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Autism: Wentworth Miller autism disorder reveal and wetin you need to know about di condition

American actor, Wentworth Miller wey act 'Prison Break' don reveal say doctor diagnose am with autism a year ago and e dey share im feelings about am with di world.

Wentworth Miller tok about imsef for im Instagram post and write wetin e don learn since last year wey e get di news say e be adult with autism.

Di prison break actor wey be 49 years old say im dey shocked but not surprised to learn say e get autism.

E add say e dey learn how to live with di knowledge now;

“Dis no be something wey I go like change. No. I get – being autistic na central to who I be. To everything I don achieve…” e tok.

Miller thank pipo for e life wey don “consciously or unconsciously” give am dat extra bit of grace and space over di years plus allow am to move through di world in a way wey make sense to am weda or not e make sense to dem.

Wetin be Autism?

Wentworth Miller reveals autism diagnosis: 'It was a shock but not a  surprise

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) na medical name. Na di name for range of conditions wey dey affect how somebody dey communicate and interact with di world around dem plus dia interests and behaviour.

Autism no be disease or illness, but na condition wey dem born somebody with. Pipo wey dem born with autism dey get am all of dia lives.

Some pipo prefer to call am ‘autism spectrum condition’ (ASC) instead of ASD.

You fit tell if somebody dey autistic by looking at dem.

Wetin dey cause autism?

No one know why dem dey born pipo with autism, but plenti research dey go on into wetin dey cause am.

But according to di UK NHS, autism fit affect pipo for di same family. So e fit sometime pass on to pikin by dia parents.

Autism no dey caused by:

  • bad parenting
  • vaccines, such as the MMR vaccine
  • diet
  • infection you fit spread to oda pipo, NHS add

Signs of autism for adults

Sad:'Prison Break' star Wentworth Miller diagnosed with autism - Daily News  Ghana
  • finding am hard to understand wetin odas dey tink or feel
  • getting very anxious about social situations
  • finding am hard to make friends or prefer to be on your own
  • to be like say you dey blunt, rude or not interested in odas without meaning to
  • finding am hard to say how you feel
  • taking tins at face value – for example, you fit no understand sarcasm or phrases like “break a leg”
  • to dey follow di same routine every day and to dey very anxious if e change

How autism dey affect pipo?

Autism dey affect different pipo in different ways.

Dis na why e fit take time before dem go diagnose somebody with am, as e no get one simple list of symptoms and signs to look out for.

E fit affect di way someone dey communicate with pipo, di pesin fit look like say e dey shut off from those around dem because e dey struggle to interact with dem.

Autistic children fit choose to play on dia own instead of in groups or dey fit dey a lot quieter dan everybody else.

E fit also get impact on how di pesin dey makes sense of di world around dem.

Someone wey dey autistic fit dey over-sensitive or under-sensitive to sounds, touch, tastes, smells, light or colours.

Dey fit wear special headphones to cancel out sounds so dat di noise of di world around dem no dey too much.

Pipo wey dey autistic fit dey really good at remembering tins so dey fit get plenti knowledge about one particular subject.

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