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Peaky Blinders: The 10 Best Characters, According To Reddit

Reddit is choc-a-block with ardent Peaky Blinders fans and there are many opinions about who is the best character on the show.

[tldr_position]Peaky Blinders‘ new season is expected to arrive in early 2022 and things are bound to shake up in season 6. Not only did Alfie make an appearance in the last season finale, but Helen McCrory’s death also left fans wondering how the show would explain Polly’s absence.

The past year has been a busy one for Peaky Blinders fans on Reddit, who took to the platform to share their theories and suggestions for the show’s next season. Reddit is a great place for fans to bounce popular and unpopular ideas off of each other and to discuss their favorite characters and storylines.

10 Ada

Ada Shelby is one of the most likable characters on Peaky Blinders, and it’s no surprise that Reddit user Loose-Situation-1515 is a fan. Ada’s resilience has been key to her character’s reliability. “She’s such a strong character and I adore the actress – Sophie Rundle – too,” says the Reddit user.

The Shelby sister has had to make her own decisions and has consistently held her own when it came to retaining her sense of identity, which is no mean feat, considering how overbearing the Shelbys can be, at times.ADVERTISEMENT

9 Alfie

Reddit user madlass_4rm_madtown admires Alfie because the verbose, intimidating gangster appears to be invincible. Not only does he refuse to cower in front of his more powerful rivals, but he also comes back from the dead, rather miraculously. This only helps Alfie’s character grow more fascinating and makes him a force to be reckoned with. “Alfie Solomon’s [the] most ruthless gangster of the all. Came back from the dead,” writes the Reddit user.

8 John

Unlike Tommy, John was quite vulnerable to his own emotions and often succumbed to his instincts. But what made him so endearing was his loyalty and his love for his family. In fact, if someone did an Enneagram test of the Peaky Blinders characters, John would most definitely be revealed as a “Challenger” type, owing to his strength and assertiveness.

But his character was also designed to be rather simple, which was refreshing considering the main leads on the show were mercurial and unpredictable. Reddit user fiftysvn finds John’s loyalty to be his most redeeming quality and what makes him the best character. “Aside from Tommy, one of my favorites is John. He is not the brightest, but he is loyal and trusting,” shares the Reddit user.

7 Lizzie

Reddit user Fun-Ad3090 thinks that the fact that Lizzie makes peace with the transactional nature of her and Tommy’s relationship makes her more intriguing as a character. “Anyway, when you really think about where she’s been and where she is now, Lizzy’s come so far and is overall a likable character who’s been the unfortunate victim of Tom’s callousness,” the Reddit user writes.

It’s not surprising that many fans love Lizzie’s character. There is an authenticity to her and, much like John or Arthur, she is easy to read and thus more reliable.

6 Arthur

Reddit user Rogue_4TW points out the many complexities in Arthur’s character. “Even though he has got an anger issue and killed a kid, he still has a soft spot. IMO he is naive because he got tricked by his own father,” the Reddit user wrote.

Fans widely believe that Arthur may be a better Peaky Blinders character than Tommy. Arthur had to overcome significant odds and even Tommy had often been quite insensitive towards his needs, be it regarding his battle with addiction or his PTSD. Arthur tries hard to be stronger than he is and pushes away his vulnerabilities, in spite of being aware of them, which makes him endearing to fans.

5 Luca

Luca’s character divided the Peaky Blinders fan base, as some deemed the villain to be too stereotypical. But one Reddit user argues that Luca’s sense of bravado and mafia boss antics were spot-on. Moreover, Luca’s persona needed a sense of flamboyance and drama considering it was meant to counteract Tommy’s stoicism.

“His character was written well, his Italian arrogance was on point, and he was a perfect portrayal of his imagined form … During the times he does carry his mafioso bravado, his acting is excellent, and the scenes with him (like in Tommy’s office) are excellent. I just think people should take it for what it’s worth and chill out on the nit-picking,” the Reddit user writes.

4 May

Fans have often (rather unfairly) played Grace’s character against May. May had to make peace with being Tommy’s second choice, which adds a sense of sadness to her personal narrative. Since she had a discerning storyline that was also quite engaging on its own, many fans believe her arc on the show needed a stronger anchor. Reddit user DeErvarenMaagd loves May and also thinks she has more character than Grace.

“I might be late with this, but I recently rewatched the series, and boy do I like May. She has so much more character, Grace is just so bland man,” the Reddit user says. May is a war widow who falls for a dangerous man and her chemistry with Tommy kept viewers on the edge. She’s also really different from Grace and fans have enjoyed this contrast since May brought out a different aspect to Tommy. In a way she made him see the man he wanted to be, which also led to Lizzie feeling threatened by May.

3 Polly

Helen McCrory, who played Polly on Peaky Blinders, passed away this year in April. It’s been difficult for the show’s viewers to cope with her loss, not only because it was sudden, but because of how precious Polly’s character was to them.

Reddit user gjta89, for instance, can’t imagine the show without Polly’s character: “I can’t imagine peaky blinders without Polly Gray. How are they going to continue the series?” the Redditor user asks. Polly wasn’t just one of the most empowering female leads on television, but she also broke the rules of how women are written for a predominantly male-starring show.

2 Tommy

Fans of the show have wondered for years what makes Tommy Shelby tick. Reddit user Yummi points out that, in spite of being a quintessential alpha male who is usually the voice of authority in any room, Tommy does not come across as obnoxious or power-hungry.

“I for one, have watched each season 4 times now (except for season 5) simply because Tommy is such an intriguing character to me,” the Reddit user wrote. Tommy’s intelligence and his sense of class loyalty also contribute to his character’s self-awareness, making him many fans’ favorite on the show.

1 Michael

Many fans have compared Michael to Tommy and have suggested that he should take over the empire after Tommy. However, some fans find Michael to be quite selfish. But Reddit user yungmunnie420 points out that Michael is the only character who can hold his own in a room full of Shelbys, especially in a crisis.

“Michael’s the only one in the show who can handle himself competently (except for the whole stock market thing) but otherwise, his level of ambition and his hard-ass nature of willingly getting in the face of Thomas and Arthur is the perfect role we needed in this show,” the user wrote. It’s quite true that Michael has always been assertive and his steely resolve makes fans compare him to Tommy, and this is also what sets him apart, so it makes sense that he’s many fans’ favorite on the show.

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