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Prison Break: Each Main Character’s First & Last Line In The Series

Prison Break created some of the most memorable TV characters and their first and last lines often show how much they ultimately developed.

The long-running Prison Break is considered by many to be one of the best action-drama TV series of all time and was a huge success when it came out. The series did an incredible job at shaping the audience’s view on particular characters, however, more often than not, this opinion was changed by the time their final line came around.

The series has created some of the most memorable character performances on TV and kept fans gripped throughout the five seasons. As the storylines evolved, the characters evolved along with it and this is fully highlighted through their first and last lines.

Veronica Donovan

First: “Your Honor, We’d Like To Recess If We Could. My Client’s A Bit Confused At The Moment.”

Last: “Oh My God.”

Veronica’s desire to help people is indicated through her first line. When Michael gets arrested and refuses to plead his case, Veronica asks the judge to recess so she can prevent Michael from going to prison. Despite this being one of the worst things Michael ever did, Veronica still wanted to help him.

Veronica spends the entire first season trying to exonerate Lincoln. She eventually finds Terrance Steadman alive and has everything she needs to free Lincoln. However, a guard discovers her and she utters her last words seconds before her heartbreaking death.

Paul Kellerman

First: “Good.”

Last: “It’s Human Nature To Find Stuff Out, So You Will. Or She Will. And Then The Lie Has To Kill The Truth. Which One Of You Is Gonna Die Ne…”

Kellerman started as one of the biggest villains in the series. When he finds out that Lincoln’s execution will be going ahead, his first line is a blunt response that highlights his evil nature.

Like many, Kellerman redeemed himself and it was because of him that Michael and Lincoln were exonerated. In season 5, Kellerman was shot by one of Poseidon’s men. His dying words were him explaining the significance of lies and how it often leads to death. He was ultimately shot dead before he could finish his sentence.

Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin

First: “Be Easy, Son, All Right?”

Last: “All Right. Well, When You Need Me Again, You Know Where To Find Me.”

C-Note’s first line comes in the pilot as he appears to be doing business with someone. He is known around the prison as a local pharmacy, so him making a deal with an inmate sets up his character perfectly.

Michael’s escape in the final season wouldn’t have happened without C-Note as he played a pivotal role in helping them. Once the brothers tell him he’s done enough to assist, C-Note departs. His final line illustrates his loyalty as he is still willing to help the brothers if they ever need it.

Alexander Mahone

First: “The Escapees, Who Were They?”

Last: “Yeah.”

Mahone was introduced in season 2 as the police officer assigned to catch the Fox River Eight. He made it his mission to catch and kill the escapees and wanted to know every detail about them to help aid his investigation.

By the end of season 4, Mahone was one of Michael’s best friends and fans adored him. His last line is in response to Sara who thanks him for all his help. Whilst his response doesn’t seem heartfelt, Mahone was never one to show his feelings and it seemed he was still trying to come to terms with Michael’s death.

Brad Bellick

First: “Name And Back Number.”

Last: “Push It! Push It!”

Bellick’s first line sums up everything he was about in the early seasons. His life was centered around his job and he took it very seriously. The line comes when Bellick is first introduced to Michael and he instantly takes a disliking to him.

Once a selfish and cruel prison officer, Bellick turned into a selfless hero who was pivotal in the finding of Scylla. His last line is said moments before he sacrifices himself to help his friends and it was heartbreaking to watch. He died a hero which displayed how much his character had changed for the better.

Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell

First: “That Is My Real Name.”

Last: “Go Easy, Son.”

When Michael asks if T-Bag has a real name, he says that is his real name. T-Bag had a troubled childhood and was incarcerated for rape and murder, therefore it’s likely he doesn’t like people using that name as it’s associated with his horrific crimes.

Robert Knepper’s portrayal of T-Bag was simply incredible. Because of his genius performance, audiences eventually ended up rooting for T-Bag and often felt sympathy for him. Although T-Bag having a son was a plot twist that didn’t make sense, seeing T-his pain when his son died in his arms was difficult to watch and meant his last line was a heartbreaking one.

Sara Tancredi

First: “Tattoo Looks Fresh.”

Last: “He’s Better At Getting Himself Into…”

Sara is first introduced as the doctor in Fox River and her first meeting with Michael is one of their sweetest moments. His tattoo is the first thing she notices, and she comments that it looks like he’s only just had it done.

Sara’s last line is heard in the background as she talks to Sheba. It’s an unsatisfactory final line as her character was such a vital part of the series. However, her life was always problematic after she became involved with Michael, so engaging in general conversation suggests that she is finally settled.

Fernando Sucre

First: “I Suggest You Take A Seat, Fish. Ain’t Nothing To Do Up In Here But Serve Time. Ain’t Nobody Gonna Serve It For You.”

Last: “We Gotta Move, Papi.”

In their cell, Sucre gives Michael some advice and reminds him that all they can do is serve their time and stay out of trouble. Calling him fish demonstrates that Sucre originally saw Michael as every other inmate did and their friendship wasn’t immediate.

By the end of the series, Sucre and Michael are best friends and they saved each other on many occasions. The last time he speaks is when he is warning Michael that they need to go otherwise they risk being caught. He was Michael’s most reliable friend and this is displayed through his last line.

Lincoln Burrows

First: “They Denied The Motion.”

Last: “Hey, Babe.”

To say Lincoln was unlucky in season 1 was an understatement. He was falsely imprisoned for murder and he tried several times to appeal his case to prove his innocence. Lincoln’s first line comes during a flashback when Michael visits him in prison. Lincoln tells Michael that his motion was denied and he will be sentenced to death.

After telling Michael that he loves him, Lincoln goes and sits with Sheba, Sara, and Mike. His last line is slightly disappointing for his character; however, it shows that he and Michael are ready to live a normal life with the people they love.

Michael Scofield

First: “You’re An Artist, Sid.”

Last: “I Love You.”

Michael Scofield is the genius behind it all and his mysterious nature is present from the beginning. Unable to see his face, the audience can hear Michael complimenting his tattoo artist on her work. The meaning behind the tattoo is soon revealed, and no one could begin to imagine its importance in this first scene.

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