Game Of Thrones: 5 Times Jaime Was The Best Lannister (& 5 Times He Was The Worst)

From pushing Bran out a window to knighting Brienne, is Jaime the best or worst of his family?

There are plenty of villainous characters within the world of Game Of Thrones, but few are as sadistic and vengeful as those within the Lannister family. Whether it is executing Ned Stark or blowing up the Sept, the family is involved in plenty of heinous activities as they desperately try to remain on the Iron Throne.

However, Jaime Lannister is slightly different from most in his family as he showcases some moments of compassion and kindness throughout. There are times where Jaime is clearly the nicest member of the family, yet it doesn’t take much for him to slip into his old habits, becoming the worst member as well with his despicable behavior.ADVERTISEMENT

10 Was The Best Lannister: Saving His Brother

Despite the fact that he is legitimately a Lannister, the vast majority of the family hates Tyrion. That is, apart from Jaime. He and Tyrion may have their moments of tension, but deep down there is a genuine brotherly love between them, which is touching and good to see within the Lannister family.

That is never clearer than when Tyrion is set to be executed and Jaime risks everything and allows him to escape. This decision actually leads to Tywin’s death, as Tyrion takes out all of his anger on him with a crossbow, but the action from Jaime is a good one, which showcases the type of person he is.

9 Was The Worst Lannister: Trying To Kill Bran

One of the worst things that Jaime Lannister did actually took place in the very first episode of the show when he pushed Bran Stark out of the tower window. After he was caught in an intimate moment with his sister, Jaime wanted to guarantee their incestuous relationship was kept a dark secret.

In order to do that, he launches a young Bran out of the window in a moment, and he expected to kill him. Of course, Bran survived the fall, although he did become paralyzed. However, that didn’t excuse the action, as it showcased Jaime at his absolute worst, reeking of desperation.

8 Was The Best Lannister: Returning To Cersei

For most people, this was an act of Jaime ending his life as a villain, choosing to return to Cersei one last time, despite his love with Brienne. Jaime understands the chance of death when he makes this decision, but ultimately, Cersei is the love of his life.

He proves that their love is genuine, and not just something they have done for lust or power. The fact he’s willing to die with the woman he loves, with the Lannister family dying together is something that proves he is the best member of the family.

7 Was The Worst Lannister: Killing His Cousin

Jaime Lannister murders plenty of characters throughout his time on the show, but during his time imprisoned by the Starks, he ends up killing one of his own family members. The Lannister family is quite a close-knit group who may not always see eye to eye, but always try to do the best for the family.

That’s what made Jaime’s decision to murder Ser Alton a poor moment for him as a Lannister. While he is only a distant cousin of Jaime’s, he decides to kill him after they become close, using it to escape.

6 Was The Best Lannister: Rescuing His Daughter

While some people aren’t aware that Myrcella is his daughter, the fact that he’s willing to go and rescue her from Dorne proves how great of a person he is. Jaime does this because she’s his daughter and he wants her back with him and Cersei, and this is a moment of real connection between them, as she tells him she knows he’s her father.

Ultimately, she dies in his arms on the journey back, and that only makes this moment even more heartbreaking. Jaime proves he’s the greatest Lannister not by going to get her, but by trying to bond. Nobody else in the family really does that, and Jaime wants things to be different, hoping to make life better for Myrcella.

5 Was The Worst Lannister: Murdering Lady Olenna

Jaime Lannister is the man responsible for bringing an end to the life of Lady Olenna, forcing her to drink poison which ultimately kills her. Even though he does so in a kind manner, only for her to tell him she killed Joffrey, it’s still one of his worst moments.

Jaime is well aware that Lady Olenna is an intelligent woman and someone who could potentially be an ally if things were different. He also doesn’t fully trust Cersei’s judgment at this point, yet he still acts anyway.

4 Was The Best Lannister: His Ultimate Redemption

The Battle Of Winterfell is one of the most epic encounters in the entire series, with the vast majority of the heroes joining forces to fight the White Walkers. In what seems like an impossible task, the characters decide to put aside their differences, except for Cersei, who refuses to send her men to help.

However, Jaime doesn’t allow the Lannister name to be tarnished by not helping in the biggest war of all time and he rides alone to join them. The fact that he actually helps out fighting, is one of his real highlights throughout the show.

3 Was The Worst Lannister: Joffrey’s Funeral

Cersei is a hated character, and with good reason, but she was destroyed when her son died. When Jaime then decided to rape Cersei after his death, next to his dead body, it took a terrible scene to a truly appalling level, and showed how heinous Jamie could be.

It was a very tense scene, and one of the more controversial in the series. It was a very low moment for Jaime’s character, treating his son’s legacy with no respect, and sexually assaulting a woman that he claims to love.ADVERTISEMENT

2 Was The Best Lannister: Knighting Brienne

When the majority of the characters are expecting the worst for their future, the night before the White Walkers cause chaos, Jaime has his greatest moment. He steps up and knights Brienne, which is a huge moment for her emotionally, achieving a true goal of hers.

Jaime may break her heart by ultimately choosing Cersei, but this moment is easily his best as a Lannister. It’s a time when the real Jaime is able to come out, showcasing the type of man he can be as he tries to give Brienne a true moment of happiness.

1 Was The Worst Lannister: Not Following His Father’s Footsteps

When it comes to the Lannister family, everything they do is for the family name, so when Jaime opted to become a member of the Kingsguard, renouncing any claim to a royal title, he certainly left the Lannister family disappointed, especially his father.

With Jaime deciding not to marry due to his love for Cersei, he wasn’t able to provide an heir to the family due to Cersei’s children all being believed to be Baratheon’s. It’s a decision that made a lot of people within the family frustrated, which is why it’s his worst moment as a Lannister, as he effectively brought an end to the name.

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