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The Reason Jackie Chan Refuses To Transform His Body Prior To Any Role

Although he's intense when it comes to his training, infusing different practices, it's his diet that is very relaxed.

Believe it or not, Jackie Chan’s experience in the film industry dates way back to the ’60s! He appeared in his first role as a child star at the age of five.

It took a lot of patience for Chan to become the elite actor that we know him for today. In fact, he even turned down several roles in the ’90s when he wasn’t as popular just yet. One included a film alongside Sylvester Stallone in ‘Demolition Man’, Chan refused as the role involved him being the villain, something he didn’t want to get typecast in.

It was a wise and bold move, soon enough, ‘Rush Hour’ turned up and his career launched to another level.

He’s known for his dangerous stunts, though fans have always wondered about his structure when it comes to eating and training when he’s off the set. The answer might surprise a lot of fans. Although he’s intense when it comes to his training, infusing different practices, it’s his diet that is very relaxed.

We’ll take a look at why he refuses to transform and diet intensely, while also delving into his training habits and everything in between.

The Biggest Emphasis Is On His Stunts & Agility

That’s what got him to the dance, his ability to be an elite stuntman.

According to Chan, he uses helpful practices to perfect stunts. Of course, working the stunts themselves is the main point of importance, however, yoga is another powerful tool he uses.

“The moves in yoga are slow, focusing on the softness and flexibility of the body. In their own way, yoga moves are also at full strength: stable and balanced.”

“Yes, they are opposites in a sense, but when a martial arts practitioner learns yoga, the training of the mind combines with physical strength to empower his or her willpower. Kung fu and yoga therefore complement each other.”

The workouts basically cater around his stunts, and less about how he looks physically. That’s really the biggest reason he refuses to transform, along with the fact that he sees dieting differently compared to the rest of us.

He Doesn’t Believe In Dieting

No, despite what the rumors have said in the past, Chan admitted he is not vegan or has partaken in the trend, similar to the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and so many other celebs.

So, the next question is, does Jackie Chan diet in general? The answer will surprise a lot of fans. He hasn’t shied away from the answer, which is no. Chan believes you must love what you eat without restrictions.

“I never go on a diet.”

“I believe that if you enjoy every moment of your life, accept yourself and stay young at heart, then you will naturally be healthy.”

Although diet is not imperative to his success and his goals, he is at least a mindful of the foods that he’s consuming.

“I really don’t have a special diet—I eat everything. Of course, I’m watching not to eat things that are too oily. Mostly I eat vegetables and once or twice a week I’ll eat ice cream, but mostly I just stop myself from eating too much junk food.”

Certainly an interesting point of view and one that is unlike lots of people in Hollywood, who are heavy on nutrition and changing their looks.

However, when it comes to his training, Chan keeps things intense on a daily basis.

His Workouts Are Constant

He isn’t slacking on the workouts and in fact, he’s in the gym every single day working a sweat.

“I still go to the gym every day and run for an hour.”

According to Chan, it is key that he keeps a light weight, especially when it comes to performing stunts.

“I can’t get too big. I have to stay slim so I can move. A lot of jogging and walking, every day, it is good for the health and heart.”

Jackie would also state that rest is a big part of finding energy, he is known to take power naps throughout the day. Once he awakes, he’s ready to go and tackle the rest of the day.

At the age of 67, the actor has made it clear he is showing no signs of slowing down. Chan wants to continue on forever and given his mindset and work ethic, we have no doubt that reality will be a real one.

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