Letterkenny Season 9: What You Should Know If You Missed Watching Season 9?

The Canadian sitcom Letterkenny came out with its season 9 in December last year and was created by Jared Keeso while he has been joined by Jacob Tierney to develop it. The story was written by Jonathan Torrens, Jesse McKeown, Jared Keeso, Trevor Risk and Jacob Tierney. The last one also happens to direct as well as act in the show itself.

The latest season 10 is all set to make its premiere in Canada on December 25, 2021, on Crave and the following day on Hulu in the US. But if you haven’t given the previous season 9 a watch, then we are here to tell you everything in that regard.

What To Know About Season 9 Of Letterkenny If You Missed Watching It?

Letterkenny Season 9
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The premise of season 9 of Letterkenny opens with Skids, Hicks and the Hockey players seemingly attending the American Buck and Doe. This gets followed by a tiff with Dierks. Meanwhile, we also see Katy taking back her scorched earth strategy of dating Letterkenny, and Gail is seen getting some adventure of her own.

On the other hand, Judaism comes in the knowledge of the Hockey Players, and the entire town indulges itself in some sleepover action, including board games, movies etc. A new kind of breastaurant opens up in Letterkenny, and a new energy drink gets started by Tanis.

Who Are All There In Letterkenny Season 9?

The cast of season 9 of Letterkenny comprises Jared Keeso portraying the role of Wayne, K. Trevor Wilson portraying the role of Dan, Nathan Dales portraying the role of Daryl, Andrew Herr portraying the role of Jonesy, Michelle Mylett portraying the role of Katy, Dylan Playfair portraying the role of Reilly.

Jacob Tierney is portraying the role of Glen, Tyler Johnston portraying the role of Stewart, Dan Petronijevic portraying the role of McMurray, Evan Stern portraying the role of Roald, Mark Forward portraying the role of Coach, Lisa Codrington portraying the role of Gail and Kamilla Kowal portraying the role of Bonnie.

Where To Watch Letterkenny Season 9?

Letterkenny Season 9
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The ninth season of Letterkenny can be watched on Hulu with all the episodes in high-definition resolution. You can enjoy a month of a free trial of the platform, post which a valid subscription plan has to be chosen to continue watching. Other than this, the show is not available to be streamed anywhere else.

If you are a resident of Canada, then you can enjoy the season on Crave. The option to buy or rent the episodes of the season is also not available on platforms as of now. Amazon Video has five seasons for buying or renting, while iTunes owns seven seasons for the same. Season 9 still remains to get available on these VOD services.

How Many Episodes Are There In Season 9 Of Letterkenny?

Just like the previous seasons, Letterkenny Season 9 has seven episodes to its credit. They are titled American Buck and Doe, Kids with Problems, Scorched Earth, Mitsvah, Sleepover, Breastaurant and NDN NRG. All the episodes have been directed by Jacob Tierney, while the story has been penned by various artists.

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