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How Bruce Lee’s One-Inch Punch Really Works

Bruce Lee's the one-inch punch can knock an opponent back despite being delivered at such a short distance. But how does this actually work?

How does Bruce Lee’s one-inch punch really work? Popularized by martial arts legend Bruce Lee in the 1960s and early 1970s, this is a move in which a person delivers a powerful blow at an incredibly short distance. The one-inch punch is Bruce Lee’s most famous martial arts technique and it’s present in multiple kung fu styles, such as Wing Chun, which is what Lee was learning when he first encountered it.

Beginning in the 1960s, Bruce Lee developed a reputation as a respected martial artist. Because of his talents, he was often sought out by people looking to learn from him. During his career, he impressed millions of people with his kung fu prowess; one of the many ways that he gained so much respect and attention was through his one-inch punch. Bruce Lee was so renowned for this move that he was often asked by fans and fellow celebrities – including Hollywood actor James Coburn – to demonstrate it on them. There are numerous videos available which show Lee using the technique.

Bruce Lee has performed this move in various public demonstrations of his kung fu skills. Typically, Lee would stand face-to-face with his opponent with his hand literally one inch away from the person’s chest. Then, Lee would close his hand into a fist and execute a punch. After the blow connected, his opponent would fall back into a chair. In one instance, the technique knocked a man 16 feet backwards. Bruce Lee has also utilized the one-inch punch to break through boards. How is it possible for Lee – or any kung fu practitioner, for that matter – to generate that much force from such a short distance? Some have questioned how a feat like this could be possible, considering that the one-inch punch seemingly goes against physics, but there is science behind it.

It’s important to understand that the fist doesn’t carry all of that force on its own. Bruce Lee would use his entire body to deliver the punch, and would never bend his wrist. He always kept it straight. The proper execution relies on multiple moving parts. Lee would twist his hips, his legs would explode forward, and his elbow would extend. With so much going on at once, generating the force needed to knock his opponent back depended on Lee’s timing and coordination.

As for Lee, a man who was only 5’8” tall, was able to pull this is off, this is owed in part to Bruce Lee’s intense training. He was known for being extremely strong for his size. Furthermore, experts have explained that Bruce’s sheer speed is what allowed him to develop the necessary velocity [via South China Morning Post] to push his opponent back. This makes sense, considering how fast Bruce Lee was. It’s long been said that Lee was so fast that cameras had difficulties capturing his movements. So without the perfect combination of Lee’s strength, speed, coordination, timing, and profound understanding of kung fu, it never would have worked.

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