Where Do Kat Von D And Jeffree Star Stand Today?

Are Kat Von D and Jeffree Star still frenemies today, or have they mended fences?

At first glance, it might not seem like Jeffree Star and Kat Von D have much in common. One’s an often-single and sometimes matched up makeup guru and one’s a married mom of one and a tattoo artist/designer.

But years ago, the two met and became BFFs after Kat tattooed Jeffree and the two shared their love of makeup. While Kat released her vegan makeup line first, Jeffree followed a few years later, noted Ranker, and the pair even mixed business with pleasure.

They were friends, but Kat also used her industry connections to help Jeffree out, says Ranker. But in 2016, Kat started slinging accusations about Jeffree’s “inappropriate behavior,” including bullying others. In fact, Kat went so far as to post the accusations all over her social media accounts, leading to a very public feud with Jeffree.

Of course, Jeffree responded by suggesting that Kat wasn’t supportive of his work, and even suggested he hadn’t spoken to her in a year, so there was no reason for her to call him out. Kat responded by saying she could provide screenshots of their text convo from a few days prior.

Jeffree also suggested that Kat was just jealous because of his success; he claimed that she was upset that his makeup line fared better than hers. After that, though, things seemed to die down.

But recently, Jeffree was MIA from YouTube for a while, following some Instagram drama with a faker who attempted to impersonate him. And he has had plenty of drama even though there has been barely a peep from Kat’s camp lately.

Kat has some new music coming out, so she’s clearly staying busy now that she’s moved away from her beauty line. And who knows; maybe the fact that she sold off the Kat Von D beauty line means she’s even farther removed from her former friend Star.

But as for Jeffree, even after their feud, he shared videos on YouTube showing off the tats that Von D inked for him. He talked about how great her work was, which had fans wondering whether a reconciliation was forthcoming.

Then, a couple of years later, Jeffree shaded Kat after she publicly stated that she didn’t think vaccinations were a good move for her baby. And at Kat’s wedding, apparently she trolled him by saying ‘Jeffree who?’ when someone insinuated that the makeup mogul was watching, noted Glamour.

By all accounts, however, Von D and Star are no longer actively feuding; Kat hasn’t mentioned Jeffree in quite some time. Both sides are busy running their businesses these days, while Jeffree samples the dating pool and Kat raises her baby.

But who knows: new drama could reignite any time!

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