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Prison Break: 5 Times Michael Scofield Saved Sucre (5 Times Sucre Saved Him)

Scofield and Sucre were an incredible partnership in Prison Break - and each saves the other in every season.

Success is when you go to prison to break your brother out but happen to meet another brother in the process. Fernando Sucre, Portrayed by Amaury Nolasco, evolved from a mere cellmate into a brother for Michael Scofield throughout the five seasons of Prison Break.

Sucre is the exact opposite of Scofield in terms of being smart and creative, except when it comes to stealing cars. His loyalty to Scofield and his family is, however, unquestionable. Some fans agree that Sucre has done more for Scofield compared to what Scofield had done in return. Here are the unforgettable instances of Sucre saving Scofield.

10 Sucre: Fox River

Scofield walked into Fox river with a perfect plan, but he didn’t know the prison as well as he thought. He had failed to account for lots of things that would have made his whole plan impossible, and this is where Fernando Sucre came in.

He knew what to do to get Scofield into PI, to get a riot and stop count, and generally, how to handle the different prison gangs. Getting out of Fox River was all thanks to Sucre’s loyalty and; Quick thinking. Of course, if the first prison break failed, the company could have assassinated Scofield alongside his brother inside the prison.

9 Scofield: The River

Sucre and Scofield created a strong bond inside the prison, which is why they made the best pair during their life on the run. After Bagwell stole Westmoreland’s money from them, they were left with no plan and also got trapped between a river and the police.

Sucre’s troubles multiplied when a log rolled onto his leg, trapping him in the water. Scofield, with his smart engineering ideas, is exactly what he needed. Michael not only got Sucre out of the river alive, but he also figured out a way to escape from the police.

8 Sucre: The Bungled Nitroglycerine Deal

Pedro Ramos, the drug dealer, was Scofield’s second-last piece of the puzzle after he ran out of Fox River. It was his best ticket out of The States, and the price for a seat on the plane was Nitroglycerine, which Mahone made impossible for Scofield to retrieve.

It was nearly the end of the road for the genius when Ramos figured out his trick of selling him sugar water until Sucre came to the rescue. Ramos would either have shot Scofield or traded him in for reward money, both of which had the same outcome; Scofield ɗᥱαɗ. It was also the first time Sucre actually shot anyone.

7 Scofield: The Plane To Mexico

Remember that drug-plane pilot that told Sucre that his life depended on how hard he landed with the parachute? Well, the landing didn’t end well for the pilot, and Sucre got lucky because he landed both alive and in Mexico.

All these came after the company sent bombers to shoot down the plane, thinking Scofield and Burrows were aboard. Luck aside, the whole trip wouldn’t have happened without Scofield, and Sucre would never have left the US, which meant the company would have ƙ𝔦ℓℓed him.

6 Sucre: Helping Scofield Escape From Sona

The third season was one of the most interesting in the entire show, and it also brought out the best of Fernando Sucre. Life in Sona was a gamble between life and ɗᥱαꚍɧ, and every day felt like it would be Scofield’s last.

Fernando evolved from the overambitious lover we knew into a reliable father figure and friend. Michael was obviously outwitted by Morgan. He became a better outside man for Scofield than Lincoln, especially after he got the job as the new gravedigger. Without his help in burning the prison fence, the escape wouldn’t have happened.

5 Scofield: The Car Accident In Panama

Panama was a disaster for both Scofield and Sucre, but the latter had the worst of the bad times. Scofield wasn’t there for Sucre as much as you would have expected, but he never left him for ɗᥱαɗ Not in this instance at least. Scofield and Sucre underestimated Bagwell and almost got both of them ƙ𝔦ℓℓed. When their car crashed, and Bagwell made a run for it with the bag of money, Scofield waited long enough for help to come before chasing “The Bag.”ADVERTISEMENT

4 Sucre: Protecting The Sona Breakout Plan

Sucre had more reasons to give up Scofield and the rest of the Sona escapees than dying for them, but he just wouldn’t give up on Scofield. Telling the Sona prison guards about the escape and Scofield’s whereabouts would have spared him lots of pain and probably an early trip home.

He kept his mouth shut throughout the torture and even got himself buried in a grave just to help Scofield escape. His silence saved Scofield, although Scofield never reciprocated that level of loyalty in Sucre.

3 Scofield: The Deal With Kellerman

Sucre made a bad criminal, both in prison and on the run, which is why he desperately needed an exoneration. All Sucre wanted all along was a chance to live peacefully with his wife, but every route to that seemed to get him closer to ɗᥱαꚍɧ.

After being played by Agent Self, Sucre was out of cards, and it was clear he was either going back to prison or living at the mercy of the cruel company operatives. Without Kellerman’s deal, Sucre’s life was simply over. Scofield’s ability to hold the pieces together and retrieve Scylla for the deal to happen saved many people, but none needed it as much as Sucre.

2 Sucre: The Cargo Ship Decoy

Sucre missed all the fun in Yemen, but Sofield’s troubles in the fifth season still caught up with him. When the soldiers landed on the cargo ship, they were either going to arrest Scofield or shoot him if Sucre didn’t come up with the plan. He figured out how to hide Scofield from the troops and also neutralize his corrupt ship captain for the team to sail to safety. Although the plan ended in a big boom, he kept Scofield alive for a few minutes.

1 Scofield: Escaping From The Cargo Ship

The ship would have made a perfect grand arrival in the US for the whole team until Poseidon came up with his catastrophic plan. When the military helicopter left, no one seemed to understand what was coming next except Scofield. He managed to warn the group to jump off the ship before the missile blew it to pieces and actually saved Sucre one more time. It was disastrous for Sucre’s new controversial line of business, though.

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