Who Is The Twilight Saga’s Oldest Vampire?

The Twilight Saga's oldest vampire doesn't belong to the Cullen family, but he almost belonged to the Volturi.

The Cullen family is the spotlight of  The Twilight Saga, even though Isabella Swan, the human, is the main character. The Cullens steal the show with their various supernatural gifts, blindingly good looks and family dynamic. This sometimes makes it easy to forget that they aren’t the only vampires in the Twilight universe, and they’re not even some of the oldest vampires around. In fact, they are all relatively young, except for Carlisle, but one lone vampire who can claim the title as the world’s oldest vampire is Amun.

Amun is featured in the final of Stephanie Meyer’s books and in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, albeit briefly. He is called upon by Carlisle when Edward and Bella are threatened by the Volturi for having a human/vampire hybrid child.

Amun is an original member of the ancient Egyptian coven of vampires, born sometime before 2500 BC. The Egyptian coven was made up of individuals who came together after the rise of the Romanian coven’s power. While they didn’t necessarily like the up-and-coming Romanians, they were able to co-exist, even though the Romanian coven was much larger than the Egyptian. Eventually, the Romanians fell once the Volturi attacked.

The Volturi won the war against the Romanians, and in an effort to survive, Amun and his mate, Kebi, quickly joined their side. They knew that if they went against the Volturi they would not win, especially after witnessing the complete demolition of the Romanian coven, so Amun and Kebi bowed to the might of the Volturi, though Amun pledged that he would one day oppose Aro, the leader.

Unfortunately, due to Aro’s unique ability to read people’s minds upon touching them, Aro knew of Amun’s true intentions. However, Aro used Amun as an example to other covens that the Volturi can keep their word — if others joined them, they would survive. Amun struggled to gather unique vampires to rally to his cause, but they were all quickly won over to Aro and the Volturi’s side of things.

Centuries later, Amun, still being closely watched by Aro, stumbled upon Benjamin, a highly talented, young vampire. After this, he and Kebi became recluses in order to protect him from being taken by Aro. Amun, Benjamin and Kebi became a little family and lived out some years together. Eventually, Benjamin ran off and made his own mate, Tia, and she joined their little coven. However Amun continued in his protective ways, especially now that his family was at stake.

Audiences see this distrust in Breaking Dawn Part 2 when, upon meeting with Carlisle and his family, he seems extremely hesitant and uncomfortable, for he fears that they wish to “steal” his family members from him. In fact, they just want them to testify against the Volturi’s false accusations on behalf of Edward and Bella. Amun is unwilling to help out until Benjamin insists upon staying, so they all stay together.

Amun is such a small character in The Twilight Saga, but he has possibly one of the longest character histories in the entire Twilight universe. His history is centuries old, detailed and altogether tragic, but the small glimpse that viewers see of Amun in the films is enough to show that with eternal life comes gratitude for what really matters, which, even for a vampire, means family.

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