Seinfeld: 5 Times We Related To Jerry (& 5 We Didn’t)

On Seinfeld, Jerry may be a successful comedian but from his friendships to his relationship woes, he's a relatable protagonist... most of the time.

While Jerry is a successful comedian on Seinfeld, he still manages to be fairly relatable. He’s got a close group of friends, he struggles with dating, and he can be frustrated by his relatives. Sure, sometimes he gets to fly first class and rarely seems stressed out about work, but he doesn’t live beyond his means or act conceited about his success.

But just like the characters’ relationship to money is confusing, sometimes Jerry feels like a completely relatable person who makes logical choices, and at other times, he focuses on petty things or can’t help but bend the truth.

10 Related: Worried About His Apartment Being Unsafe

Season 1 didn’t have many memorable episodes, but Jerry did experience a scare in “The Robbery.”

Kramer didn’t lock the door to Jerry’s apartment, and someone stole from Jerry, making him consider moving somewhere else. This is totally relatable as anyone would think the same thing if someone broke into their place. Of course, Jerry ended up staying, which is a good thing since his apartment is one of the most well-known sets on the show, and viewers loved watching Kramer burst into the place whenever he wanted.

9 Didn’t: Became Upset About A High School Race

Jerry had an active love life and in season 6, he began seeing someone who worked for Duncan, whom Jerry hated back in high school. The two were very competitive with each other and Duncan always knew that Jerry won a race because of an unfair head start.

While it can be tough to let go of old resentments, it’s definitely necessary to move on from high school and forget the past, as it’s not healthy to worry about it anymore.

8 Related: Sometimes Put His Foot In His Mouth

Everyone says the wrong thing sometimes, and usually a comment like the one that Jerry made in season 2’s “The Pony Remark” would be simply shrugged off. But since his relative passed away after, everyone was upset with Jerry for saying “I hate anyone who ever had a pony when they were growing up!”

Who hasn’t said something similar at a party and then realized that they should have kept that thought to themselves? Everyone has strong opinions, but sometimes things can get too heated and even a random remark can upset someone.

7 Didn’t: Gave Advice About An Industry He Wasn’t Familiar With

Some Seinfeld episodes addressed important topics and other times, they showed the main characters making the wrong decisions and getting themselves into sticky situations.

In the season 3 episode “The Cafe,” Jerry became friendly with Babu, and he kept giving him advice on running his restaurant. This didn’t make Jerry very relatable, as he knew nothing about the restaurant industry and he shouldn’t have assumed that he could help.

6 Related: His Stubbornness

Fans of Seinfeld can also relate to Jerry’s stubbornness, which was on display in the season 3 episode “The Library.”

When Jerry was told that he had to pay a hefty fine for not returning Tropic of Cancer to the school library back in 1971, he said that of course he returned it. He eventually realized that he let George borrow the book and that’s how the situation happened. Many people would act the same way, swearing that of course they returned the book when the easy thing to do would be to admit it was a long time ago and pay the fine.

5 Didn’t: Lied About George’s Career

The Seinfeld episode “The Marine Biologist” is a fan-favorite and it was hilarious to watch George get caught up in pretending he had an impressive career.

But while this is one of the most memorable parts of the show, Jerry’s lie is hard to relate to. Not many people would want to pretend that their friend had a different career, as they would expect the lie to become complicated and dramatic. Of course, Jerry and George were often getting into silly situations like this one, so they were used to it.

4 Related: Had Writer’s Block When Working On His Pilot Script

In season 4, George and Jerry began working on the script for their sitcom’s pilot, and they found it tough to actually start.

George complained about the pens that they were using and then asked where Jerry was going to sit. Jerry mentioned that “the actual using of the brain” was the most important part of the writing process. Before too long, the friends realized that they had no idea what to write. Many people can relate to getting writer’s block or struggling to work on something when they have a tight deadline.

3 Didn’t: Lied About Being Married For A Discount

While everyone loves getting a discount, many would draw the line at lying about their marital status.

In season 5, Meryl and Jerry pretended that they were married so they could get some money off their dry cleaning. This is tough to relate to as it seems like going way too far to save some cash. Besides this strange decision, the couple seemed happy together and Jerry said he loved her.

2 Related: Wanted Some Space From Kramer

Kramer wasn’t a perfect pal but he was a huge part of Jerry’s life, especially since they lived in the same apartment building. In the season 3 finale “The Keys,” Jerry wanted to set a boundary and he asked Kramer for his apartment keys back.

While it was fun for Jerry and Kramer to live so close to each other, Jerry was definitely right to ask for some space, as many people would find it tough for a friend to just randomly barge into their home all the time. It makes total sense that Jerry would do this.

1 Didn’t: Talked About A Disturbing News Story During A Massage

In the season 3 episode “The Note,” Jerry got a massage and kept talking about the kidnapping of a young boy. This made the therapist wonder if Jerry himself was dangerous.

This was the wrong topic of conversation, and it seems strange that Jerry would bring it up in the first place. In this kind of situation, it would be better to make small talk about the weather or just not say anything at all.

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