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Peaky Blinders: The 10 Saddest Quotes, Ranked

From lines about death, internal struggles, emotional outbursts, Peaky Blinders has some incredibly sad quotes throughout all 5 seasons.

Since Peaky Blinders deals with characters who are not all that good but still have good in them in a high-quality manner, fans feel many different emotions about these people. Fans are not just interested in the badassery of the Birmingham gang but in the depth of the characters, which is explored wonderfully in the show’s dialogue that often tugs on the heartstrings.

Whether the show’s quotes are emotional because they’re in a scene related to death or they are a heartbreaking look into the struggles of the characters, Peaky Blinders has some incredibly sad quotes throughout all five seasons.

10Tommy’s Admission About France

“Nobody Came Back.”

One of the most significant aspects of Tommy’s life and character is the fact he fought in France alongside his brothers and the likes of Danny Whiz-Bang and Jeremiah. As many characters point out, France seemed to change him.

This is perhaps no better illustrated than in Tommy’s meeting with Jessie Eden, in which she speaks about Tommy’s former partner and how he came back from France a different man. This line from Tommy highlights that many people not only died literally in France but figuratively, as the men returned as different people with some immense trauma that they would have to overcome.

9Tommy Tells Charlie About Grace

“She Won’t Be Back, So It’s Just You And Me.”

Tommy is frequently shown as a less than fitting father figure for his and Grace’s son Charlie after his wife’s death, but he definitely loves and cares about his son. It’s difficult when he has to tell his son about Grace.

The death of Grace would not only take Tommy to a bit of a breaking point but would also severely impact the life of Charlie, who, to this point, has been raised more by other people than he has Tommy, adding to the impact of this quote and overall scene. While Grace wasn’t a fan favorite Peaky Blinders character, no one can deny her importance.

8Charlie Tells Tommy The Truth About His Mother

“Broke My F***Ing Heart To Pull Her From The Cut.”

Tommy and the Shelbys have suffered through family tragedies, losing their mother when they were young and having a deadbeat dad who doesn’t care about them. When Charlie tells Tommy the truth about his mother, the characters become even more tragic.

Not only is Charlie’s admission about loving Tommy’s mother heartbreaking while adding more layers to his character, Tommy, who is in a fragile mental state, also has to come to terms with the fact his mother committed suicide.

7Polly Cannot Get Used To Parenthood

“Mum. That Word Is Like A Bullet To Me.”

Polly Gray’s character in Peaky Blinders has gone a few different directions over the years, but one thing that has always been true is that she has had a hard time in terms of parenting and relationships.

Both her son and daughter were taken away from her, with the latter dying. Despite having had two children and wanting to be a mother, this line shows that Polly’s inability to come to terms with being a parent and highlights the trauma she has gone through.

6Tommy Chooses A Sad Song

“Already Broken.”

The relationship between Grace and Tommy is a significant part of the show and has given way to some of its most iconic scenes, including when Grace asks Tommy if he would like to hear a sad or happy song.

The sheer lack of emotion on Tommy’s face and the calm nature in which he tells Grace his heart is already broken is almost scary. Tommy has suffered so much to that point and will suffer even more. While he may not be a good person, fans can’t overlook a lot of the tragedy that he has endured.

5Arthur Begins To Feel Regret

“I’m A Good Man. But My Hands… These Hands Belong To The Devil.”

While he is the oldest of the Shelby brothers, Arthur may well be the most unhinged and the one who has the least control over his own emotions. He often resorts to over-the-top violence and remorselessness, making him a less-than-admirable member of the Shelby family.

As the seasons go on, Arthur has more of a conscience but he’s still unable to control himself at points, including here when he confronts the man hiding Linda. This quote illustrates that Arthur does have regrets but isn’t in control of his own hands. Arthur’s hands do the devil’s work, although he believes that deep down, he has a good heart.

4Tommy Cannot Get Peace

“There Is No Rest For Me In This World. Perhaps In The Next.”

From season 1, Tommy has always been in motion. The gears in his head never seem to stop ticking along at a rapid pace, whether he’s scheming or keeping his business going. He never stops, and really, he can’t stop.

In fact, this is one of the saddest parts of his character. Even when he does not need to deal with business or family struggles, he still has no peace because his PTSD and slew of mental and emotional trauma-related issues keep him in a constant state of unrest.

3Aberama Tells Tommy About Bonnie

“They ƙ𝔦ℓℓed Him. My Son. They Shot Him & They Put Him On A F***Ing Cross & He’s F***Ing ɗᥱαɗ.”

There have been many brutal deaths throughout Peaky Blinders, but perhaps none is so graphically disturbing as that of Bonnie Gold, who gets crucified by the vicious Billy Boys, leading Aberama to kidnap Johnny Dogs and confront Tommy.

In a tense and harrowing scene that is hard to watch, Aberama breaks down, telling Tommy about what happened to Bonnie. What makes it worse is that Aberama dies at the end of the season, unable to truly avenge his son. Played well by Aiden Gillan, audiences can hear and feel the pain of Aberama, who is in a frenzy of emotion.ADVERTISEMENT

2Tommy Tells John The Reason For Focusing On Legitimate Business

“Since My Wife Took A Bullet Meant For Me!”

One of the most shocking twists in Peaky Blinders comes when Tommy announces to the rest of the family and members of Shelby company Ltd. that they will be going to jail as a part of his plan.

This was all done as a way to prioritize legitimate business, and when John questions this, Tommy breaks and screams at him that the reason is the death of his wife. Tommy has yet to recover from the death of Grace, having hallucinations of her in season 5. Back in season 3, the wounds were still fresh, and her death fuelled most of his actions. Tommy believes he should be dead, not her, and when he says a quote like this one, it’s clear that he genuinely wishes that came to fruition as he struggles to live without her.

1Tommy Tells Arthur That John Is Gone

“It’s Like With Grace, Arthur. They’re Gone. They’re Just F***Ing Gone.”

Jon Shelby’s death came as a shock to everyone, characters and fans alike, and proved to be one of the show’s saddest deaths, with John being one of the most popular characters on the show.

Speaking with a struggling Arthur, Tommy says this line, one that further highlights the tragedies he has gone through. He does not even believe they are in a better place; in a moment like this, he just knows that they are gone, and he cannot properly deal with it. While the death of John never affected Tommy in the long-term like Grace’s did, he lost his younger brother and was close to breaking down over it on multiple occasions, including here.

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