Twilight: 10 Characters Who Deserve A Spin-Off Series

In a world where vampires and werewolves are real, there is bound to be interesting characters. Which Twilight character deserves their own spin-off?

Twilight may have been parodied in popular culture since the series’ release but there is no denying that Stephanie Meyer created an original world with an interesting mythology and lore that resonated with her dedicated fans. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen took up much of the narrative’s focus as the series’ primary characters, but Twilight had an interesting roster of supporting characters who have their own stories to tell.

The Cullens each have a riveting and tragic origin story of their own which could carry a prequel series. Other characters such as Jacob Black and his pack of werewolves have an open-ended arc and fans continue to speculate as to their future. Here are ten characters from Twilight who deserve their own series.

10 Jane & Alec

Jane is one of the most vicious and sadistic vampires in the Twilight series. She and her twin brother, Alec, are two of the most powerful members of the Volturi and loyal to Aro and Caius.

Jane and Alec were born in 800 AD and were nearly burnt at the stake due to their psychic abilities. Aro, wanting to covet their powers for the Volturi, intervened just in time and turned them into vampires when they were approximately 12-13 years old. They are regarded as two of the most powerful vampires in the world due to their incapacitating gifts.

9 Renesmee Cullen

Renesmee Carlie Cullen is the half-vampire daughter of Edward and Bella. She has a large role in Breaking Dawn as the Cullens struggle to understand her unique nature as she rapidly ages across a span of weeks. Her family assembles a congregation of vampires to testify in her defense when the Volturi arrive in Forks.

Renesmee’s story is still largely untold. Jacob Black imprints on her moments after she is born and Twilight author Stephanie Meyer hasn’t ruled out writing another book that gives these characters closure.

8 Leah Clearwater

Leah Clearwater is one of the most interesting characters in the Twilight series. She is the only known female shapeshifter in the Quileute tribe and becomes the Beta wolf to Jacob’s Alpha during Breaking Dawn after she leaves Sam Uley’s pack.

Leah was often moody and melancholic, but her character remained sympathetic and likable, especially during the last book in the series. Her character arc was left open-ended, which means that fans could see a book narrated by Leah in the future.

7 Aro

Aro is the leader of the Volturi and seemingly the most powerful vampire in the world. He is depicted throughout the Twilight series as greedy and cunning, coveting gifted vampires for his coven with no regard for repercussions.

As one of the oldest and most powerful vampires in the Twilight universe, Aro’s backstory would be a rich look into the mythology of Meyer’s world. The complicated relationships with his brothers Caius and Marcus would make for more dysfunctional family drama than the Cullens.’

6 Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle is the patriarch of the Cullen family and arguably the series’ most compassionate and moral character. He is the first documented vampire to perfect the ‘vegetarian’ lifestyle and works as a doctor in Forks’ hospital, constantly resisting the temptation of human blood.

Carlisle’s compassion makes him one of the most compelling characters in the series. His tragic backstory, which includes being the son of a pastor and vampire hunter, is intriguing material for a future film or book series.

5 Alice Cullen

Alice is Edward’s favorite sister and Bella’s best friend. She is one of the most popular and powerful characters in the series, often saving the day with her visions as well as sharing an adorable relationship with Jasper Hale.

Like the other Cullens, Alice has a tragic origin story that explains how she became a vampire. She was institutionalized during the 1920s due to her visions, where she was turned by an unnamed vampire to keep her safe from the tracker James.

4 Jacob Black

Jacob Black was one of the main characters throughout the Twilight series. He narrates a portion of Breaking Dawn, with the readers seeing Bella’s pregnancy through his eyes. However, despite his vital role in the story, his arc still feels unconcluded by the end of the series.

Fans have speculated about Jacob’s possible future relationship with Renesmee, who he imprinted on as a newborn. Meyer could base a new series around him and Nessie that answers many of her fans’ questions.

3 Nahuel

Nahuel has a small but strong role in Breaking Dawn. He arrives in Forks with his aunt Huilen to confront the Volturi, confirming that Renesmee will not be a danger to the vampire world when she reaches maturity.

Nahuel is also a half-vampire and the only male and venomous human-vampire hybrid in the series. It is hinted during Breaking Dawn that a love triangle between him, Renesmee and Jacob could be in the future.

2 Vladimir & Stefan

Vladimir and Stefan had small roles in Breaking Dawn but their characters opened the door for Meyer to expand the mythology and lore of the Twilight series. Both were founding members of the Romanian coven who dominated the world until the Volturi rose to power.

The Romanian coven and the Volturi fought in a devastating war that lasted over a century. Vladimir and Stefan are the only survivors and have spent the years since plotting their revenge.

1 Seth Clearwater

Seth was one of the most popular and likable characters in the Twilight series. A werewolf and part of the Quileute tribe, Seth leaves the Uley pack in Breaking Dawn alongside his sister Leah to follow Jacob as his reluctant Alpha.

Despite the animosity between the wolves and the vampires, Seth never showed the Cullens any hostility, treating them as good friends and attending Bella’s wedding to Edward. His character was young during the series and, like his sister Leah, his story is still largely untold.

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