Twilight: 10 Ways The Volturi Got Worse & Worse

The Volturi governed vampires around the world & weren't great to begin with, but somehow they got worse throughout the series.

Without the looming presence of The Volturi, the Twilight series would be sorely lacking. With no one to threaten and disrupt the peace in the Cullen family and the relationship they have with Bella, there would have been a very different storyline for the later books.

The Volturi are the biggest vampire coven and the most powerful influence in the vampire community. They make the laws and ensure the safety of the vampire population, handling any threat to exposure. Their coven had promise and added to the life or death conflict.

10 They Begin Acting Rashly

The Volturi are meant to be a force for peace, but as the series continues, they become aggressive. Long before they discovered the existence of Renesmee, the Volturi had a vendetta against the Cullens.

The Volturi are not beyond making deals with those they see as beneath them if it means they will get what they want. Jane even prevents Aro from learning about the happenings in Seattle, letting the Cullens fight Victoria’s army. They went from making rational and planned decisions to acting rashly.

9 They Become Intrusive & Overstep Boundaries

Many members of The Volturi have talents. From inflicting pain through illusion and imagination, to knowing every thought a person or vampire has ever had. They used any means necessary to get what they need, no matter how intrusive it is to their present company.

After finding out from Alice that Bella will eventually become a vampire, The Volturi also become increasingly more involved in the Cullen family’s lives, even sending Bella a wedding gift. This behavior was incredibly intrusive and reminded the Cullens and Bella of their looming presence.

8 They Remain Apathetic About Their Members

The Volturi has main members who are at the center of it all, but they also have a ranking system for the Volturi guard. There is power in numbers, which makes many of the members of the guard useful, but not irreplaceable. On a more personal note, Aro killed his sister Didyme after she and her husband wanted to leave the coven.

The Volturi also appear to lack empathy in their relationships, as Caius and Aro’s wives are made to feel happy and content through another member’s power over their emotions. Throughout the series, The Volturi show no remorse for forcing Bella to become a vampire despite Edward’s distress.

7 Won’t Let Anything Come Between Them & Power

The Volturi are meant to be a peaceful body of power. They control vampires, prevent exposure, and rectify any broken laws, applying the appropriate consequences. They pride themselves on their position of control, having fought hard to destroy the original governing coven, and continue to act ruthlessly in their mission to stay in power.

6 More Obsessed With Talent

The Volturi rely on their talents to protect them and give them power. Without their powers, they have nothing. Their obsession with vampire talent grows throughout the series, making them quite possessive. Aro, in particular, is obsessed with the ones who reject him: Alice, who can see the countless possibilities of the future, Edward, who can read minds, Bella, who can shield powers, Benjamin, who can control nature’s elements, the list goes on.

They will even go so far as to eliminate entire covens, leaving the gifted vampires as sole survivors and giving them a place within The Volturi.

5 Don’t Investigate Properly & Lose Their Touch

Irina tells the Volturi that she needs to report a crime. After all, the purpose of the Volturi is to safeguard the vampire species and protect them from exposure. One of the laws of Vampire kind states that vampires are forbidden from creating immortal children as they are incapable of control, and a threat to exposure.

Anyone who knows of the child’s existence, the vampire who turned the child, and the immortal child itself are sentenced to death as punishment for their crimes. When Irina shows the Volturi Renesmee with Bella and Jacob, the Volturi don’t investigate her claims that Renesmee is an immortal child with the Cullen’s themselves.

4 They Become Crueler

The Volturi kill anyone who stands in their way. They burned Irina for giving them false information, even though it was a mistake and she believed what she saw to be true. They kill Bree Tanner, a young vampire who was turned against her will.

They attempt to force the Cullens to turn Bella into a vampire. They kill those whose talents pose a threat to their coven and have rejected joining them, so they are unable to join a different coven.

3Their Number Of Enemies Increased Because Of Their Actions

The Volturi are all bark and no bite when it comes to their own survival. Alice’s vision of the battle that ultimately never happened, ending with Aro’s beheading and death, prevented The Volturi from attacking the Olympic Coven and their allies.

The Volturi used the excuse of Renesmee to finally go against the vampires who threatened their power. This included those who had talent but rejected joining The Volturi and those who didn’t agree with The Volturi’s values, not to mention the Werewolves.

2 They Don’t Progress With The Times Or As Individuals

Readers and audience members loved the menace of The Volturi. The threat they posed to the characters they loved so much was substantial. The Volturi were peaceful, doing what was necessary to keep vampires hidden from general knowledge. Their need for power, their bloodthirsty past, and obsession over certain Cullen members made them interesting characters.

But they weren’t able to be sympathized with. They were purely neutral or villains, especially towards the end of the series. The Volturi’s values also remain skewed. They express love for the arts but hate humans, the creators of the arts they love so much. They also seem to be against progress for vampires as they would rather fight now then have to prevent a fight tomorrow. They are constantly looking for dangers, even if they aren’t there.

1 They Become A Fragile Coven

The Volturi learned the truth about Renesmee. Although Aro’s reaction to the half-human half-vampire child is genuine and his delight obvious, Caius remarks that it is impossible, questioning Aro’s judgment. The Volturi is a coven where power is more important than the unity of the whole.

They rely on bloodshed to strengthen their bonds, even finding an excuse to fight after learning Renesmee is not an immortal child. Aro doesn’t reveal the future Alice showed him, keeping it a secret from his coven members. They become a worse version of themselves by the end of the series because they were not as strong as they once were.

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