‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Richard Flood Talks About a Possible Love Triangle in Season 18

In Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, Cormac Hayes, aka McWidow, was first introduced as Meredith Grey’s potential love interest. Now that Meredith is commuting between Seattle and Minnesota, she spends more time with Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman). So, could there be a love triangle between Meredith, Nick, and Cormac? Well, actor Richard Flood weighs in on the possibility.

Cormac Hayes joined the medical drama as a potential love interest for Meredith Grey

Grey’s Anatomy fans were first introduced to Dr. Cormac Hayes in Season 16. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) referred the Irish pediatric surgeon to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. After getting the job, Hayes quickly inherited the nickname “McWidow,” because of his wife’s d.e.a.th. 

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In season 17, Hayes asked Meredith out on a date, and she accepted. Before anything could happen, she contracted coronavirus (COVID-19) and entered a coma. So, this put a pause on Hayes and Meredith’s possible relationship. After beating the virus, Meredith took a job in Minnesota to find the cure for Parkinson’s disease. Shortly after, she started dating Nick Marsh.

Meanwhile, Hayes took Megan Hunt’s son, Farouk (Bardia Seiri), as a patient. While their relationship was strictly professional, there was flirting between the two. Now that Hayes may have a new love interest, where does this leave him and Meredith?

Could there be a possible love triangle in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 18?

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Richard Flood talked about Hayes and Meredith’s relationship. When asked about a possible love triangle, the actor remained tight-lipped on the possibility. But, he did admit the situation between Hayes and Meredith is quite “complicated.” 

“Yeah. I don’t know how much I can say. I think it’s pretty clear that McWidow and Grey have a strong connection, a strong flirtation,” the actor explained. “I think last season was difficult because she was in a coma. So, it was impossible to explore the relationship any further – except in his reaction to her being in a coma. So I suppose we got to see more of his side of it and maybe how deep those feelings were going, despite us not being able to play the relationship.”

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While many fans would love to see Hayes and Meredith rekindle their romance, Flood teased the season will have “a lot of stories to tell” for the show’s characters. 

“This season, there’s a lot of stories to tell, so we had to move it on. But these are adult relationships, and they’re complicated, and timing is often very tricky, very difficult,” he continued. “And these characters are always being pulled in so many different directions. There will always be obstacles in the way. And then new characters are introduced, such as Megan comes in, and perhaps there may be a spark there. I mean, it all just depends on where they want the story to go. So I don’t know. It could build in many different directions.”

Will ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 18 be the last?

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Ahead of the Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 premiere, fans speculated the new season would be the show’s last. Although the network has not confirmed anything yet, Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff revealed she has a few ideas for the show’s finale. 

In an episode of the At Home with the Creative Coalition podcast, Vernoff revealed she’s been thinking about how the medical drama would conclude.

“I have something percolating in my mind,” she said. “And the percolating changes. I had some ideas percolating during the first seven seasons – I used to pitch things to Shonda [Rhimes], and she’d go, ‘That’s a season eight idea.’”

Vernoff continued, “Meaning, that’s the final-season-of-the-show idea. Now, we blew so far past season eight, and we’re in season 18. So your idea of where the characters are going to end changes each year. Every year, I never know if I’m writing the last season of the show, literally. I percolate new ideas every year. If we ended it this year, what would it be?”

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