Twilight: 10 Things About Jacob Black That Make No Sense

Jacob Black may be one of the main characters in the Twilight franchise, but there are a lot of things about him that don't make any sense.

The Twilight saga took the world by storm in the late 2000s. Mothers and daughters alike enjoyed reading about the love story between teenage girl Bella and vampire heartthrob Edward. Bella’s best friend Jacob added a third person to the romance, creating a love triangle.

However, there are plenty of things about the series that don’t make a lot of sense, and that includes things about Jacob. Though introduced in the first book, he only becomes majorly important in the second one. The love triangle isn’t resolved until the last book, through an unexpected surprise. Therefore, here are 10 things about Jacob Black that don’t make a lot of sense.

10 Imprinting

Jacob is a werewolf, and werewolves go through a process called imprinting if they meet the person they are meant to be with. However, even as creepy as that can sound, Jacob’s imprint adds an unexpected layer to it. Jacob imprints on Bella and Edward’s newborn daughter, Renesmee.

It’s heavily implied he stuck around so long because he knew Bella would give birth to his future imprint. Though the novels’ author, Stephanie Meyer, has constructed a mythology that just barely holds together, the concept of imprinting is ludicrous and doesn’t make any sense for any of the wolves as characters. Why do they all need romance?

9 Forced Kiss

In Eclipse, the third novel, Jacob undergoes some strange character development. Though Bella has pretty clearly made her choice: Edward, by this point, Jacob continues to try to get her to want to be with him, including to the point of forcing a kiss on her.

Due to Jacob’s mindset, he doesn’t notice her trying to get away, and the whole scene is exceedingly uncomfortable, as is how silly everyone considers it afterward, including Bella’s father, Charlie. Also, the entire event is immediately dropped by pretty much everyone. It never really comes up again.

8 Overprotective

Jacob is just as overprotective of Bella as Edward is throughout all four novels and five films. On the one hand, it does make somewhat sense as Bella is human in a universe that includes plenty of dangerous supernatural creatures. However, it would make more sense for Edward to be the one who’s overly protective of Bella, considering he’s her boyfriend and eventual husband.

Therefore, it doesn’t really make sense for Jacob to play this role for Bella as well. He’s her best friend and doesn’t need to be her bodyguard too.

7 Hanging On

At the end of New Moon, it’s pretty clear that Bella has chosen Edward as her boyfriend and romantic partner who she wants to stay with forever. She flies to Italy for him! Therefore, after all that, it doesn’t make sense for Jacob to continually hang around and expect Bella to suddenly fall in love with him instead.

This continues on through the rest of New Moon and into the next book. Jacob hangs on too much to Bella in a romantic context, and it’s depressing to read and watch, especially considering the forced kiss later on.

6 Life At End

Jacob’s life at the end of the entire series is confusing. He’s imprinted on Renesmee, who looks like a toddler at the moment, and is quite clearly still a child. Obviously, nothing in their relationship is changing any time soon.

It’s also unclear whether he’s still a high school student, even though he should be. It’s hinted that the Cullens should be moving on from Forks soon, and the fact that they stay puts Jacob in danger because he keeps going over to a house that locals should think is empty. After all, the Cullens can’t let on that they don’t age.

5 He Keeps Crashing Important Events

Jacob crashes Bella’s junior prom and her wedding reception. The first time, he delivers a message from Billy that Bella should stay away from the Cullens, even though this could be conveyed at any other time. He also crashes her and Edward’s reception because he just can’t stay away, despite doing so for months prior to the wedding date.

Ultimately, it’s needless and only serves to make any possibility of a relationship with Bella sad. Jacob won’t ever actually be at events with her. He’ll only be shoving in on them from the outside.

4 Jumping To The Future With Renesmee

Jacob’s infamous line to Edward in the last film, “So, should I call you Dad now?” is distressing for multiple reasons. First of all, it’s awkward when written and said aloud. It also shows the audience that Jacob is thinking ahead to a romantic future with Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), which doesn’t really make much sense, considering her obvious youth.

She’s only been alive a few months, let her live for a bit. Jacob should instead be thinking that he’s grateful they all survived the confrontation, instead of jumping to the future he has yet to live. He doesn’t know; anything could happen.

3 Dropping Bella As A Friend

Jacob can be extremely inconsiderate as a friend, and it doesn’t make sense. In New Moon, when he first becomes a prominent character, as well as a werewolf, he abruptly drops Bella as a friend without an explanation.

Despite knowing that she’s aware of the supernatural creatures in Forks, he doesn’t tell her about shifting into a werewolf and joining the pack. This barely makes sense and sounds more like Jacob doesn’t want to keep her as a friend, and is looking for an excuse to stop hanging out with her.

2 What Happens To The Packs?

In Breaking Dawn, after Jacob splits the wolf packs by declaring himself the alpha, they aren’t really ever dwelled upon again. The main crisis of Renesmee’s continued survival has been averted, and the details of how the two packs will coexist are left to the imagination.

However, considering Jacob is at the center of the issue, and he’s a main character, it’s strange that this doesn’t really get resolved. The novel has enough page space for it, but it isn’t there or in the movies. Luckily, that’s what fanfic is for!

1 He Reveals Himself To Charlie

Jacob reveals himself as a werewolf to Charlie for no real reason. Charlie and Bella agree that his relationship with the supernatural world around him will be on a need-to-know basis, and it’s hard to see Jacob’s wolfish tendencies as falling anywhere on that list.

Therefore, Jacob’s spontaneous decision to shift into a wolf in front of Charlie to prove to him that his world isn’t the same as he’s always thought was strange. Charlie doesn’t come back into the narrative that much after this event, so ultimately it also doesn’t particularly matter whether he knows about the events around him or not, rendering this decision even more confusing.

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