Prison Break

MBTI® Of Prison Break Characters

Prison Break was packed with original characters of all stripes. Here's how they are all defined through the MBTI®.

Fox series Prison Break ran for four seasons before being revived for a fifth a couple of years later. Due to its captivating plot, it became a huge hit all over the world and is still regarded highly to this date. Fox initially turned down the series as it wasn’t sure whether the proposed storyline was good enough. They later changed their minds.

A major reason why Prison Break became so popular was the character development. All the characters had their own unique personalities and beliefs that can be best examined under the Myers-Briggs® type indicators. Here’s where each main character fits.

10 Paul Kellerman – ENFJ

Kellerman was the murderous secret service agent who was very loyal to Vice President Caroline Reynolds. He believed she was the best person to lead the country. He was also part of the conspiracy that framed Lincoln Burrows for murder.

ENFJs often have a vision for what they think is a better world even if it is unrealistic and inconvenient to others. Kellerman and other members of the secret organization known as “The Company” fit this personality type. He was willing to kill or destroy the lives of everyone who stood in the way of the organization’s agenda.

9 Benjamin “C-Note” Franklin – ESFJ

ESFJs like helping others. They love their jobs and are also keen on how others view them. C-Note fits the description. He was an inmate who worked at the Fox River kitchen. He used his position to get other inmates what they wanted for a small fee.

Since he valued the perception that other African American inmates had of him, he initially refused to help Michael. This was because T-Bag, a white supremacist, was in Michael’s escape team. However, he eventually struck a deal with Michael and helped him overcome various setbacks that would have derailed the mission.

8 Alexander Mahone – ESTP

Mahone was an FBI agent tasked with capturing the Fox River Eight. While the rest of the whole enforcement officers were hunting down the group as a whole, Mahone was more focussed on the chief planner Michael who he believed would lead him to the rest.

Just like other ESTPs, Mahone was a thrillseeker who was at his best form when trying to stop a major crisis. He relished addressing the media and hunting down the escapees himself. He’d rather be in the field doing the chasing than in a room doing the strategizing.

7 Brad Bellick – ISTJ

Bellick was the intimidating and ruthless captain of the prison’s correctional officers. After Michael and his team escaped, Bellick put all the available resources into trying to capture them. He was almost successful before fate turned on him.

Bellick’s characteristics make him an ISTJ. Those with this kind of personality like enforcing rules and order within institutions and organizations. They punish those who break laws but can also be friendly to those who understand them. This is proven when Bellick makes a deal with Abruzzi.

6 Sara – INFP

INFPs like spending time alone and following their dreams. They also enjoy analyzing situations and finding out the real reason why things are happening the way they are. This describes Fox River’s doctor and Michael’s future love interest, Sara, perfectly.

She enjoyed being alone at the infirmary and despite the fact that her influential father didn’t like her working at the prison, she remained there. She also began to dig into Michael’s background when she suspected that he wasn’t just and ordinary prisoner. Soon, she found out the truth.

5 John Abruzzi – ESTJ

Given his status as a Chicago mob boss, Abruzzi was well-respected inside the Fox River Penitentiary. He had been jailed after being found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. And inside the prison, he also ran a work program for convicts known as Prison Industry (PI).

Abruzzi’s positions of power and influence make him a perfect ESTJ. Those in this category like to be bosses and get things done. As for the”getting things done” part, Abruzzi demonstrates this when he organizes for a plane to fly the convicts once they have escaped.

4 Fernando Sucre – ISFP

Michael’s cellmate Fernando Sucre exhibits all the ISFP traits. ISFPs are often friendly and accommodative. They like to settle in their surroundings and enjoy the moment but they also tend to be flexible. They aren’t afraid to go with the flow.

Sucre was jailed after he tried to rob a store in order to buy a ring for his girlfriend. He accepted his fate and adapted to life in prison, He was even reluctant to get involved in Michael’s escape plan but when he learned that his girlfriend was pregnant and his cousin was eyeing her, he changed his mind. He sought to help Michael in whichever way possible and became one of his most reliable allies.

3 Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell – ENTJ

An ENTJ person is also known as a “Commander.” They like taking charge and form groups to achieve specific goals. The goals don’t necessarily have to be good. T-Bag is somewhat of an evil leader. While at the Donaldson Prison, he headed a white supremacist group known as the Alliance Of Purity.

The group became too powerful that T-Bag was relocated to the Fox River Penitentiary. There, he formed a similar group again. ENTJs also don’t let opportunities pass them and this is seen when T-Bag demands to be included in Michael’s escape plan and even cuffs himself to Michael’s hand.

2 Lincoln Burrows – ISFJ

Initially, Michael thought his older brother Lincoln was a loser. He had dropped out of school and was doing petty crimes. He really didn’t look like he’d amount to anything in life. But when Michael learned that Lincoln had borrowed money to pay for his university education, his perception changed.

Despite having a difficult life, Lincoln still found a way to take care of his little brother and not really brag about it. This makes him a perfect ISFJ. Those in this category always feel the need to protect and provide for them even when they don’t have enough for themselves.

1 Michael Scofield – INTJ

INTJs are also known as “The Masterminds” and this describes Scofield perfectly. As a former structural engineer, he was the one who drafted the perfect plan to save his brother who was awaiting a death sentence at the Fox River State Penitentiary.

He tattooed sections of the prison of his body and robbed a bank in order to get himself arrested so that he’d be jailed and help his brother escape. INTJs often see possibilities where others do not and while most people would have surrendered to fate, he didn’t.

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