Are ‘Outer Banks’ Stars Madelyn Cline And Chase Stokes Over? Here’s Why Fans Think They Quietly Broke Up

Chase Stokes, 29, and Madelyn Cline, 23, first rose to fame when they starred as John B. Routledge and Sarah Cameron in the popular Netflix show, Outer Banks. As they were filming season one, the on-screen couple slowly became an off-screen couple as well and quarantined together. Fans were really happy to hear the news that their favorite characters were now dating in real life.

The couple has been spending some time apart, filming other projects and maybe time away from each other, as well, which can take a toll on a relationship. Like with many co-stars who fall in love, sometimes they break up, which can cause awkwardness on set, especially since Outer Banks was renewed for season 3.

Now, after more than a year of dating, there’s rumors that the couple might have broken up, according to Deuxmoi. Are they just rumors or is there a problem between the Pogues? Here’s what we know.

10 How They Got Together

Stokes and Cline got together a few months after they first met on the set of Outer Banks. Once they started quarantining together, along with co-stars Rudy Pankow and Drew Starkey, the relationship turned a bit romantic. Quarantining together was a good test to see if they could make it. According to many sites, the pair began dating in April 2020. Maybe that was why they had such great on-screen chemistry because they were falling for each other real life.

They Made It Official

In June 2020, the couple made it official by posting about each other on Instagram. The couple had previously left flirty comments on each other’s posts, but when they announced they were a couple, Stokes captioned his photo, “Cat’s out of the bag.” Madelyn Cline replied with, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

Fans were super excited to see the co-stars together and all seemed like a fairytale. Their chemistry spilled over into season 2, with Stokes even calling her Mads in one scene instead of Sarah.

Why They Kept It Private For So Long

In an interview with ET, Cline told the reporter why they kept their relationship so private. “The show coming out was already a pretty big life change, and we were also just starting the whole quarantine process, and that’s a huge life change and going through a global pandemic. I think we just wanted to kind of give it some time and enjoy it while it’s new and fresh and just kind of keep that to ourselves,” she said. It was a crazy time back then and any new relationship should be kept private in the beginning to be kept away from public scrutiny.

They also didn’t want to mess anything up with the show and that’s why they waited until quarantine to act on it. The co-stars soon realized there was something between them.

What Madelyn Cline And Chase Stokes Have Said About Each Other

The actors have been interviewed a lot since Outer Banks became so popular, and they have said some really cute things about each other. In the same interview with ET, when asked if she was in love, Cline responded with, “Yeah, it’s really cool. Love is tight. It’s cool to share this experience with your favorite people and also your favorite person…I feel very happy.”

Stokes shared a really sweet message for his girlfriend on her 23rd birthday. “It’s quite rare to meet somebody and feel everything change,” he wrote in the caption of the Instagram, which featured photos of the couple. “Thank you for making the coldest days warm, for your infectious love, and being the best dog mom to Lil mi. Happy birthday sweet thang you make my heart warm and fuzzy 25/8,” he posted on Instagram.

They post adorable photos of each other on their Instagram with the other one leaving cute comments, mostly for their anniversary and birthdays. The Outer Banks stars talked with Access this past July and told them their first impressions of each other. Cline said when she met Stokes, he was in a really bad mood and kind of bratty, while Stokes said she was confused with him.

Filming In Separate Locations

Since they have skyrocketed to fame on Outer Banks, the couple has gotten more opportunities to act in other things. Cline has been busy in Greece filming the Knives Out 2. She stars in it with Daniel Craig, Jada Pinkett Smith, Edward Norton and more. While Cline was in Greece, Stokes was back in the states filming some episodes for the thriller drama Tell Me Your Secrets and the role of TJ Forrester in the streaming show, One Of Us Is Lying. Being in different countries might gave made them evaluate their relationship, which could have cause the potential break-up.

Madelyn Cline Danced With Another Man

Amid the speculation between the couple, Cline jetted off to Italy in September to attend many Milan Fashion Week shows. There she hung out with some friends, including 13 Reasons Why actor Ross Butler. They sat together at the Salvatore Ferragamo presentation. The next day, she shared photos from her time at the show alongside a video of her, Butler and friends goofing off. He also posted photos of them together on his Instagram.

What really fueled the break-up rumors was a video leaked by TMZ, where Cline and Butler were seen dancing together and Butler twirling her around at the CERA restaurant in Milan. They could just be friends hanging out for fashion week, but fans think there is a bit more going on there.

Chase Stokes’ Boys Night

Cline and Stokes both hung out with OBX co-star Jonathan Daviss in September. While the actress was living out her dreams in Italy and soon traveled to Paris, Stokes partied hard in Miami with his male co-stars and some other new friends. Along with Daviss, Austin North joined them for a boys’ night out. He also hung out with Tom Felton a few weeks ago for another boys’ night, which made the internet go crazy.

Another claim from Deux Moi said that Stokes attended an event where he flirted with other people, looking very single. Stokes and Cline have not been spotted out together recently.

The Met Gala

Supposedly, they were supposed to attend the Met Gala together, which would have been a first for both of them, but pulled out at the last minute. This only fueled the rumors more. There were three separate submissions to Deuxmoi about the couple, so fans started to believe there was some truth behind this.

What Fans Are Saying

Fans are not happy about the rumors as a lot of them liked the couple together. One user tweeted that if the rumors are true, which they hope they’re not because they are clearly very much in love, that they hope it doesn’t mess up their chemistry on the show. Others said, “love literally does not exist,” if they really broke-up. @Mae_dial02 tweeted that if it’s true they are ‘throwing their phone across the room.’

Most of the reactions to the break-up are sad. They do not want to believe the co-stars broke-up but also want to wait for them to confirm or deny the rumors and have people stay out of their personal lives.

Are The Rumors True?

No one is certain if the break-up rumors are true. Fans do not want them to be, but only time will tell. Madelyn Cline posted on Instagram for Chase Stokes’ birthday, but the post seemed more platonic. And the posts they shared about each other are more in a group setting rather tied to the show than just the two of them.

However, when he thanked everyone for the wishes, the pictures he posted did have Cline in them, which can mean they’re at least still friends, if the rumors are true. That’s great news for them and for OBX fans. Neither had spoken on it and posts about each other are still up on social media.

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