Gigi Hadid’s 10 Best Steet Fashion Looks

Model Gigi Hadid rose to fame in the mid-2010s alongside models Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and her sister Bella Hadid.

Model Gigi Hadid rose to fame in the mid-2010s and ever since then she — alongside models Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and her sister Bella Hadid — has been ruling the world of fashion. Recently, Gigi Hadid became a mother as she and former One Direction member Zayn Malik welcomed their first daughter. While we are sure that Gigi is taking as much time off as she can to spend it with her daughter — it’s only a matter of time before the star will be spotted again out on the street rocking some incredibly stylish outfits.

From dramatic pink coats to androgynous matching sets — today’s list takes a look at some of the model’s best streetwear looks so keep on scrolling to see just what Gigi wears when out and about!

10 Let’s Start Off With This Funky Sweater

Kicking the list off is this casual yet very stylish outfit that Gigi was spotted wearing. The 25-year-old star — who has undoubtedly accomplished a lot in her career — loves combining different styles and in the photos above she can be seen wearing a pair of simple straight jeans and a white tee with a vintage-looking grandpa sweater, some funky sunglasses, and a pair of nude, heeled booties!

Gigi Definitely Knows How To Pair Items And Have Fun With Fashion

Considering that Gigi is one of the world’s most famous models and that she has graced plenty of magazine covers all across the globe — it certainly doesn’t come as a surprise that the star knows how to have fun with fashion. Above, Gigi can be seen pairing some black biker shorts with a graphic tee and an oversized white blazer for that casual but still chic vibe.

A Pink Coat Is Definitely Something Not Everyone Can Pull Off

As previously mentioned — Gigi has certainly evolved a lot in the past decade and with that so has her style. A floor-length hot pink coat is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but somehow Gigi manages to pull even that off.

And instead of pairing it with some simple nude outfit, the model decided to go all out and pair it with a just as vibrant pink sweater and some funky patterned cropped pants!

How Cool Is This Matching Oversized Pantsuit?

It’s no secret that Gigi and her younger sister Bella are super successful models so it’s only natural that their everyday outfits are a bit more stylish than what normal people would wear. Above, Gigi can be seen rocking an oversized matching set that definitely looks very comfy while still serving those chic supermodel vibes.

Gigi Loves Playing Around With Androgynous Fashion

While Gigi Hadid looks incredible in skintight clothing, the start often opts for oversized androgynous fits which she certainly pulls off. As fans know, Gigi Hadid is in a happy relationship with former One Direction member Zayn Malik, and judging the fact that he also has an incredible style — we wouldn’t be surprised if the two often swapped clothes regularly!

And Who Says Denim On Denim Is Too Much

Pulling off an all-denim outfit is never super easy, however, Gigi Hadid definitely knows how to do it. As seen in the photos above, the model opted for a pair of wide-legged denim pants and a cropped denim jacket which she combined with a tight red cropped top and matching vibrant red heeled booties!

The Model Also Loves Rocking Cozy Looks

If there’s one thing that Gigi Hadid certainly proves it’s that being stylish and comfy at the same time is possible.

Above, the star can be seen in a very winter-inspired outfit, and while she looks incredibly cozy and warm with her sweater and jeans — the whole outfit is still aesthetically pleasing!

And She Always Plays Around With Fun Accessories

An oversized blazer is definitely one of the model’s staples and Gigi has been seen wearing different kinds of oversized blazers with multiple outfits on today’s list. Above, the blonde star opted for a grey one, some matching grey shorts, a tight white tank top, and some sporty white sneakers. To top to look off, Gigi picked some futuristic grey sunglasses!

Nothing Is Too Bold For Gigi — The Model Loves Fun Patterns And Bright Colors

Most of the time the model tends to gravitate towards more muted, neutral colors but every now and then Gigi is also seen in vibrant outfits (like the hot pink coat we’ve seen before). In the photos above, the model can be seen wearing colorful, striped matching pants and a jacket which could quickly look ridiculous — but the model totally pulls them off!

And Lastly, Here’s The Star Rocking A Stunning Yellow Top For A Fun Night Out

Wrapping the list up is this sultry and chic night out look at Gigi was photographed in. The star — who often makes her jaws drop on Instagram — certainly knows how to dress up and that yellow top looks absolutely incredible on her. Once again. Gigi proves just how versatile her style actually is!

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