Hell’s Kitchen: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Gordon Ramsay (According To Reddit)

While Gordon Ramsay is one of the most popular TV chefs, not everyone is a fan, and some are sharing their unpopular opinions about him on Reddit.

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most well-known professional chefs of this generation, thanks to his status as a TV personality as well as a Michelin star chef. Through the years, Ramsay has hosted several TV shows, from Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef to Kitchen NightmaresHotel Hell, 24 Hours to Hell and Back, and Gordon Ramsay Uncharted.

His on-screen persona is cheeky, blunt, and foul-mouthed, but he cares deeply about food and has a passion for delivering quality dishes and teaching others. With that said, not everything people have to say about him is positive, and Reddit users are among the most vocal of fans

He Has Mellowed Out

Ramsay isn’t really the way he is portrayed on his shows, screaming and yelling at the contestants on reality competition series like Hell’s Kitchen. It’s all part of his on-screen persona, which fans love. But in the r/GordonRamsay Reddit thread, Redditor Any-Satisfaction-770 opines that he has mellowed as he has got older, even on screen. “It seems he’s softened a little,” they describe of the way he acts in the most recent seasons of his shows.

But many Redditors disagree, noting that he’s still the same animated mentor with some of the wittiest lines. Nonetheless, there are a few quotes from shows like Kitchen Nightmares that show Gordon Ramsay’s softer side.

He’s A Mean Guy

Many people believe Ramsay is inherently mean, including Redditor Titobelman, who replies in a thread about asking chefs for their opinion on Ramsay that their “friend’s dad works at Emirates Stadium and he [does] not fancy him.” But his comment in the thread is one of the only negative ones about Ramsay from those who have claimed to have met him in person or observed him on multiple shows.

“He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet,” comments Redditor simmeringwithrage. Indeed, there are many elements in reality TV cooking shows that aren’t real, including MasterChef, and Ramsay’s rigid and tough persona might be one of them. Interestingly, many Redditors also prove that Ramsay being mean in real life is not true by arguing that even when he’s yelling about things on the show, the reason is usually justifiable. Thus, editing on the shows, along with playing it up for the cameras, likely has a lot to do with the way Ramsay acts and he likely isn’t mean in real life.

He Is Overrated

Redditor thikthird expresses their intense dislike for Ramsay, effectively suggesting that he is overrated and needs to be “taken down a peg.”

But the support for Ramsay came out fast and furious, with many Redditors coming to his defense, noting, once again, that the way he acts on some shows is just for the cameras. Many also suggest the Redditor watch his shows from the U.K. or his other series, like Gordon Ramsay Uncharted, to get a better idea of who the professional chef really is, as well as to learn more about his skills.

His Cooking Just Isn’t Good

Any Redditor who suggests Ramsay’s cooking isn’t good is quickly shot down in the thread started by mgonnabethebest, who asks if he truly is a legitimately good chef. Redditor skylla05 points out that while most chefs will never even receive one Michelin star, Ramsay has earned an impressive 15. In fact, plenty of fans believe that Gordon Ramsay is TV’s best chef, not Jamie Oliver.

Redditor imnitlegolas adds “his cooking is legit – that man really knows his stuff.” Many believe that people are too focused on the clips they see of him from shows not realizing that he really is a chef who has earned his keep beyond just TV personality status.

His Scrambled Eggs Recipe Isn’t Good

Ramsay has famously demonstrated on several of his shows his foolproof way of making perfect scrambled eggs, but not everyone agrees with the outcome. In fact, Redditor MauiMailman compares Ramsay’s scrambled eggs dish to “egg soup.”

However, Redditor MschMngd notes that while it might not be the best style to eat as a plate on its own, Ramsay’s eggs recipe is perfect for serving over toast or a bagel. Redditor East-Ear7026 chimes in, as well, noting that the level of moisture he leaves in the eggs makes for “very good omelettes.”

Fans Don’t Learn Anything From His Shows

While so many of Ramsay’s shows focus on the dramatic scenes, from chefs ruining a dinner service with raw meat and poultry on Hell’s Kitchen to contestants buckling under the pressure on MasterChef, it’s always entertaining. But viewers have actually learned a lot about how to cook from watching his shows, as well, despite some Redditors that claim the opposite. Redditor Juicyfruit155 sarcastically says, “Only thing I learned is to heat up the pan before frying anything,” which is pretty common knowledge when it comes to cooking.


But the Reddit thread by u/eulalie_pop is filled with comments to the contrary. Redditor figatrons says watching the show inspired them to try making risotto, while the thread creator says they feel “strangely overconfident” that they could cook scallops now knowing that it’s 40 seconds per side. From timing dishes to come together properly to simple tips like tasting throughout the process, many fans have learned tons.

Masterchef Is His Most Popular Show

Redditor kend7198 claims that MasterChef is Gordon Ramsey’s best show because it “is a worldwide franchise popular in most countries.”

But most people disagree, believing that his best show is actually Hell’s Kitchen. In a Reddit discussion by u/Caalit, a vote sees Hell’s Kitchen win by a landslide, gaining five times the votes of MasterChef. Though MasterChef has yielded some great winners, “you don’t think of Gordon Ramsay when you see [MasterChef],” writes Redditor KoNamCap64, “especially since he is only usually the host in the U.S.”

No Chef Has Ever Impressed Him

Some fans believe that Ramsay has always found fault with every chef he comes across, whether it’s an aspiring one on Hell’s Kitchen or a professional on Kitchen Nightmares. In fact, a now-deleted user asks if there was “ever a chef that pleased Chef Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen or in general?”

But other Redditors weigh in, pointing out one restaurant, in particular, that is consistently named as one he complimented: Mama Charita’s from the U.K. version of the show. And most fans state that Ramsay is much more complimentary about the food he eats on the British version of the show. “He plays a character in the U.S. shows,” writes Redditor ArsenalZT.

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