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Peaky Blinders: 9 Episodes That Prove Tommy & Grace Were Soulmates

Tommy and Grace make one of the best couples in Peaky Blinders. They get along well but a couple of episodes prove just how unique their love is.

In Peaky Blinders, much emphasis is placed on crime, investigations, business deals, and politics. Love also sneaks in from time to time, with the relationship struggles of the early 20th century gangsters and their associates coming off as relatable (even in the current era). Most of the relationships are unstable, but the pairing of Grace (Annabelle Wallis) and Tommy (Cillian Murphy) is one with strong pillars.

One of the lovebirds starts out as an undercover agent and the other as a hoodlum, but feelings soon bind them. Both Grace and Tommy meet other people throughout the show but fate keeps bringing them back together. With each other, they share more blissful moments than what they experience with all their other partners.

Tommy Hires Grace (Season 1, Episode 4)

Tommy discovers that Grace has lied to him about a number of things, including the fact that she is a Catholic. Nevertheless, he still hires her as a secretary in the Shelby family business.

Ordinarily, Tommy isn’t one to be lenient on people he suspects of treachery. Hiring her as a secretary is his way of bringing her closer to him. The move is a sign that he will keep ignoring her flaws, which is something that helps in making relationships last.

Grace Quits Being An Undercover Agent (Season 1, Episode 5)

Grace tells Inspector Campbell that she is going to tell him the location of the government guns he is looking for, on condition that he leaves the Peaky Blinders alone. She then resigns and goes on to consummate her relationship with Tommy.

Every decision Grace makes in this episode shows how deeply her heart yearns for Tommy. She sees how determined Campbell is to bring down Tommy and as much as she respects her new lover’s business dealings, she believes making him lose the guns will protect him from harm.  She’s generally been a good person all her life, so quitting the police force in order to be with a gangster shows she is willing to risk anything for love.

Grace Tells Tommy She Loves Him (Season 1, Episode 6)

For the first time, Grace finally tells Tommy that she loves him. She then leaves for London and he can’t help but contemplate dropping everything and going with her

A verbal declaration of feelings is all that lovers need to confirm that they want to be together for a lengthy time. Tommy loves his job but he seriously considers dropping everything to move to London with Grace, something that demonstrates how deep his own feelings are. He doesn’t end up doing that but there are hints the two will reunite.

Tommy Gets Jealous When A Man Answers Grace’s Phone (Season 2, Episode 4)

Grace stays at the Ritz Hotel in London for a while after leaving Birmingham and Tommy starts to miss her. When he calls her, another man answers the phone. This makes Tommy jealous, so he hangs up.

Jealousy is an emotion strongly linked to love and Tommy displays it well here. He has the option of yelling at the man and demanding to know who he is but he doesn’t do that because he’s a rare breed of a gangster who also happens to be a gentleman. He understands that he doesn’t have the right to be mad at Grace either since it’s been a while since they saw each other and both of them assumed their relationship was over. His understanding persona is part of what makes their relationship work so well in the future.

Grace Contacts Tommy ( Season 2, Episode 5)

Grace contacts Tommy and asks to meet. It’s revealed that the man on the other end of the line was her husband Clive Macmillan and that they are in London seeking fertility treatment. Nevertheless. Grace sneaks out to meet the crime boss, who takes her to see Charlie Chaplin, (who is just one of the few real-life characters in Peaky Blinders). Later, they make love.

People that are meant to be together, always end up missing each other, no matter how hard they try to stay apart. In the episode, Tommy and Grace come to the realization that they are both with the wrong people. Tommy doesn’t hesitate to break up with his newest lover May, who has fallen deeply for him, while Grace doesn’t hesitate to lie to Clive.

Grace And May Confront Each Other (Season 2, Episode 6)

Grace and May finally meet each other at a horse racing event where Tommy is meant to carry out an assassination for the crown. They both try to prove to each other that they have a firm hold of the gangster’s heart. May says she does important business with him but Grace claims that she is not only pregnant by Tommy but that Tommy also named a horse after her.

It’s at this particular moment that May realizes she doesn’t have a chance with Tommy. Grace has already made significant strides. May is extremely disappointed but there is nothing she can do. She basically admits defeat, which leaves Grace with no challenger in her quest to become the First Lady of the Peaky Blinders.

Grace And Tommy Get Married (Season 3, Episode 1)

After two years of dating, Grace and Tommy finally get married in a colorful wedding that’s attended by both the Blinders and Grace’s family (who are mostly cavalrymen in the British army). The two families clash but Tommy does his best to keep everything in order.

Nothing underscores the word “soulmate” more than marriage and by tying the knot, Tommy and Grace confirm that they are in this for the long run. The bad blood between Tommy and Grace’s family is evident but the manner in which the two lovers keep their cool shows they will never let anything come between them.

Tommy Tries To Save Grace (Season 3, Episode 2)

Tommy gives Grace a sapphire necklace to wear to the Shelby Charity Foundation dinner but he is told that it has been cursed. He rushes to take it off her but a gunman appears and shoots her.

Even though Tommy isn’t superstitious, the thought that something bad might happen to Grace because of the necklace deeply concerns him. He wants to be with her forever and that’s why he rushes to take the necklace off her. His reaction after what is one of the most shocking ɗᥱαꚍɧs in Peaky Blinders also reveals just how deep his feelings were.

Tommy Hallucinates About Grace (Season 5, Episode 4)

Tommy has a lot on his plate in the episode, including having to deal with a Triad member who has kidnapped Finn and making a speech at the House of Commons. Amidst all the chaos, he still keeps hallucinating about Grace.

That Grace is still colonizing his mind long after she ɗ𝔦ᥱd is a confirmation that she was the one for him. Normally, Tommy is able to compartmentalize his thoughts and deal with his issues by himself but memories of Grace haunt him so much that he goes to Ada so that she can counsel him.

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