Sons Of Anarchy: Law Enforcement Officers Ranked From Heroic To Most Villainous

Sons Of Anarchy focused on gangs but there were plenty of law enforcement officers too. Some were legitimate heroes but many were corrupt.

In Sons Of Anarchy, California is infested with criminal organizations such as the Mayans, the One-Niners, the Triads, the Grim Bastards, and most importantly SAMCRO. Life isn’t easy for the numerous gangs as they not only have to worry about their ruthless rivals in the underworld but also the other side of the law.

In the Sons-occupied territory of Charming, there are plenty of formidable law enforcement officers. Some have come close to taking down the club while others have preferred to go the friendly route by extending a hand. While there have been a few decent officers, a couple have been worse than the criminals they hunt.

10 Wayne Unser

Troubled former Charming police chief Unser even dies while trying to do something heroic. When Jax finds out that Gemma killed Tara, the show’s most notable lawman tries to get to her first and arrest her so that the SAMCRO president doesn’t revenge-kill her. Sadly, he finds Jax there. Unser orders him to stand down but he doesn’t.

Should the fact that Unser works with SAMCRO for long disqualify him from being heroic? Not at all. He works with the biker gang to keep Charming safe. He brings peace between SAMCRO and the Mayans and helps eliminate powerful criminals such as Jimmy O.

9 Eli Roosevelt

Roosevelt is a by-the-book officer who is said to have taken down several gangs in his career. It’s the reason why AUSA Potter chooses to work with him. Unlike most of his colleagues, Roosevelt doesn’t believe in doing whatever it takes to apprehend criminals.

The sheriff soon grows tired of Potter’s scheme to blackmail Juice using his African American heritage. He decides to hand Juice the folder that has intel about his Black father. Though he never aligns himself with the club, Roosevelt works with Jax a couple of times to rid the town of common enemies.

8 David Hale

Hale promises Clay that the Sons will soon be nothing more than a distant memory. This never comes true but the deputy tries his best. His decision to put an end to the club isn’t motivated by one specific thing. He believes it’s the right thing to do. Like Roosevelt, Hale is also against police officers doing bad things to get bad guys.

He falls out with his love interest June Stahl because she is planning to frame Opie. Despite hating the club, he goes on to inform the members about Stahl’s actions. Hale also refuses to align himself with the club’s enemies L.O.A.N. because of their racist beliefs. He dies a heroic death while trying to stop drive-by shooters during Half-Sack’s wake.

7 Tyne Patterson

Patterson is a no-nonsense DA. She does her best to rid Charming of its gun problem after the school shooting that involved one of SAMCRO’s firearms. Sadly most of her efforts keep hitting a dead end. She works with Lee Toric only for him to end up dead. The same happens to Eli Roosevelt.

The DA is also kind enough to put Unser, who has cancer, on a health insurance plan despite him being retired. Patterson also has a penchant for making deals, something which makes her job a bit easier.

6 Althea Jarry

The head of the San Joaquin Sheriff Department works well with others. She agrees to work with retired police job Wayne Unser in his new job as a consulting officer so that he can help with investigations, specifically the Tara case. She is also on good terms with the club, figuring they’ll help make her job easier.

Jarry goes as far as to begin a romantic relationship with Chibs. The two have plenty of memorable moments such as almost getting blown to pieces by a bomb and having sex on the bonnet of a police car. She doesn’t achieve much during her time in the series but there’s nothing to hate about Jarry.

5 Lincoln Potter

Potter uses Juice’s secret African American heritage to blackmail him into being an informant. The agent is well aware that the club doesn’t allow Black members. Twisting someone’s arm because of their race immediately qualifies Potter as a villainous character. He also makes Juice steal a brick of cocaine to prove the club’s involvement with the cartel. This ordeal sends Juice down a dark path.

The AUSA also tries to cause friction within SAMCRO by telling Otto that Bobby’s semen was found on the body of his wife Luann. This way, he’d make Otto believe that Bobby not only slept with Luann but also killed her. Potter is clearly doing his job but a good law enforcement officer would not go to such extremes.

4 Charlie Barosky

Charlie does everything a dirty cop would do. He takes cuts and even murders his fellow officers. The Stockton PD officer plays several gangs against each other in an effort to benefit from them.

The biggest mistake he makes is snitching to the Chinese Triads about the location of SAMCRO’s guns. He kills a fellow officer to cover up his involvement and helps fan the rumors that Jury White was responsible. The truth always comes to light, so Jax finds out about Charlie and shoots him dead at his own bakery.

3 Lee Toric

Given his personality, fans wondered how the former US Marshall spent years on the positive side of the law rather than just being a straight-up gangster. He is introduced to the series after Otto murders a nurse in prison, who happens to be Toric’s sister. He tortures Otto among many other rheinous acts.

Toric is also shown to be a heavy drug user. Pills and heroin are seen in his motel room. Despite the fact that Otto’s actions were simply his own, Toric decides to go after the whole club. His vicious tendencies continue when he kills a sex worker in his room and plants evidence on Nero’s pickup truck. His streak of evil deeds comes to an end when Otto slices his neck during a confrontation.

2 Josh Kohn

Moving on is the best thing to do once you break up with someone but Tara’s ex either missed the memo or disregarded it completely. Despite having a restraining order against him, the ATF agent follows Tara to Charming and begins stalking Jax. He sends pictures of Jax’s infidelity to Tara, hoping to make her hate the biker.

After going against the restraining order, he is instructed to return back to Chicago. It’s also suggested that he has been fired. However, he still returns to Charming and tries to force himself on Tara.

1 June Stahl

Stahl is the worst of the worst. The ATF agent frames Opie to look like an informant, which is a move that leads to the death of his wife Donna. She keeps Bobby in jail for up to three weeks after his case has been dropped, simply because it brings her satisfaction.

There’s also the time she frames Gemma for the murder of Polly and Edmond. Her most shameless action has to be killing her lover Agent Amy Tyler and then framing her for murder too. The Queen Of Framing meets her Waterloo when she tries to frame Jax too. This time the club knows what she is up to.

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