Game Of Thrones: 9 Strong Characters Who Started Out Weak

Many of the characters who begin the events of Game of Thrones as weak or unskilled have no choice but to improve rapidly in order to survive.

Strength takes many forms in Game of Thrones, from skill with weapons and political influence to hidden knowledge and outright magical ability. The one constant, however, is that those without strength tend to suffer at the hands of those with it—Westeros is a hard place to be a weak person.

As a result, many of the characters who begin the events of Game of Thrones as weak or unskilled have no choice but to improve rapidly in order to survive. Thus, many of the strong characters in Game of Thrones began the show far from their strength peak.https://9626982ff58b6bdb1c2f97d2b8cd0b39.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

9 Arya Stark Went From Fierce Child To World-Saver

The Stark children are in many ways the principal protagonists of the show, and as a result, their storylines often see them gaining power in some form. Arya Stark is one of the keenest examples. While her character was always brave and fierce, she begins the show as a young girl, often having to do as others tell her, and unable to win direct fights.

By the show’s end, Arya Stark is one of the most lethal characters in all of Westeros. She receives training from Syrio Forel, the Hound, Brienne of Tarth, and the Faceless Men, leaving her as one of the sneakiest, most cunning, and most skilled warriors in Westeros. During the Battle of Winterfell, she all but holds one section of the wall herself, and is the one who slays the Night King.

8 Bronn Gained One Of Westeros’ Highest Offices

Bronn was never completely lacking in strength, beginning the series as a deadly swordsman, and the most dangerous of the party escorting Tyrion Lannister to the Vale. Nonetheless, he is completely lacking in political power, doing his work simply for the hope of coin, and having no authority.

Attaching himself to Tyrion Lannister earns him a knighthood and gold, although his dreams of a lordship are constantly stymied. By the end of the series, he has tricked and talked his way into having one of the most powerful castles in the Seven Kingdoms, as well as being Master of Coin, massively influential.

7 Littlefinger Was Once A Small, Weak Boy

One of the premier players of the Game, Littlefinger, for a time, is the effective Lord Paramount of the Vale of Arryn, serving as the regent for young Robin Arryn, with eyes on acquiring the North. Before that, he spends a long time as the Master of Coin, and also achieves Lordship of Harrenhal.

Despite his eventual power, Littlefinger’s backstory has his career starting at the weakest possible for a Lord. The owner of meager, rocky holdings with a few dozen peasants, exacerbated by being the grandson of a Braavosi in xenophobic Westeros, and physically small and weak. It is only through cunning and guile that he ascends far beyond his initial position.

6 Bran Stark Becomes More Powerful In Nearly Every Way

Similar to his sister, Bran Stark begins the series as a young child in Winterfell, and a second son at that. Any power he has comes from his nobility and, being unlikely to inherit Winterfell, his dreams are to become a Knight and serve his brother Robb.

Although he is quickly weakened in the series, becoming paraplegic in an injury and losing his dreams of Knighthood, Bran becomes more powerful in nearly every way. He ends the series a powerful warg, the Three-Eyed Raven embodying all of Westeros history, and as King of the Six Kingdoms.

5 Theon Greyjoy Becomes More Respected & Collected

Theon Greyjoy is in a better position than almost all of Westeros at the beginning of Game of Thrones, being a noble, the eldest son of a Lord Paramount, and a capable archer, rider, and fighter. However, his position is paradoxically weaker than many others, with his time in Winterfell leading most people to distrust him, leaving him emotionally vulnerable.

The Theon of the early seasons is mocked and belittled by nearly everyone, and easily manipulated. Theon gains more prestige once he aids Sansa Stark and his sister Yara, earning the respect of his own people, several others in the North, and becoming far more sure of himself. Ultimately, he goes from a mocked, self-serving youth, to a hero who is respected by many for his last stand against the Night King.

4 Tyrion’s Rise Is Meteoric & Sustained

Despite his position as the son of one of the most powerful Lords in Westeros, Tyrion initially occupies a very weak position in the political theatre he attempts to enter. Much of Westeros despises him for simply having dwarfism, and decades of occupying himself with drinks and women has left him with very little influence, best demonstrated when a group of sellswords is all it takes to kidnap him across half a continent.

Over his storyline, Tyrion quickly rises in power. His quick wits and family prestige earn him retainers in the form of Bronn and his Mountan Clasnmen, and he is made acting Hand of the King by his father, quickly gaining himself even more influence in his dealings with the Small Council. By the end of the show, he has earned the position twice more on his own merit, seen Westeros transformed, and even proven his mettle in a fight.

3 Varys Amasses Power Very Quietly

In his backstory, Varys was simply a young actor who was bought by a sorcerer for use in a ritual that left him a mutilated eunuch, cast off to die. Becoming one of many thieves in the Free City of Myr, Varys distinguished himself with his ability to read and understand the power of information.

Although even on the Small Council, many believe Varys to be weak but useful, only calling him ‘Lord Varys’ out of respect, Varys is by far one of the most powerful figures in King’s Landing, with a web of information that spreads the entire known world. Ultimately, his power cannot save him from Daenerys’ wrath, but he acquits himself well before that.

2 Sansa Stark Goes From A King’s Fiancée To Queen In Her Own Right

Westeros, being a highly regressive society, does not afford many opportunities to women. They are considered to occupy far lower social status, and given little power of their own. Sansa Stark begins the series as simply Ned Stark’s daughter, with her main purpose being a betrothal to Prince Joffrey to join the North and Iron Throne together.

Initially weak politically and physically, and naïve, Sansa’s only weapons are her vast knowledge of people in Westeros, and the ability to manipulate people using courtly formalities. Taking tutelage from the Tyrells and Littlefinger sees her become one of the most gifted politicians in Westeros, and eventually as the ruler of an independent North, the dream of several in her family.

1 Daenerys Becomes The Most Dangerous Person In The World

When first introduced, Daenerys is little more than a pawn in the plans of others, being married to the warlord Khal Drogo to give her brother Viserys an army to sweep the Seven Kingdoms with. Her first season sees her come into her own as a Khaleesi, before Drogo’s death and blood magic change everything.

Daenerys goes from a scared girl with little power of her own to a Queen with several of the most competent people in the world advising her; an army of Dothraki, Unsullied, and Freemen; and of course, three Dragons of the sort that once dominated Westeros. Both on the side of good, and after her turn to evil, Daenerys proves herself to be unstoppable once she starts.

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