Did Dua Lipa Make Her $16 Million Net Worth From Music Alone?

Dua Lipa is worth an impressive $16 million, but where did it all come from?

Fans already know that singing has been Dua Lipa’s passion since she was barely five years old. But now that she’s a mega-star worth $16 million, it’s clear there’s more than just passion involved in her upward trajectory.

There’s talent, of course, and some impressive pipes. At the same time, Dua has a handful of other projects going on while working on her music, leaving fans to wonder just how much of her net worth stems from music, and where the rest of it came from.

How Did Dua Lipa Get Famous?

That important step was signing a modeling contract. How did modeling help her become a musician, though? Because the agency soon landed her a gig that helped people see her as more than just a model.

An ad that portrayed Dua as a “singer” ensured that the spotlight pointed at her — how could it not be, given her clear talent in music? In the ad, she covered a classic song, and that was enough to get things off the ground.

At that point, Dua attracted the attention of the industry, and she landed a manager and producer. The rest, of course, is very lucrative history.

How Much Does Dua Lipa Make A Year?

Her total net worth amounts to $16M, but how much does Dua Lipa take home per year? Sources suggest her income averages between $1.1M (in 2019) and $1.4M. Of course, that may vary based on the specific deals she signs. Not every income source has an up-front payday, after all.

But there are also one-time sources of income for the star, like her live-streamed concert. At only $10 a pop, the show didn’t drain fans’ wallets.

Where Does Dua Lipa’s Income Come From?

Though most of Dua Lipa’s net worth stems from her musical endeavors, not all of her income does. In fact, her recent fashion campaign with Versace hints at more than just album sales contributing to her pocketbook.

Before that, there was also a Yves Saint Laurent campaign, after Dua joined up with the brand. Clearly, she has never stopped modeling — and the cash from those gigs keeps rolling in.

What’s also evident is that Dua Lipa didn’t make her millions on music alone. Yes, it’s her primary gig, but modeling and fashion have also proven to be pretty lucrative.

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