10 Times Gigi Hadid Made Our Jaws Drop On Instagram

From the runway to vacation spots, these are some of the best pics that model Gigi Hadid has shared on her Insta.

Gigi Hadid is the eldest daughter of model and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alumni Yolanda Foster and real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid. The Los Angeles native got her big start after signing with IMG in 2013 while she was studying at The New School. After her modeling career took off, she stopped her education to focus on work.

Nowadays, Gigi’s decision paid off because she’s one of the world’s most sought after models. Her notoriety is one thing, but her looks cannot be replicated. She shows her perfection on Instagram—like other top models these days—with over 54.8 million followers! And while her siblings Bella and Anwar may post more personal moments on social media, Gigi likes to keep her page dedicated to her iconic looks and photoshoots.

10 Gigi & Jacquemus

In January of this year, Gigi rocked this gorgeous dress for Jacquemus. Videos of her walking in the show and flipping her pin-straight hair over her shoulder were shared on social media platforms everywhere.

Now that Gigi just turned 25, she’s been in the modeling industry for most of her adult life.  According to USA Today, her entrance to the modeling industry was harder on her than expected. As a recent high school graduate with an athletic frame, designers were hard on her about her curves and claimed she didn’t have a “runway body.” She credits Jean Paul Gaultier for giving her the opportunity to show off her body on the runway and feel good about the skin she was in.

Gigi’s Take On ‘The Mask’

The Mask is a 1994 comedy/thriller starring Jim Carrey. In the movie, Carrey’s character finds an old, washed-up mask that transforms him into this alternate person when he puts it on. He wildly outgoing, inappropriate, and can’t be tamed by those around him. But when he wakes up in the morning without the mask on, he’s a normal guy.

For Halloween of 2019, Gigi did an unbelievable take on The Mask. It couldn’t have been easy to transform her gorgeous face into a green wonderland, but here we are.

Gigi Glitters

Gigi Hadid rocked this glittery, dewey look with wavy hair to match. It’s one of those looks that can easily be pulled off in the daytime as well as nighttime. However, there are plenty of trolls online who comment that Gigi’s amazing modeling career isn’t because of her beautiful face — it’s because of her privilege. Naysayers have said she didn’t deserve the life she had because her parents gave her everything she ever wanted. Gigi, of course, fought back and noted that she worked hard for her career. “I shouldn’t stay in my house because people say, ‘You don’t deserve to be here because they were successful’. That’s not how I consider it in my house,” she said at an event.

Sister Act

Gigi and Bella are the ultimate sister act. The pair are only two years apart and are both kicking butt in the modeling world. And while they look alike, they’re both different enough to have their own identities in the same field.

Since becoming an A-list celebrity and being on cover after cover, Gigi has lost friends along the way, but her sister is always there. As Miss FQ noted, Bella understands the industry as much as Gigi does and knows what the hardships are like.

All That Glitters Is Gold

This golden look was Gigi’s style for the 2019 Video Music Awards. She walked the red carpet with her sister Bella and looked as beautiful as the awards being passed out. Although Gigi was only a guest at the VMAs, she’s won awards for her own work at other award shows. In 2015 she was awarded the Model of the Year Award at the First Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards. In 2016 she had the Best Look, according to the TRL Awards. And in 2016, she won the International Model of the Year Award at the British Fashion Awards.

Gigi Travels Light

An outdoor shower in the middle of a vacation? Why not! As a model, Gigi is constantly traveling the world looking for the perfect shot. But how does Gigi pack when she’s constantly living out of a suitcase? According to My Daily Magazine, she only brings a carry on when traveling. She brings classic staples that can be worn for any time of day, including jeans, t-shirts, sweats to lounge in, and a few statement pieces that she loves at the moment. As far as shoes go, she keeps it simple and brings a pair of sneaks and a pair of boots that can go with any outfit.

A Victoria’s Secret Goddess

Gigi Hadid has graced Victoria’s Secret runway since 2014. And while she doesn’t have her official Victoria’s Secret wings, walking in the show was a dream come true for the LA native. As a kid, she envied VS models Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks, so it was legendary for her to finally have her own moment with the brand. However, Gigi wasn’t immediately asked to be in the show. She tried out a couple of times before being chosen. “We’ve all worked so hard to get here, and even though I’d wanted it so bad, all the times that I tried and didn’t get it, I’m grateful for the time it took,” Hadid told Vogue.

Versace, Versace, Versace

Everything about this Versace look is working for Gigi. Her lip shade perfectly matches her ensemble, and her jewels match perfectly with her eyes!

Gigi has worked with Versace for years and has an endearing relationship with Donatella Versace. The two women rave about one another at fashion shows and on social media. Hadid has both opened and closed shows for Versace and has done numerous campaigns for the designer.

Gigi’s Complexion Is Perfection

How does Gigi have that light and glossy complexion! For a person who wears a lot of makeup for work and flies a lot, it’s shocking that her skin is consistently breathtaking.

According to Cheat Sheet, she keeps her skincare regimen simple with affordable products. She washes her face with St. Ives Apricot Scrub before slathering Eucerin Intensive Repair Very Dry Skin Lotion over her face and body. To get rid of leftover makeup, she uses Simple cleansing wipes and tries to get as much sleep as she can.

Rock Chic

Gigi is one of those women who looks fantastic in simple jeans and a t-shirt or sweats and sneaks. As a model, Gigi always looks her best and focuses on feeling her best, too. While she may be sipping on a soda in the picture above, Gigi loves drinking orange juice and coffee in the morning, according to Everyday Health. She munches on eggs and toast in the morning, loves a fresh-pressed juice, and thrives for a good burger. It’s all about balance!

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