The Vampire Diaries: 10 Best Katherine Pierce Quotes

Despite remaining a villain, Katherine Pierce is one of the most popular characters in The Vampire Diaries. Here are her best quotes from the series.

Katherine Pierce is, arguably, the most complex character in The Vampire Diaries. She continuously makes the wrong choice and betrays the people who care for her, but it’s difficult not to sympathize with her. At the age of seventeen, Katherine’s family is slaughtered and she’s forced to spend centuries on the run from Klaus Mikaelson.

Through it all, Katherine maintains a witty sense of humor and never stops fighting to survive. Self-preservation becomes her first priority, and the five hundred years she spends looking over her shoulder have clearly made an impact. Katherine has several memorable quotes in the series, but the best lines offer a deep insight into who she is.

Katherine Gets Sick

“You Can Understand Why I’m A Little Upset That I’m On The Verge Of Being Defeated By A Sinus Infection!”

Katherine’s character arc changes drastically when Elena force-feeds her the cure and she becomes human. She’s persevered through the hardest of times, and, as Katherine says herself, survived five hundred years of running from an immortal hybrid.

While this line is comedic, Katherine also makes viewers sympathize with her. As a vampire, Katherine doesn’t have to worry about self-care. Being exposed to the elements and prone to sickness is a rude awakening for someone who was once immortal.

Katherine Hits On Matt

“God, You’re Hot. Now Go Away.”

Although Matt is a hero fans tend to hate in The Vampire Diaries, Katherine shows an interest from the moment they meet. Katherine never truly pursues him, but she does have a fun time flirting with Matt whenever she gets the chance.

However, attraction isn’t enough to save anyone from Katherine’s wrath. Not only is this quote comedic, but it sums up her personality. Katherine is unapologetically herself regardless of who she’s dealing with. She doesn’t care what others think of her, no matter what she thinks of them.

Katherine Is The Cutest Doppelganger

“The Cute One’s Here!”

In context, this is one of Katherine’s funniest lines in The Vampire Diaries. It’s no secret that she’s egotistical and believes she’s above everyone else. The quote is said when she enters the Salvatore Boarding House to meet up with the other doppelgangers.

Given that the doppelgangers are identical, one can’t physically be cuter than the rest. However, Katherine proves that she’s the cutest with this comment alone. Her ability to be both threatening and adorable is what makes her so beloved by fans.

Katherine Always Has A Backup Plan

“Do You Honestly Believe That I Don’t Have A Plan B?”

There’s a reason why Katherine is able to stay off of Klaus’s radar for over five hundred years. It’s partially because she doesn’t let love dictate her actions, but it’s mostly due to her being the most intelligent character in The Vampire Diaries.

Anyone who thinks they can outsmart Katherine Pierce is in for a rude awakening. She knows better than to put all her eggs in one basket and doesn’t depend on everything going according to plan. Katherine always has a backup plan and even a backup for her backup.

Katherine Wants To Go Out With A Bang

“After The Life I’ve Led, I Refuse To Drift Off Into The Sunset.”

It’s only fitting that Katherine’s ɗᥱαꚍɧ is just as epic as her life. After everything she’s been through, laying in a bed and waiting to ɗ𝔦ᥱ from old age isn’t a satisfying ending. Katherine’s note to Nadia is in perfect accordance with her character, as she refuses to go quietly.

Even if she understands it, Nadia can’t support Katherine’s choice to give up. Katherine never stops fighting, which makes her choice to jump off the clock tower shocking. Thankfully, Stefan saves Katherine and helps her remember who she is.

Katherine Still Has Her Humanity

“Humanity Is A Vampire’s Greatest Weakness. No Matter How Easy It Is To Turn It Off, It Just Keeps Trying To Fight Its Way Back In. Sometimes I Let It.”

This is, arguably, Katherine’s most crucial quote in the series. Although she’s painted as the villain, Katherine isn’t heartless. She can’t shut out her feelings completely, because they represent who she is at her core. Katerina Petrova is buried underneath years of paranoia and cut-throat survival instincts.

The human girl who prioritizes love still exists, even if she’s hard to find. After a lifetime of running, Katherine finally has a shot at freedom. Yet, she gives up her only chance in order to save both of the Salvatores.

Katherine Threatens Stefan

“We Both Know I Can Rip You To Shreds, And Do My Nails At The Same Time.”

Katherine might believe that Stefan is her soulmate in The Vampire Diaries, but she isn’t afraid to put him in his place. While Katherine never wants to actually ƙ𝔦ℓℓ the younger Salvatore, she makes plenty of comments that cause outsiders to think otherwise.

The older a vampire is, the stronger they are, and Katherine has centuries on both brothers. This line is amusing because it’s not an over-exaggeration. Katherine had proved time and time again that Stefan and Damon are no match for her.

Katherine Is The Moonstone

“I’m The Thing That Everybody Wants. I’m The Freakin’ Moonstone.”

After taking the cure, Katherine becomes the cure, herself. Silas might be her most pressing issue, but any vampire who wants to be human is a threat to Katherine. It even proves to be reminiscent of Elena’s journey in the early seasons of the show. As the last living Petrova doppelganger, Elena is in constant danger.

Once Elena becomes a vampire and force-feeds Katherine the cure, the tables turn. Vampires and werewolves spend an entire season fighting over possession of the moonstone, but Katherine becomes the next hot commodity and takes the object’s place.

Katherine Talks To Elijah About Love

“Life Is Too Cruel. If We Cease To Believe In Love, Why Would We Want To Live?”

Elijah is one of Katherine’s best romantic interests in The Vampire Diaries, as their relationship proves to be genuine. Katherine is the queen of manipulation, and she uses love to get what she wants. She claims to have feelings for anyone who can be of use to her, and they often end up ɗᥱαɗas a result.

Yet, there is a time when Katherine believes that love is what makes life worth living. She eventually prioritizes survival over happiness, but her feelings for both Stefan and Elijah show that she still believes in the notion.

Katherine Is A Survivor

“I’m Katherine Pierce. I Survive.”

No one is more determined to survive than Katherine Pierce. Even when all hope is lost, she finds a way to keep on living. It’s impossible to fight the passage of time, and Katherine appears to be a goner when she takes the cure and the centuries catch up to her.

All of the characters believe she’s past saving, but Katherine doesn’t let her body’s deterioration mean her ɗᥱαꚍɧ. She jumps into Elena and possesses her doppelganger, once again proving that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

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