Letterkenny Urges Fans to Prepare for Season 10 with a 1-9 Marathon Video

To prepare for the tenth season of Letterkenny, Hulu is encouraging fans to refresh their memory by marathoning the first nine seasons.

A new video from Hulu is promoting the upcoming tenth season of the Canadian comedy series Letterkenny by reminding fans that the entire show is currently available to stream.

The brief clip acts as a highlight reel of seasons one through nine, chopping up some of Letterkenny‘s most iconically hilarious scenes. The footage highlights various hardcore hockey fights, Christmas shenanigans and plenty of sharp-witted quips. In between the various segments, Hulu teases that the greatest gift of the holiday period is “catching up on Letterkenny” ahead of the next season’s debut on Dec. 26.

Little is currently known about season 10 of Letterkenny. Beyond the brief 30-second teaser, Hulu has yet to reveal any significant details about the upcoming installment. While that may be exciting news for fans looking to experience all the new jokes and storylines fresh, the streaming service did confirm that viewers won’t need to wait too much longer for season 11. The forthcoming seasons were filmed back-to-back, meaning there should be a good amount of Letterkenny for fans desperate for more of the series’ off-beat sense of humor.

Beyond the next couple of seasons, Letterkenny fans can also look forward to a new spin-off show titled Shoresy. This new show will focus on the titular hockey player portrayed by actor and co-creator Jared Keeso. The brief synopsis of the project released by Hulu reads, “Shoresy joins a senior triple hockey AAA team in Northern Ontario on a quest to never lose again.”

The tenth season of Letterkenny debuts on Hulu on Dec. 26. Season 11 currently does not have a premiere date but more information will likely be shared in the near future.

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