Twilight: 10 Ways Carlisle Got Worse & Worse

Carlisle Cullen is the patriarch of the Twilight Saga vampire family and is lauded for his kindness, but how did his character actually get worse?

Carlisle Cullen is compassionate, loving, knowledgable, and family oriented. He’s supportive and believes in the value of human life. He is no exception to the great father figures that grace the screen in The Twilight Saga, and fans love him for his gentle accepting nature.

But even though he is a valued character and provides much-needed guidance, he wasn’t always without his flaws. Even a vampire who has lived hundreds of years is capable of making his fair share of mistakes.

10 He Didn’t Intervene As Much As He Should Have

Carlisle loves Edward and wants him to be happy. But he put Edward’s wants above the other members of the Cullen family.

Carlisle is smart and wise, he has influence in Forks, but his judgment is clouded when it comes to Edward. He trusts he will make the right decision and doesn’t intervene as much as he could, or as much as he should.

9 He Turned Rosalie Into A Vampire For Edward

When Carlisle came across the scent of Rosalie as she lay dying on the street, he didn’t think about what she wanted. He thought about Edward. Carlisle turned Rosalie into a vampire in the hopes that Edward would finally have someone to share eternity with.

This well-intentioned act caused friction between himself and Rosalie, and Rosalie and Edward never felt any mutual attraction toward one another.

8 He Would Have Acted Rashly When It Mattered Most

Carlisle has always been one to think rationally and have faith. But when it came to the most crucial moment of the series, he would have let his emotions get the better of him.

In Alice’s vision at the climax of Breaking Dawn Alice was being taken away by The Volturi and Aro celebrated the capture of a priceless gift. Carlisle didn’t deliberate with any of the vampires beside him, he didn’t make a plan, he just charged at the opposing side. And he died.

7 He Was Pigeonholed As The Doctor

Carlisle had many defining qualities, yet the films utilized him as the medic. They emphasized the scenes he was taking care of someone, using it as a crutch for his moment of conversation.

Bella would ask for his opinion, deliberations were made, a sliver of his past was revealed, but that was it. He was just the one who could control himself, the one they needed to clean up the mess.

6 He Showed Favoritism

Carlise cares for each of the Cullen family members. He loves his wife and has looked at her every day for the past eighty years with eyes of first love. When it comes to the Cullen siblings, he is shown to have stronger connections with Edward and Alice.

Edward was a companion to him when he had no one else. They shared an appreciation for human life and traveled together. Carlisle is hardly shown with Jasper, Emmett, or Rosalie, other than in family scenes.

5 He Was Away When Bella Gave Birth

Carlisle was prepared to help Bella deliver her baby. But when the time came, Carlisle was nowhere to be found. The logic behind this decision was that he would return from the hunt stronger, with less temptation, as well as getting more blood for Bella.

But Carlisle decision wasn’t the wisest choice because according to the films, he was the one with the most control. He didn’t take into account all the factors, such as premature birth or another way to get blood without leaving.

4 He Didn’t Bond With Charlie

Barely any time is dedicated to Carlisle and Charlie’s friendship. Why? Because it hardly exists. For someone who is compassionate and caring, Carlisle didn’t attempt to create a relationship with Bella’s father.

The two are amicable, but they aren’t shown to spend any time together besides the occasional work encounters. One of the only members of the Cullen family who Charlie is shown to have a good relationship with is Alice.

3 He Didn’t Investigate The Volturi’s Role With The Newborns

When Victoria starts creating a newborn army, The Volturi decide against interfering. This isn’t Aro’s decision, but one made by Jane. For a very short period of time, Carlisle lived with The Volturi before leaving due to their disregard for human life and their feeding choices.

In Eclipse, Carlisle gives The Volturi the benefit of the doubt after seeing a report of a series of horrible deaths on the news. He doesn’t investigate for proof they are doing something (or failing to do something). He says he is surprised they let it go on so long, even though he knows what they are capable of in the arena of deceit.

2 He Made His Family More Vulnerable To Exposure

The Cullens live in the tiny town of Forks. A small-town means they can live in peace and they are close to their “vegetarian” hunting grounds.

All of this is great, only they disappear on sunny days, don’t bother blending in, and don’t make any attempts to change the rumors surrounding their existence. The likelihood of exposure is far greater for them in a place where everyone knows each other.

1 He Broke The Treaty

Carlisle made a treaty with the Quileute tribe, which meant they could live side by side in peace with the werewolves. The conditions of the treaty meant the Cullens could not harm, hunt, or transform any humans, or trespass on Quileute land.

But when Bella became pregnant and Edward changed her into a vampire after the birth of their daughter, the Cullens broke the treaty. The Cullens also made things difficult for the werewolves, as their attempts to save Renesmee brought more vampires to Forks and caused more werewolves to shapeshift.

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