Twilight: 10 Most Problematic Things Edward Did

Edward Cullen of Twilight is loved by fans everywhere, but the vampire certainly did some pretty problematic things...

The Twilight Saga is one of the most popular young adult book series ever, but it’s always gotten a fair deal of criticism. While some of the complaints against the series seem to be unwarranted and more because it was a series loved by women, there are some legitimate issues with the series.

There are many problematic elements from the books that wouldn’t go over well today, and even Edward as the main male lead has many moments that are problematic.

10 Sleeping With Bella While She Was Human

The sexual relationship between Bella and Edward is actually a pretty big deal in the books. While Bella really wants to take their relationship to that level, Edward is hesitant because of his traditional values and her safety. However, he still ends up sleeping with her on their honeymoon while she’s still human. Given how he could have killed her, it’s pretty problematic in hindsight.

9 He Tries To Decide What’s Best For Bella

While Edward might have more life experience than Bella, he really has no right to dictate her life. While he does understand the risks to her safety more than she does and it’s natural he wants to protect her, he often makes decisions for her.

There are many examples of this such as how he tries to decide for her if she should become a vampire.

8 Breaking Up With Bella

Breaking up with Bella might have been done in an effort to keep Bella physically safe given the threat of vampires around a human, he did so in a horrible way. Instead of trying to do it gently, he took her out into the woods where she would be left alone and then said some cruel things to her. The fact he didn’t try to make sure she’d have someone around to support her was awful.

7 When He Watched Bella While She Slept

Both fans and critics of Twilight alike have pointed out that Edward watching Bella while she slept was rather creepy. While if you’re spending the night in the same bed and they watch you sleep that can be adorable, the fact that he was doing so without her knowledge or consent is creepy and unacceptable. It’s also problematic that this is presented as romantic.

6 Trying To Keep Bella From Visiting Jacob By Ruining Her Truck

The love triangle situation with Bella, Edward, and Jacob is quite complicated, but at the end of the day, Bella sees Jacob as her friend and wants to spend time with him. Jacob was there for her through a really hard time in her life, so the fact that one time Edward tried to keep her from visiting him by messing up her truck was disturbing. While he might do all of these things under the guise of protecting her, it becomes borderline abusive.

5 His Overall Disdain For The Shapeshifters

The relationship between the Cullens and the shapeshifters of the Quileute tribe is rather strained.

While they do have a treaty that allows them to live in proximity, they don’t like each other. Also, clearly a lot of his anger is toward Jacob because of Bella. However, the fact that the Cullens, often Edward, have animosity toward them reads problematic.

4 When He Physically Intimidated Bella

One of the most uncomfortable scenes between Edward and Bella happens in the Twilight book. When Edward first reveals to Bella that he is a vampire, he physically intimidates her. He nearly threatens her life by telling her how easy it would be to kill her. It’s a troubling moment that speaks to the power dynamic between them that’s made worse by the fact he’s a supernatural being.

3 Trying To Get The Volturi To Kill Him

When Edward believes that Bella is dead, he decides to take drastic measures. He believes he can’t live without her, so he tries to get Volturi to kill him since dying as a vampire is rather difficult. The fact that he reacted so dramatically is not the best message to send to a young audience, and it also didn’t make sense that he wouldn’t even try harder to make sure what exactly had happened.

2 Stalking Bella To Port Angeles

Another time that Edward exhibits controlling and creepy behavior is when he stalks Bella to Port Angeles. While he actually stalks her quite often, this is the most obvious example. While the books try to justify this by having her get nearly attacked by a group of men, it seems unlikely that she couldn’t even go to a nearby small town to a bookstore without being attacked. It was just another moment for Edward’s behavior to be turned into something heroic.

1 The Time Period When He Was Killing Humans

While Edward lived most of his life as a “vegetarian” vampire, he did have a period of rebellion where he killed humans and drank their blood. While he only killed evil people who he knew were bad by reading their thoughts, it’s still a rather problematic part of his past. This kind of vigilantism and justification can definitely be debated as to its morality.

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