10 Worst Seinfeld Characters, According To Reddit

While the main characters on Seinfeld are beloved and hilarious, fans are taking to Reddit to share their least favorite characters on the sitcom.

While the main characters on Seinfeld are meant to be unlikable in many ways, as they act frustrated regularly and make bad decisions, they are still endearing. But fans have strong opinions about the people who Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine interact with on a daily basis, whether friends, co-workers, or love interests.

From Elaine’s tough parent to a few people who get on Jerry’s nerves, there are several characters on Seinfeld who fans dislike, and viewers are discussing them on Reddit.

10Kenny Bania

While Seinfeld fans love many characters, Bania isn’t always the most popular.

Reddit user davers84 wrote that “I never liked Kenny Bania” and “I know they made his character one to hate” but they just don’t enjoy watching him. It’s true that while it’s funny to see him say that soup is not really a meal and Jerry still owes him some food, it’s possible to see Bania as a frustrating character who could be more layered and interesting.

9Alton Benes

One Redditor considers “Elaine’s father” to be their least favorite Seinfeld character, and it’s easy to see why some viewers wouldn’t connect much with him.

Alton Benes appears in the season 2 episode “The Jacket” and all viewers really know about him is that Elaine is terrified at the idea of spending one evening with him. She gets Jerry and George to come to dinner, but no one enjoys themselves.


The main characters on Seinfeld aren’t always wild about meeting a friend’s newborn and they rarely think that a baby is adorable. In the season 5 episode “The Hamptons,” Carol and Michael invite Kramer, George, Jerry, and Elaine to visit them by the beach and see their baby.

For Reddit user mrlego166, “Definitely Carol from ‘The Hamptons'” is their least favorite character. They don’t love “her voice” when she tells the main characters that they have to see her baby. Everyone finds the baby to be unattractive, but the real joke of the episode is how Carol pronounces “baby.”

7Jack Klompus

Seinfeld’s most rewatchable episodes include the season 3 episode “The Pen” featuring Jerry’s parents’ neighbor who thinks that Jerry steals his favorite pen.

When this character was mentioned as a least favorite, Reddit user LoudTangerine8414 wrote, “I actually don’t like Jack Klompus.” There’s definitely something irritating about Jack as it seems like he wants to create trouble. Fans also often root for Jerry, making it tough to understand why someone would fight with him.


When it comes to minor characters on the sitcom, Reddit user deductivesherlock doesn’t like Wendy. The fan explained, “She drove Elaine all the way back and stopped 3 blocks from her apartment and made her carry all that stuff which ended up making her Injure herself.”

Wendy’s storyline in the season 6 episode “The Kiss Hello” is super annoying for Elaine, as Wendy is a physical therapist and she expects Elaine to hire her to help with her arm. While some might find this convenient, Elaine gets angry.

5Mr. Pitt

Of all the bosses who Elaine works for throughout the show’s 9 seasons, Mr. Pitt is tough to like. He’s harsh, cold, and doesn’t seem to appreciate Elaine.

One Redditor said of this character, “Mr. Pitt had almost no redeeming qualities.” His storyline about eating Snickers with a fork and knife might be funny, but that’s about it.


When looking back on George’s girlfriends on Seinfeld, Reddit user iwantmypasswordback dislikes George’s partner Marcy, writing that she “Yada’d through cheating on George and shop lifting.”

While it’s hilarious that Marcy never stops saying “yada, yada, yada” when talking as that has become an iconic and classic phrase from the sitcom, it’s hard to think that she is a good match for George or a good person.

3Susan Ross

When discussing their least favorite Seinfeld characters, one Redditor said “Susan Ross” and many people definitely agree with that.

It’s tough to find something to like about Susan. From the get go, she and George seem poorly matched, and when they’re planning to get married, it doesn’t seem like either character even wants to stay together. It makes sense that a lot of fans find it hard to want to keep watching Susan.


Reddit user AgentUmlaut said that they don’t like “Tony,” and it’s interesting to compare him to Elaine’s boyfriends on Seinfeld.

Jerry doesn’t think very highly of Tony, although he seems envious of his physical attractiveness. No matter how fans feel about Tony, he’s still an entertaining character. It’s always funny when Elaine is in a new relationship, but it’s particularly memorable when Elaine likes Tony’s good looks and then Tony gets into an accident and has to wear a huge bandage that covers up his face.


For Reddit user rollerqueen, the character “who couldn’t ‘spare a square'” is one of the worst people on Seinfeld.

Jane has a few different identities in the classic season 5 episode “The Stall” because while Kramer has been talking to “Erica” on the phone, Jane won’t give Erica toilet paper from the next bathroom stall over, and Jerry has just started dating her. While this is a funny storyline, it’s true that Jane isn’t the most likable or nicest person.

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