Sons Of Anarchy: The 10 Greatest Redemptions

Not all characters from Sons of Anarchy got their redemption but some got some happiness and did some good before the end.

Redemption wasn’t an everyday occurrence in Sons Of Anarchy. The show was populated with flawed characters that kept getting worse despite them getting several chances to be better. Some simply had horrible luck as their poor fortunes were a result of circumstances beyond their control.

Luckily, it wasn’t all gloom. A few characters either saw their fortunes change or made efforts to be better themselves. However, redemption in the FX series didn’t always translate to a happily-ever-after story. Some of the characters were still introduced to new woes after reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.

10 Chucky

Once upon a time, Chucky was a petty criminal who yearned for peace as he was being harassed by the Lin Triad gang. He sought protection from SAMCRO, promising he’d show them where the Lin Triad had hidden a stack of cash. The money turned out to be counterfeit so the Sons handed him back to his oppressors.

The Lin Triad cut off eight of his fingers to put a stop to his desire to masturbate all the time. A sympathetic Tig then took him back and hired him as a bookkeeper at Luann’s studio. Chucky soon became well-liked at the clubhouse, leading to Gemma paying for his prosthetic fingers. Going forward, he remained a very reliable servant to the club.

9 Margaret Murphy

St. Thomas Hospital administrator was first portrayed as the typical horrible boss. After finding out that Tara was dating a motorcycle club member, she began bullying her and making her life at the hospital miserable. Not only did she file an insurance fraud complaint against Tara for coaching Chibs to fake injuries but also revoked her hospital privileges.

It took Tara standing up for herself for Margaret to change her attitude. Tara threw shade at her, reminding her that she was just an administrator with no medical degree. After the confrontation, Margaret realized she had been treating Tara unfairly and began being supportive of her. The two became close and had a couple of adventures together, including getting kidnapped by Calaveras MC President Hector Salazar.

8 Wendy

Wendy struggled with drug addiction at the start of the series, going as far as to do some fairly unlinkable things some of the time. This almost drove her relationship with Jax to the point of no repair. The star biker thus gravitated back to his old flame Tara. Abel was also taken away from Wendy and raised by Tara.

The unfortunate turn of events didn’t deter Wendy from getting back into the lives of her son and former lover. She tried to be aggressive about it at first but later took the cordial approach. After Tara’s death, Jax and Wendy grew close once again. Before he died, Jax entrusted Wendy with the care of his children and even let Abel known that Wendy was his real mommy.

7 Chibs

Before joining SAMCRO, Chibs was a member of the Sons Of Anarchy Ireland charter known as SAMBEL. His time at the Belfast charter came to an abrupt end when he began feuding with the IRA street boss Jimmy O’Phalen aka Jimmy O. Jimmy not only exiled him from Belfast but also took his wife and daughter.

Given how powerful Jimmy O was, Chibs initially couldn’t do anything about it. He was forced to live with the pain. He swallowed it all up, worked hard, and rose through the ranks at SAMCRO. He eventually got his revenge on Jimmy O when the villain was betrayed by the Russian mafia. Chibs also ended up becoming President of the mother charter after Jax rode to his death.

6 Unser

After the Charming Police Department was absorbed by the  San Joaquin County Sheriff Department, Unser was left without a job. He became miserable as he had not only lost his Unser Tracking company too but also been dumped by his wife. He was thus forced to live in a trailer at the Teller-Morrow garage parking grounds.

Unser spent his days roaming around and doing favors for the Sons whenever he could. Thanks to his understanding of Charming, Unser was later offered a new job as a consultant by the new San Joaquin Sheriff Althea Jarry. His investigations led him to discover that the Lina Triad wasn’t really responsible for Tara’s murder.

5 Tig Trager

Tig was quite cruel when the series began. He not only didn’t care about love but also didn’t care about the people he slept with. When two Mexican prostitutes that he had slept with were killed during the Mayans’ attack on SAMCRO’s warehouse, Tig showed no remorse. He even suggested removing his DNA from their bodies using bleach.

Tig’s mannerisms made him an unlikable character but as the series progressed, he redeemed himself. Everyone was surprised when he declared he was in love. The Sergeant-at-Arms began seeing Venus and their relationship was quite wholesome. Many sweets words were said and many great moments were shared.

4 Nero

One of the nicest characters in the show was once a hardcore criminal. Nero’s activities landed him in Chino Prison, making him spend his entire 30s behind bars. When he came out, he was a changed man.

He started the escort service known as Diosa, making him one of the most profitable businesses in Charming. Nero also became a reliable associate of the Sons, helping them get through a number of obstacles. Most importantly, he helped Jax in his time of need, agreeing to host Wendy and his children on his farm.

3 Juice Ortiz

Juice was a hard character to like as he only got worse as the show progressed. As AUSA Potter was trying to build a RICO case against the club, he targeted Juice, seeking to turn him into an informant. While working with Potter, Juice killed a Prospect to cover up for himself and committed a couple of other offenses before going on the run.

After a while, he was captured by the Mayans who handed him over to Jax. To make up for his sins, he offered to go to prison in order to kill Lin Triad boss Henry Lin, something he did quite effectively. This put an end to the Lin Trad’s war with the Sons. He also refused an offer to kill Tully because he knew it would mess up the Sons’ connections in prison.

2 Lyla Winston

Opie began seeing Lyla after the death of his wife Donna but their relationship was never an easy one. Opie badly wanted another child, but Lyla took birth control measures without telling him. Opie was also unhappy with Lyla’s profession, going as far as to stop her from seeing customers.

Before they could sort out their issues, Opie was killed, leaving Lyla with three children that she was unable to support on her own. Her gig at Diosa wasn’t paying well but Ima hooking her up with the Ghazeni brothers was worse. There was light at the end of the tunnel, however, when she became a producer herself in the newly launched Red Woody productions, putting an end to her financial woes.

1 Bobby Munson

In the first season, Bobby was struggling to make a living, despite being a member of one of the biggest gangs in America. To make extra bucks, he did Elvis Presley impersonation gigs in Tahoe in order to make more money. The money still wasn’t enough. In Season 2, his ex-wife gave him a public dressing down for not managing the alimony payments.

Bobby’s financial problems stopped later in the series, thanks to the club venturing into new businesses as well as him getting more responsibilities in the club. He even got a new custom-made chopper bike.

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