Game Of Thrones: 10 Ways Daenerys Was The Real Villain Of The Show

GOT's ending villain was the unexpected. Daenerys's character traits that led her from fan-favorite hero to the real antagonist of the series

Game of Thrones was about a lot more than the war for succession. Unveiling the world of Lannisters, Starks, and Targaryens, the series has once again become the talk of the town, with its forthcoming prequel House of Dragons.  The series has scheduled its impending release for 2022, and is going to focus on the Targaryen family history.

Each character in GOT  had its strong fanbase, but some of the popular involved the powerful three- the lion, the dire wolf, and of course, the dragon. While the series bought these fan-favorite clans to the forefront, House of Dragons focuses on the dragons, the Targaryens. Set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones, fans will not be seeing a cameo from the true villain of GOT, the Mother of Dragons, but rather dive deeper into their descend to madness for power.

10 Obsession For Power Over Anything Else

Targaryens have known to have their shares of inherited madness. The dragons might be known for their greatness, but it came along with their drive for power that never ended well for them.

As the series progressed, Daenerys’ naive persona hid her obsession for power. The closer she got to what she thought was rightfully hers, the less Dany cared about the chaos she created. From burning the Lannister soldiers, to mercilessly uttering ‘dracarys’ over innocent people who didn’t bend their knees seemed all too similar to the Mad King’s ‘Burn them all.’ Her craving for power over becoming a good leader for the people marked her ruin.

9 Refused To Show Any Mercy

In the series that revolves around the clans and their power play for succession to the throne, loyalty and respect are not something that every leader can amass. The ultimate peak for Daenerys’ character change was definable when she mercilessly killed the Tarlys.

Their decision to not bend their knee to the Dragon Queen ultimately saw her sparing no mercy on them. The people needed to see if the Targaryen Queen could alter the history of her lineage kings and queens, but her hasty decision to kill Dickon proved how she was merciless, especially to those who stood against her. By killing them in front of their people, Dany would not earn their respect or loyalty, just their fear.

8 The Hypocrisy

Growing up in barbaric situations, Daenerys early on seemed to want greatness and equality. She believed in breaking chains and rightfully getting what belonged to her family. The Breaker of Chains was the title that marked Daenerys’ power and what she could achieve.

Her flawed belief that she deserves the throne simply cause she was better than the others and is ‘rightfully’ next for the throne showed she had no concept of how her government could work. She had convinced thousands of people that she would be a just ruler; however, she showed no intentions and focused on gaining power.

Her attack on the King’s Landing or her behavior towards the North displayed her focusing on claiming power rather than being a just and great leader.

7 A Ruthless Conqueror

House Targaryens’ history speaks of them being hot-blooded and ruthless in battles and clearly, Daenerys Stormborn was merciless and stone-hearted during wars; she cared less about the casualties and focused on her glorious victory.

Her lack of understanding reasoning led to questionable decisions for her. After the death of Khal Drogo, unlike the other widows, Daenerys never left her fate in others’ hands. The Khaleesi decided to fulfill the promise Drogo had once made and claim what belonged to her. During the assembly of the Khals, her act of viciously burning them and then emerging out of the fire showed her supremacy. As Daario Naharis says that Daenerys is a conqueror, it significantly shows in her methods of retaliating against anyone who stands in her path.

6 Using Her House Privileges For Any Atrocities

The Targaryen House has a sigil of the dragon, so it is befitting that they heed the power of it. Dragons had been extinct ever since the descend of the Targaryens. Being the first one to raise dragons after hundreds of years, Dany gained the title, ‘Mother of Dragons.’

Using her children for any fight seemed like an easy win for the Khaleesi, but at times, the advantage of having powerful creatures let Dany forget the boundaries of diplomacy. Jon Snow’s true lineage was a huge plot twist that not just gave the fans an unexpected thrill but saw many of the characters in a fix too. Upon learning of Jon Snow’s true identity, it seemed Varys was in a predicament with his decision to betray the Dragon Queen. But his execution was a perfect example of Dany’s dragon privileges.

5 The Iron Throne Before Kith And Kin

In the battle of the clans, allies and families stick longer to protect their houses. However, having lost most of her family and having a terrible childhood, Daenerys had a rigid demeanor and untrusting behavior towards her peers.

The greed for the throne built over the series makes her character sink deeper, in the same pit as her father. Her unmoved behavior towards her brother Viserys in the early season showed her lack of empathy. Viserys was a terrible and abusive brother, but the cruel death of a sibling would make anyone shudder. The scene of Khal Drogo pouring the molten gold over Viserys head should have made Dany flinch, but she was plainly unmoved, saying he was no true dragon. Her relations in the later season befell the same fate, which led many of her peers to betray her.

4 Ignores Reason

Over the series, Dragon Queen evolves into an authoritarian. Daenerys’ character evolution from a stone-cold personality truly embodies her journey as a Targaryen. Her learnings from her struggles fuel her belief that she is always right.

A headstrong character like Dany seems a perfect fit for the throne. But her firm belief of her being right all the time makes her value her own decisions more than the reasoning of others. In the early stages, she looked for inspiration in figures like Khal Drogo, Ser Jorah, and later even Varys, but in the latter part, her misjudgments and lack of communication, and ignorant of others’ reasonings put her in a blindspot amongst the people.

3 Resorting To Violence Over Diplomacy

The title of Breaker of Chains from the acclaimed abolishment of slavery in Meeren and Ethos gained Daenerys the support that she needed. Her heroism was commendable, and this episode marked her heroism and her desire to serve justice.

But what preceded next in the episode and series was the horrifying scene of crucifying the slave masters as punishment. Dany wanted to serve equality, but her immoral actions as punishment worked against her earlier intentions.

2 Used Any Means Necessary For The Throne

The proclaimed throne caused a rift between clans, families, and even mankind itself. But to govern the people, it would be ideal to have the rightful heir succeed.

Dany swore to hide Jon Snow’s identity despite knowing he was the rightful heir. Her greed was bigger than doing what was morally right at this point. She never saw her romance with her nephew as interference – and wanted complete control over the North, who wanted their freedom. During the invasion of Westeros, many people (including her own) fell, but this didn’t stop her from claiming the throne.

1 Amoral In Her Actions

The biggest downfall to her character was during the burning of King’s Landing. The atrocity she caused after the surrender led her to be called the ‘Mad Queen.’

The Lannister’s reign had come to an end, and the surrender bells rang; Dany’s final barbaric act to burn the entire city with thousands of civilians in it left the viewers and her peers in shock. If the invasion of Westeros was not enough to convince people of the Mad Queen, this certainly did. Daenerys of the House Targaryen descend to madness was inevitable, and this fatal battle proves just about it.

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