Letterkenny Fans Are in Love With Season 10’s Prostate Exam Episode

The men of Letterkenny must get their first prostate exams in Season 10 of the Hulu series and the episode is a hit with fans across the board.

Season 10 of Letterkenny included an episode about the importance of prostate exams and fans can’t get enough of it.

Season 10, Episode 4 “Prostate” followed Wayne, Daryl, Coach and Tyson on their journey towards getting their first prostate exams after a new doctor requires them to get a head-to-toe physical. While the Letterkenny men are hesitant — and extremely uncomfortable — at the idea, a detailed explanation of a pap smear from Kaniehtiio Horn’s Tanis convinces the men to “put away their mitts” and get the procedure over with. Overall, the episode was a hit with fans of the Hulu series, with “Prostate” even encouraging some fans to go get checked themselves. 

Among the reactions from fans was Horn, whose character Tanis and her graphic explanation of a pap smear, for comparison, played an integral role in the episode. With the help of Nathan Dales’ Daryl, her reenactment of the stirrups, the speculum and the “scrape, scrape, scrape” involved in a pap smear led the men of Letterkenny to put aside their reservations and get their own exams over with. “I’m really damn proud to be in a scene on a show that’s hopefully getting bros to stop being whiny little bitches about prostate exams,” Horn wrote on Twitter. “Just shut up n get er done.” 

Season 10 of Letterkenny premiered on Hulu Dec. 26, and the six-episode season not only saw preemptive prostate exams, but the return of familiar friends and enemies alike, like Katy’s ex-boyfriend Dierks and Wayne’s ex-fiance Marie-Fred, but also new adventures for the Hicks, like attending a Mennonite sausage party with the Noah Dyck. Typically, Letterkenny releases two seasons per year, but that release frame was adjusted due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic causing production delays.

Letterkenny fans love the episode of the 10th season of Prostate - Asume  Tech

Series stars and co-creators Jared Keeso, who plays Wayne in the series, and Jacob Tierney also announced that the show’s first full-length spinoff, titled Shoresy, is currently underway, which will follow the titular, foul-mouthed hockey player played by Keeso in Letterkenny. While it’s unclear if Keeso will reprise his role for the spinoff, the official description for Shoresy released by Hulu reads, “Shoresy joins a senior triple hockey AAA team in Northern Ontario on a quest to never lose again.”

Letterkenny first began as Letterkenny Problems in 2013, a series of skits on YouTube featuring Keeso’s Wayne and Nathan Dales’ Daryl telling stories about the fictional, rural town of Letterkenny. The series was picked up by the Canadian network Crave in 2016, where it became a cult hit. Hulu landed the streaming rights for the series in 2018, causing Letterkenny‘s popularity to take off in the United States.

Letterkenny Season 10 is available to stream on Hulu and Crave.

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