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Prison Break : 10 Characters Who Could Have Led The Season’s Breakouts (Other Than Michael)

Prison Break is a show truly worthy of its name offering viewers exactly what they sign up for: prison breakouts. Over the years, the show’s protagonist Michael Scofield has been in charge of designing and facilitating breakouts and doing so with the help of characters from each prison.

While none can fault Scofield’s mastermind planning and execution, there were many characters who throughout the seasons have learnt the trick of the trade through their closeness to Michael and could have facilitated the breakouts themselves. So here are ten characters that could’ve led the breakouts.

10 S5: Whip

Needless to say, Prison Break’s revival in 2017 brought joy to the show’s die-hard fans. Along with the introduction of a new break out plan, Prison Break S5 also brought along new characters. Ogygia prison’s David Martin or ‘Whip’ was one of those people. As Michael’s “Whip” Hand, Whip was let in on almost every detail of the Ogygia breakout, memorising them to the T. 

Not only did he help Michael conjure up the plans, but he had also previously done so in the past as the two had broken out of many other prisons before. With his knowledge of escape plans and his time spent with gold star prison escapee Michael, Whip would have been a perfect candidate for leading the breakout in S5 instead of Michael. 

9 S5: Ja

Ja was another one of Michael’s confidants and break out mates in Ogygia. He was initially incarcerated for identity theft and used his gifts for petty crimes to help Michael and the team escape from Ogygia. He was also the one that was able to smuggle a phone into the prison giving him and the team access to help from the outside world.

Although he was a heroin addict in the show, Ja was willing to do anything to escape and showed this worth by helping the escapees fend off ISIL forces in and outside the prison. Ja was also a trusted member of the team which would have allowed him to lead the breakout with support from the other inmates. 

8 S4: Gretchen 

Sara’s surprise arrest and subsequent break out in S4 or Prison BreakThe Final Break was one which fans could not have expected. Despite this,  Michael Scofield was not willing to let the love of his life spend her life in prison.  Hence, he masterminded another breakout plan for Sara. 

Gretchen became part of Michael’s mastermind breakout plan for Sara. While it was to get herself on the ticket, Gretchen did illustrate to Sara how much she wanted to be out of the prison to see her daughter. Being in on the planning, Gretchen could have easily taken over Michael’s way of doing things and brought on help from the company to facilitate her own breakout. Although that did not happen, this outcome is only fair to imagine considering Gretchen’s past actions towards the group. 

7 S4: Alex Mahone

Alex Mahone was the second in charge for Sara’s break out of the Miami Dade State Penitentiary. Without his help, Michael would have never been able to create the diversion he needed to get to Sara. Mahone had redeemed himself in S4 and became a trusted member of the team.

Not only did he bring his intelligence and knowledge of prison systems but as a former federal agent, Alex has been able to pull FBI tricks out of the bag to help Michael and his team. This is why Michael was able to enlist his help to free  Sara and with his extensive knowledge on prison breakouts and break-ins due to Scylla, Mahone could have easily and skilfully led Sara out of prison instead of Michael. 

6 S3: Lechero

In S3, he presented himself as the Lord of the Sona prison. After finding out about Michael’s plan of escape, Lechero quickly familiarized himself with the man and worked desperately to gain information on the breakout. Although his escape was short-lived, with a bit more time and trust from Michael, he could have led the breakout out of Sona.

His position within the prison, as well as his relationship with the prison guards, could have garnered him some favours both in and outside the prison which could have helped the escape. Not to forget, he was also charismatic and moderately fair as a leader which would have ensured less quarrel between the escapees.

5 S3: Alex Mahone

Although he came into the prison fending off his drug addiction, Mahone used his time in recovery to also attach himself to Michael and build a mildly tolerable relationship with him. Even though they were not on best terms, Mahone had Michael’s back in Sona and was able to favourably assist him in the breakout.

This time, he didn’t pull any tricks but completely trusted Michael who in turn trusted him. Mahone was alongside Michael during the planning of this breakout and with his intelligence and knowledge of law enforcement could have also successfully led it. 

4 S3: Whistler

Although he initially couldn’t escape on his own ( hence why Michael was hired,  by the end of S3, Whistler had become quite familiar with the plans that Michael had made for the escape. After all, the escape was centred all around him and not only was he Michael’s most important confidant in Sona but also circumstantially his closest.

Whistler also had the support of the company throughout the entire breakout which would have been of a huge advantage should he have led the breakout instead of Michael. 

3 S1: CNote

Since being on the team, CNote had shown nothing but a determination to break out of Fox River. Even in their first attempted break out in the  S1 Episode 13 “End of the Tunnel”, CNote was adamant in breaking out and even told Michael he would go on with the plan with or without him.

It is needless to say that CNote had the support of the other members that night and has since had quite an influence in the group. With his ability to smuggle things into the prison as well as even arranging transportation for after the escape, CNote could have gone on to lead the escape other than Michael later on in the season. 

2 S1: Abruzzi 

We know for a fact that John Abruzzi was an important part of Michael’s plan of escape. Abruzzi had the resources to help both Michael and Lincoln escape by being the Don Corleone of the group.

Abruzzi had the plane for after the escape and the money and influence to run prison industries which were the middle man for the Fox River 8’s escape. With his influence in running prison industries, Abruzzi could have not only led the escape but also single-handedly run off with Michael’s plan of escape if he wanted to.

1 S1: Sucre

In all the break-ins and outs, Sucre has been Michael’s most trusted confidant. Sucre also had the strong motivation to reunite with the pregnant Maricruz and it is this burning desire that allowed him to brave his fear of being caught and stick to the escape plan through the end.

Not only did he hear of Michael’s plans but he also saw them regularly in the form of Michael’s tattoos. Sucre was also well-liked amongst the group and his closeness to Michael would have also ensured Lincoln’s trust in him in leading the escape instead of Michael.

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