Kit Harington’s Favorite Episode Of Game Of Thrones

Game of Throne's Kit Harington revealed his all-time favorite episode from the celebrated series: An epic game-changer from the fifth season.

Before Kit Harington joined the MCU this year, he spent almost a decade portraying Jon Snow in Game of Thronesappearing in 62 of the 73 episodes. Jon Snow was undoubtedly one of the true lead characters of GOT, only Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) appeared in more episodes. With such an extensive library of emotional and action-packed episodes to choose from, it seems nearly impossible for him to decide on a personal favorite.

While each episode of Game of Thrones was huge in terms of production design, stakes, and overall scope, the episodes that focused on Jon Snow provided most of the action throughout the 8 season run. From the very first episode, it was obvious that Jon Snow and his true lineage would be a driving point of the story. Audiences watched Snow as he became one of the best living swordsmen and solidified himself as a leader and one of the rare good guys throughout Westeros. These characteristics lead him on dangerous journeys throughout his life, with one specific season 5 journey winning the battle to be his favorite episode.

Kit Harington on His Favorite Episode of 'Game of Thrones' and Cutting His  Iconic Hair

In an interview with Men’s Journal, Harington revealed his favorite episode to be season 5, episode 8, “Hardhome.” Harington discussed how he feels that this particular episode is where the series “ramped up a little bit and became even bigger.” Not only did Jon learn that his Valyrian Steel sword, Longclaw, is capable of killing White Walkers, but this episode also excellently illustrated how successful he can be as a leader. Jon bravely travels into enemy territory in an attempt to save the lives of his enemies and join forces with them. The bone-chilling ending of the episode found Jon Snow and the Night King face to face, seemingly setting up a clash that sadly never came to fruition.

“Hardhome” successfully set up so many new elements for the series through one of the most action-packed episodes at this point in the show. It truly showed that the real threat to human life in Westeros was the Knight King and his army of the undead, showcasing the character’s terrifying array of powers. Although much to the disappointment of many viewers, Jon Snow never did fight the Night King, the episode still set up a climactic showdown that would define much of the final few seasons.

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Given Game of Thrones’ controversial ending, it would not be surprising if Kit Harington slyly brought attention to all of the dropped story threads that simply never paid off by selecting this episode as his favorite.  The number of people happy with the final seasons of a show once considered the greatest of all time can most likely be counted on one hand. The bait-and-switch nature of the ending of the series did not work. It seems as though Kit Harington agrees with the fans that believe the show began to decline after the 5th season. The good news for lovers of the books is that as things stand in A Song of Ice and Fire, Jon Snow is still dead, and the end of season 5 is where the show departed from the books, so if George R.R. Martin ever finishes the book series, there could yet be an entirely new ending for Jon Snow.

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