Twilight Saga: 5 Times Jacob Was A Bad Friend To Bella (& 5 Times He Wasn’t)

When it comes to the Twilight Saga, fans were either Team Jacob or Team Edward. Here are 5 times Jacob was a bad friend to Bella & 5 times he wasn’t.

You were either Team Edward or Team Jacob back when the Twilight saga’s books first enchanted fans and the series hit the big screen. It was an easy choice for many who preferred the muscular and dark-haired Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) over the slim and golden-haired Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).

It also meant you were either team werewolf or team vampire. The relationship between Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Jacob had many at a standstill. Jacob was her childhood friend who became a vital part of her life when she moved to Forks. He was there for her when she needed him, but he didn’t always have her best intentions at heart. Let’s take a look at when Jacob was a good friend and when he screwed up the most.

10 Bad: Didn’t Tell Her About Being A Wolf

In New Moon, fans understood Bella’s inherent anger towards Jacob when he didn’t tell her about being a wolf, especially when Jacob cut ties with her out of the blue and refused to speak to her. This was when Bella was the most vulnerable in her relationship with Edward.

Bella’s anger is justified, as Jacob didn’t have to worry about her keeping his secret. Jacob knew that out of all people that would understand, it would be Bella. She knew about the existence of wolves due to the Quileute legends and was already exposed to vampires.

9 Good: Helped Her Forget Edward

Jacob was stuck in the crosshairs of Bella’s relationship with Edward. Despite his feelings for Bella, he was always there for her. This lead to the moment when Edward decided to break up with her in the second film. Bella is so distraught that she goes into a depressive state.

Luckily, Jacob comes to the rescue and is the only one who can make her feel happy again. He decides to bring Bella back into his life and help her cope with losing Edward — even if it means building a motorcycle in his shed.

8 Bad: Tries To Kiss Her When Vulnerable

Team Jacob fans felt bad for him when he constantly was rejected by Bella. But many would say that Jacob played the bad friend card when he forcibly kissed Bella in Eclipse. Jacob couldn’t let go of Bella’s desire to be with Edward.

Jacob laid down the “I’m in love with you” card with a lot of force in the kissing scene. Even after bombarding Bella with his confession, he still tried to swoop in for a kiss. This lead to the comical scene of Bella “trying” to punch Jacob.

7 Good: Convinces The Pack To Protect Bella

Even though the pack is meant to fight vampires who trespass on their territory, if not for Jacob, they wouldn’t be as involved with the Cullen family and Bella. Jacob is often the middleman as to why the pack helps the Cullens fight off any threat to Bella’s life.

Jacob’s involvement with Bella stops the pack from seeking out plans on their own. It’s also a good thing that he imprinted on Renesmee because it stopped the pack from killing her and so is, therefore, under their protection.

6 Bad: Told Edward Bella Had Died

This was a low blow even for Jacob. When Jacob saves Bella from drowning, Alice (Ashley Greene) presumed she was dead. The news got to Edward who called the Swan residence to check up on her. Sadly, Jacob answered the phone. He tells Edward that Charlie (Billy Burke) is preparing for a funeral.

Therefore, Edward thinks Bella is dead. On top of that, Jacob refused to let Bella speak to him, despite knowing the pain she went through the last several months. His actions only hurt Bella in the end.

5 Good: Told His Secret To Charlie

This was a small moment in the last film, but it displayed Jacob’s thoughtful, maybe selfish, thinking towards Bella. Charlie was under the impression that Bella was suffering from a life-threatening virus from her honeymoon. In reality, she was having a baby and later turned vampire.

Jacob is unable to tell Charlie the whole truth but instead comes to a somewhat smart decision. It was time for Charlie to learn about the existence of wolves. Hence, Jacon strips in front of him and shifts. Jacob did so hoping Charlie would, in the future, not be so closed-minded about Bella.

4 Bad: Had Intentions To Kill The Baby

Under pack law, if the baby killed Bella, the pack would be forced to kill the baby. Up to a certain point, this did occur. Even though Jacob was in love with Bella and a loyal friend, he was so blinded by sadness and rage that he was ready to kill Renesmee.

The family was already aware of the consequences, but it was hard to believe that Jacob would still go through with it. Some assumed that Jacob would come to the realization that it was an innocent baby and the last remembrance of Bella.

3 Good: Helped Keep Bella Comfortable While Pregnant

Being a werewolf in a house full of vampires isn’t exactly easy, especially for Jacob, who loathes all of them to some degree. Regardless, Jacob mustered up some strength to stay by Bella while she was pregnant.

Oddly enough, Bella was more content and physically warmer with Jacob around. We later find out it’s because of his connection to Reneesme. Jacob was even willing to leave with Renesmee during the last battle and raise her on his own to keep her safe.

2 Bad: Tried To Persuade Bella To Leave Edward

Many would say that Jacob is highly selfish for this reason. He oftentimes puts his love for Bella ahead of her own feelings and wants. In New Moon, Jacob tries to convince her to not save Edward. It happens again in Eclipse when Jacob confesses his feelings and tries to push her to feel the same.

It also occurs when they are alone before the big battle with the newborns. He tries one last time after Carlisle mends his broken bones and he tries to tell her that loving him would be as easy as breathing. Jacob also becomes enraged when Bella admits to maybe having sexual relations with Edward, even more so when she falls pregnant.

1 Good: A Shoulder To Cry On, Always

Jacob is always Bella’s shoulder to cry on when her and Edward’s relationship doesn’t go as planned. It made some fans upset about how Jacob’s emotions were always played. Regardless, Jacob was at her side, no matter what. He was there in New Moon during the breakup.

He still went to her wedding to see her. Above all, he was always there, even if it meant joining forces with the Cullens. In Eclipse, Jacob considered not taking part in the fight, at Bella’s request. He even stays by her side when she was freezing to death and later becomes pregnant.

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