Sometimes even people who are in love end up hurting one another. At least in the world of the Twilight saga. Sam was originally dating Leah Clearwater but he then imprinted on Emily, Leah’s cousin.

Needless to say, Leah was less than happy about it and became quite unpleasant afterward. As for the injury, Sam did it to Emily by accident when she was trying to persuade him to go back to Leah. But in all worked out well in the end, Emily realized she didn’t want to leave Sam as well and stood up for him in front of his tribe.

2. Peter And Charlotte

Jasper had built quite a lot of connections during his life. Peter and Charlotte are both his friends and they witnessed for Renesmee even though it put them in danger in front of the Volturi family as well.

Charlotte was part of Maria’s clan and she had trouble with her transformation into a vampire. Peter asked for Maria’s help but she refused. So Peter and Charlotte escaped instead and have been together ever since, leading a peaceful life as a couple.

1. Eleazar And Carmen

Finally, among the many friends of the Cullen family, there are also Eleazar and Carmen who also only feed on animals. The start of their romance was difficult because Eleazar belonged to the Volturi family when he and Carmen met but he didn’t really fit in since he had no special ability.

He eventually separated himself from the Volturi, and he and Carmen joined the peaceful Denali clan instead. Neither of them was very happy alone, and only together, they found the peace of mind they deserved.

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