Twilight: 5 Reasons Charlie is the Best Father (& 5 Why It’s Carlisle)

Charlie Swan has gotten a lot of love for being a good father, and Carlisle Cullen has always been a fan favorite. Here's how these dads compare.

With the Twilight renaissance resurging recently, many old and new fans alike are exploring the series again. This means that there are new opinions and takes on the series for a new decade. One of the main things to come out of this new interest in the saga is conversation about the older adults in the series.

Charlie Swan has gotten a lot of love for being a good father, and Carlisle Cullen has always been a fan favorite. While they are both great parental figures, there are some specific things that they both do best.

10 Charlie: He Encouraged Bella To Make New Friends

After Charlie sees how devastated Bella is by Edward leaving her, he starts to encourage her to get out there and make new friends. Even after Edward comes back, he always reminds her to not just rely on him.

This is really smart of him because it’s not healthy to rely on just one person to be everything in your life. Bella did need to not just focus on Edward, so this was good advice.

9 Carlisle: Because He Was Great At Offering Advice

One of the best things about Carlisle is that he was very wise. He’s been alive for hundreds of years, and he’s also just a good person.

He was one of the few vampires to realize that he didn’t have to ƙ𝔦ℓℓ humans, and he was always trying to help other vampires see this point of view. Because of all his life experience and his kind heart, he was able to offer good advice and create a welcoming space.

8 Charlie: He Cared About Bella But Wasn’t Suffocating

While some people think a good parent has to be super involved in their teen’s life, Charlie was a good parent because he knew when to not hover.

He did care about Bella, but he also gave her the space to make her own decisions. However, when he felt that Bella was in danger or suffering, he would step in to try and direct her in a better direction.

7 Carlisle: He Was Caring And A Healer

Another reason why so many fans love Carlisle and have ever since the series came out is that he’s so compassionate. He’s a doctor who cares for human patients, and his compassion allows him to not even be that impacted by the scent of human blood.

He also cares deeply about all of his “children,” and he’s always willing to help them out in their various struggles.

6 Charlie: He Let Bella Stay With Him Whenever She Wanted

While Bella chose to live with her mother during the school year for most of her life, she did spend summers with her dad. But, when she decided to move to Forks full time, he was happy to let her do so.

Charlie clearly wanted Bella around, but he also didn’t push her or make her feel guilty about living with her mom. He was supportive of her doing what she wanted, but he wasn’t uncaring.

5 Carlisle: Because He Didn’t Judge

Carlisle has been exposed to many different kinds of people, and vampires, over his many years of life. He knows that people make mistakes, even some really big ones, but he believes that they can change.

He didn’t judge people for their pasts, and he was willing to give them a clean slate if they were willing to try. Whether it was Edward rebelling or Jasper and Alice showing up at his door, he wasn’t judgemental.

4 Charlie: He Was Protective After Edward Breaks Bella’s Heart

Charlie was a protective father, but he wasn’t overbearing. While sometimes parents can be too involved and overprotective of their children’s love lives, Charlie wasn’t like that. However, he did see how Edward leaving was so difficult for Bella.

After that, he was understandably mistrustful of Edward when he came back into Edward’s life. He did impose more rules on them after that, but truthfully, Bella needed these rules to find some balance.

3 Carlisle: He Was Always There To Fix Things In An Emergency

Carlisle is definitely the type of parent that you could rely on in an emergency. He’s the first person that his adopted children would call when in a dire situation.

This includes when Bella and Edward learned Bella was pregnant. Carlisle was always there to help right away and try to protect those he cared about. He definitely had a very stable presence.ADVERTISEMENT

2 Charlie: He Accepted There Were Some Things Bella Couldn’t Tell Him

One of the best things about Charlie is that he understands that Bella might not be able to tell him certain things, but he accepts this so he can stay in her life.

While there are clearly some weird things going on with Bella, Edward, and Renesmee, he’s willing to cast aside whatever questions he has so that he can be a part of their lives.

1 Carlisle: Because He Welcomed New People To His Family

The other great thing about Carlisle is that he was so welcoming. This was especially true when it came to those close to his children. When Edward brought Bella around, both Carlisle and Esme were super kind and accepting of her.

Carlisle also never judged or hated those who were most different or at odds with him including people like Jacob.

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