Seinfeld: 10 Best Elaine & George Episodes

Seinfeld obviously often had Jerry at the center of its stories but there are some episodes to watch again for George and Elaine fans.

Since Seinfeld revolves around the titular standup comic, the other main characters are often featured via their connection to Jerry. Whether he’s complaining about the dating scene with his ex-girlfriend Elaine or hanging out at the coffee shop with his childhood best friend George or getting roped into wacky schemes by his neighbor Kramer, Jerry is usually at the center of a given Seinfeld episode.

But the other characters often hang out together without Jerry. George and Elaine had a few hilarious episodes together playing on the dynamic that Elaine is even shorter with George than everyone else and that George is afraid of Elaine.

10 The Dog (Season 3, Episode 4)

The first time that George and Elaine got to know each other outside of their connection to Jerry was in the season 3 episode “The Dog.” Jerry got roped in looking after a stranger’s dog, so George and Elaine had to hang out alone for the first time ever.

After initially struggling to make conversation, they eventually bond over making fun of Jerry. They each have their own impression of Jerry’s convulsive manner of throwing up.

9 The Wife (Season 5, Episode 17)

While Jerry’s girlfriend is pretending to be his wife to get a dry-cleaning discount in season 5’s “The Wife,” Elaine is torn between her good friend George and her romantic interest Greg.

Greg catches George peeing in the shower at the health club and wants to report him. George wants Elaine to stop him, but she doesn’t want Greg to know she’s “friends with the urinator.”

8 The Chicken Roaster (Season 8, Episode 8)

George introduced fans to his novel dating technique in season 8’s “The Chicken Roaster.” He always leaves one of his belongings in the girl’s apartment so he has an excuse to see her again.

This creates problems for Elaine when she’s taken to task for using the corporate account for personal expenses and George leaves an $8,000 sable hat that she bought him in a woman’s apartment. When she refuses to return it, Elaine and George go on a wild goose chase to get it back.

7 The Red Dot (Season 3, Episode 12)

When Elaine lands George a job at Pendant Publishing in season 3’s “The Red Dot,” he buys her a cashmere sweater to say thank you. He gets it at a huge discount because there’s a small, almost imperceptible red dot on it.

Elaine finds the red dot, of course, and the job offer turns out to be moot as George is promptly fired for having sex with the cleaning lady on his desk while working overtime.

6 The Stall (Season 5, Episode 12)

Elaine’s main conflict in season 5’s “The Stall” revolves around whether or not Jerry’s girlfriend could “spare a square” in the bathroom, but she has a great dynamic with George in the episode, too.

Throughout the episode, Elaine is seeing a guy named Tony that Jerry describes as a “mimbo,” or male bimbo, and George is even more infatuated with Tony than Elaine is.

5 The Café (Season 3, Episode 7)

In season 3’s “The Café,” George’s girlfriend asks him to take an IQ test for an education course she’s taking. Since his IQ isn’t very high, he thinks she’ll dump him if she finds out how unintelligent he is. Elaine claims to have a sky-high IQ and offers to take the test for him.

However, they run into complications when Elaine’s test paper is covered in coffee and George’s girlfriend wants to get into the room where he’s taking the test and he’s not actually doing it.

4 The Little Kicks (Season 8, Episode 4)

When Elaine reluctantly invites George to her office party, she’s horrified when he takes a liking to Anna, one of her employees. In order to dissuade Anna from seeing George, Elaine tells her he’s a bad seed and “one of the worst seeds I’ve ever seen.”

However, this only makes Anna more interested in George. He eventually leans into the “bad boy” image that Elaine has created for him, chewing gum and wearing a letterman jacket.

3 The Opposite (Season 5, Episode 22)

George and Elaine don’t share a storyline in the season 5 finale “The Opposite,” but their separate storylines are contrasted with one another. George realizes all of his instincts are wrong and begins doing the opposite of what his intuition tells him, which brings him unexpected success.

While George is becoming more successful, Elaine’s life falls apart spectacularly. Jerry, meanwhile, realizes he always evens out – including when he has one friend who’s up and one friend who’s down and they switch places.

2 The Cadillac (Season 7, Episodes 14/15)

The A-plot of the season 7 two-parter “The Cadillac” sees Jerry unwittingly getting his father impeached as the condo board president after trying to do a nice thing by buying him an expensive car. The B-plot sees George trying to arrange a date with Marisa Tomei.

He’s ecstatic when he learns that Elaine’s friend knows Tomei, and that the Oscar winner’s type is quirky bald men. He tries to get Elaine to organize a meeting, but she’s uncomfortable because George is engaged to Susan. She reluctantly arranges for George to meet Tomei and their failure to come up with a good lie leads Susan to believe George is having an affair with Elaine.

1 The Revenge (Season 2, Episode 7)

After George quits his job in season 2’s “The Revenge,” he regrets the decision when he realizes how bad the job market is and tries to go back in on Monday and pretend nothing happened. When his boss calls him out in front of everybody, he decides to exact vengeance.

He recruits Elaine to help with his plan – slipping his boss a mickey at the office party – and she eagerly accepts the offer because it sounds like “a caper.” The plan doesn’t exactly go off without a hitch, to say the least.

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