Game Of Thrones: 10 Things About Sansa That Have Aged Poorly

Sansa Stark grew from a frustrating character to one of the most beloved heroes on Game of Thrones, but not everything about Sansa holds up well.

There were a number of characters on Game of Thrones who improved over the course of the series and Sansa Stark was certainly one of them. She was a frustrating character in the first season only to grow into one of the strongest heroes and a true fan favorite.

But as good of a character as she turned out to be, there are aspects of Sansa that don’t work quite as well now that fans can look back on the show as a whole. From uncomfortable moments to storylines that ended up feeling flawed, these things about Sansa don’t hold up now.

10 Defending Joffrey

One of the reasons Sansa was so hard to like in the first season was because of her romance with Joffrey. While audiences saw him as an obvious villain, Sansa kept looking at him as Prince Charming, even after his shocking treatment of Arya.

After Arya and Joffrey get in a fight, Sansa lies about what happened to defend Joffrey. It is meant to be a difficult moment for Sansa which is understandable. However, she had just witnesses Joffrey attempting to kill her sister and she still swoons over him which went beyond simply being afraid to tell the truth.

9 Marriage To Tyrion

Looking back at the various men Sansa has been linked to in Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister was probably the best of them. However, that didn’t make her forced marriage to him any better even if he was kind and respectful to her.

However, looking back at the episode in which they are married, it is clear that Tyrion was ready to go through with consummating the marriage until changing his mind at the last second. He even makes a joke about her age which takes away from any chivalry there was meant to be.

8 The Wedding Night

Game of Thrones has never been shy about showing the brutality of its world. This has led to the frequent and controversial inclusion of sexual violence throughout the series which can often be uncomfortable to watch.

This was especially true when Sansa was forced to marry Ramsay Bolton and was abused on their wedding night. It was a harrowing scene at the time, but it feels even worse to look back on as it was clear Sansa was already on her path of finding strength and this moment took away so much of the agency she had gained.

7 The Secret Battle Strategy

The Battle of the Bastards was one of the most impressive battle sequences the show created and was a crowd-pleasing victory for the heroes. But once fans get over the spectacle and excitement, it is easy to notice the many foolish decisions that were made.

While Jon Snow’s role has not aged well either, Sansa’s decision to hide the fact that the Knights of the Vale were joining their side was incomprehensible. Had Jon and the others known this, it would have saved countless lives in their army.

6 Ramsay’s Death

Ramsay Bolton was one of the easiest villains on the show to hate and it was largely due to his horrific treatment of Sansa. So it was a huge crowd-pleasing moment when Sansa had  him fed to his own hounds in her final act of revenge.

Though it was hard not to cheer for his grisly demise, this moment now feels like something the show did to please fans rather than something Sansa would have carried out. It was totally justified for her to have him killed but watching her smile at such a brutal execution didn’t feel like Sansa.

5 Sparring With Jon

Jon and Sansa’s relationship was not great when they were young, but their reunion in season 6 was still a moving moment. But there is still plenty of tension in their relationship and it leads to Sansa openly questioning Jon when he is named King in the North.

Sansa’s behavior was seen as frustrating at the time as the show made it seem that it was Littlefinger’s influence making her butt heads with Jon. However, Jon proves in the final season of the show that he was not a fit ruler and the show missed the opportunity to show why Sansa was better suited than him, instead of just making her seem jealous.

4 Her Feud With Arya

While running Winterfell together, long-lost sisters Sansa and Arya are manipulated by Littlefinger to the point of nearly killing each other. This eventually leads to them discovering the plan and teaming up to kill Littlefinger. The satisfaction of that moment seemed to distract from the problems with the storyline.

Looking back now, it is hard not to question the purpose of that entire plot. The characters act unlike themselves in order to make that eventual reversal more shocking and it betrays the intelligence of Arya and Sansa in order to manufacture tension between them.

3 Littlefinger’s Unchecked Creepiness Towards Her

It became clear quite early on that Littlefinger had a sick obsession with Sansa which led to him taking her under his wing and attempting to manipulate her. This spilled over into inappropriate moments of him kissing her and making other advances.

Sansa knew Littlefinger was not to be trusted and eventually kept him at a distance, however, he was never called out for his creepiness. He was eventually killed for his various crimes, but never is it addressed by Sansa or anyone else that his creepiness towards her is the problem. In fact, Sansa even shows sympathy for him after his death, believing that he did love her in some way.

2 Her Conversation With The Hound

After serving as her pseudo-protector in King’s Landing, The Hound and Sansa reunited in the final season. They spoke of all the trauma Sansa went through with Littlefinger and Ramsay. The Hound suggested none of it would have happened if she left King’s Landing with him, but Sansa insisted those moments made her the strong person she became.

While it was meant to be a way of these characters coming to peace with their shared past, it is a very misguided notion. Sansa was already a very strong person when she met Ramsay and the idea that Sansa needed to be abused in that way in order to thrive is quite appalling.

1 Separating The North From Westeros

The finale found most of the remaining characters naming Bran as the new king of Westeros, but Sansa didn’t vote for him. Instead, as Queen of the North, she insisted she must serve her people and separate the North from the other kingdoms.

This made for a satisfying ending for Sansa, seeing her sitting on the throne of Winterfell. However, the whole idea of separating from the rest of Westeros was so the Starks could rule on their own. Now that a Stark is on the Iron Throne, it doesn’t really make sense that Sansa would want to separate.

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