Letterkenny Season 11: Renewed but when can we expect the Release Date? – Returning Cast

Letterkenny Season 11 will happen or not, it could be the question among the fans of the comedy show on Hulu which season 10 is coming to the streaming giant on 26th December 2021. The series ‘Letterkenny’ revolves around the

The show was started as a Youtube series by its creator and lead actor Jared Keeso, who plays the role of Wayne in the series. The show is based on an eccentric group of people of little town ‘Letterkenny’ and their day-to-day problems. The problems which the people of Letterkenny mostly deal with are the problem of drinking and extreme emotions.

About the Season 10 Finale Episode 7

The Season 10 of the show has been premiered on Hulu on 25th December but the FInale episode of season 10 has not been released yet, the makers have not revealed anything officially about the finale episode yet, but it’s sure that Episode 7 of the show will be released on Hulu in December only.

letterkenny season 11 informations

Is Season 11 Renewed officially?

The Seson 11 of the Letterkenny has been renewed officially and good news for the fans as the shooting for season 11 has already been started. During an interview, the producer of the show Mark Montefiore has said that season 10 and season 11 will be shot together means season 11 has already been shot.

As per the Instagram post by Tyler Johnston, season 10 was wrapped in June and hence we can say that season 11 is also ready.

This means we will get the announcement very soon via the Youtube channel of Letterkenny Problems or by Crave or Hulu.

The Cast of ‘Letterkenny’

The main leads of the Letterkenny are confirmed only a few new names will be added to the show in Letterkenny Season 11. Here we have the list of the Cast which are as follows:

  • Jared Keeso will be back as Wayne
  • Michelle Myett will also reprise the role of Katy
  • Dylan Playfair will be back as Reilly
  • Tyler Johnston will reprise as Stewart
  • Nathan Dales will be back as Daryl
  • K. Trevor Wilson be back as Dan
  • Jacob Tierney may reprise as Glen
  • Evan Stern be back as Roald

What can happen in ‘Letterkenny Season 11’?

Most probably the Season 11 of the show will start from the will deal form the story where Season 10 will end as the finale episode of the current season has not been released yet. We can say anything that can happen in Season 11 as the finale episode may change so many things in the series.

But in Season 10 we have seen Hicks is driving in the Letterkenny drinking and driving around the town by calling each other’s names. Aly and Bianca decided to leave the hockey team and look for greener pastures. In the upcoming season, we can expect various new problems in Letterkenny especially with Hacks as they can be caught by the gangs outside of Letterkenny and new problems can arise due to their battle too.

The upcoming season will introduce various new characters from the French Canadians as the rivals of English Canadians.

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