Sons of Anarchy: 10 Continuity Errors Fans Didn’t Notice

Sons of Anarchy is one of the best and most high quality shows FX ever made, but it still had mistakes. These are 10 continuity errors from the show.

In as much as the production teams behind TV shows and feature films strive for perfection, mistakes always happen. Even Sons Of Anarchy—which once surpassed The Wire as the highest-rated TV show in the history of the FX network—had plenty of them. The most common kinds of mistakes on the show were continuity errors.

Most of these errors went unnoticed by fans. This is mostly because the storylines and action scenes were always so intriguing. Sons Of Anarchy often received praise from critics for its plot development. The whole series has an 87% score on Rotten Tomatoes. But praise aside, here are the continuity errors that fans didn’t notice.

10 Abel’s Lunchbox

Even though he rarely talked, Abel was a very essential character in Sons Of Anarchy. He was the only one who overhead Gemma confessing to Tara’s murder. Hearing someone confess to murdering your mother can have devastating mental effects on you.

Viewers were always left wondering whether he’d tell his daddy Jax. Instead, he ended up getting weirder with each passing episode. A teacher even called Gemma to school to tell her that Abel attacked another student using his metal lunchbox. However, in the same scene, Abel’s lunchbox is seen to be plastic.

9 A Station Wagon’s Front End Repairs Itself

The SAMCRO members were involved in plenty of chase scenes. The show was literally Fast & Furious with more motorcycles than vehicles. Most of the chase scenes were beautifully shot but at some point, the editing team got too comfortable and forgot something.

A continuity error occurs in Episode 11 of Season 5 when Jax and his crew flee from a Hispanic gang in a station wagon. They drive it through a gate and then down a hill. At first, the front end of the vehicle appears to have been destroyed but a few seconds later, it’s intact again. Who repaired it so fast?

8 The Rotating Cap

In the twelfth episode of Season 4, Jax’s cap appears to rotate over a number of seconds without him ever touching it. It starts out facing backward before flipping forwards and then returning backward again. Hmmm… what was going on there?

Several takes are normally taken in order to get key things right during filming. However, most times, the filmmakers tend to focus on the actors saying the right things rather than what they are wearing. Unfortunately, costume mistakes tend to pass the editing team as well.

7 Colette’s Body

Collette—played by the fascinating Kim Dickens—made her debut in the first episode of Season 6. She was the owner of an escort agency. She also served as Jax’s mistress for a while. However, like many other characters in the series, she was killed off.

In the fifth episode of Season 7, Collette’s dead body is seen lying on the floor along with several others. Her eyes are wide open. However, when Jax found her at the end of the fourth episode, her eyes were closed. Did someone come around and decided to just open her eyes?

6 Throwing It Again

In Season 2. Episode 13, Jax appears at the police station. He is awaiting news after the drug declaration, A camera view from the back shows him throwing the cigarette he was smoking to his right. However, when the camera changes to his front, he still has the cigarette and he proceeds to throw it to his right again.

Unless he was smoking two cigarettes at once (which seems impossible), the scene doesn’t make sense. And if he had two cigarettes that he intended to dispose of, would he have thrown them away at the same time? To be exact, the mistake occurs in the third minute and around the 25th-second mark.

5 Where’s The Blood?

In the 9th episode of the first season, the controversial club member Juice gets injured and Tara offers to treat him. When she asks him to remove his finger so that she can treat the wound, blood sprays out and some of it lands on Tara’s shirt.

However, in the next shot a few seconds later, the blood has suddenly disappeared. Surely Tara couldn’t have rushed to the laundry and came back in just a few seconds, right? There was no wet cloth or anything of the sort to wipe the blood with either.

4 Who Covered Piney’s Body?

Piney was one of the first nine members of SAMCRO. Throughout the first three seasons, he was a recurring character. However, his story ended with a heartbreaking death at the hands of Clay after a disagreement regarding the letters from Jax’s father and the Galindo Cartel.

In the 9th episode of the fourth season, Wayne goes to have a look at Piney’s body just after he’s killed. He pulls back the blanket that’s covering Piney’s body but he doesn’t cover the body again after viewing. However, the body appears to be covered again. Wayne couldn’t have done it since the camera never veered away from him.

3 The Cash Register

Even though she appeared in only a few episodes when the Sons went to Ireland, Trinity’s story was an interesting one. She almost got intimate with Jax but she was later revealed to the daughter of Jax’s father, John Teller, and Maureen Ashby.

Int he fifth episode of Season 3, Trinity closes the cash register in her mother’s store before answering the door. It’s McGee, the president of the Belfast branch of the Sons. After he leaves, the cash register is seen to be open again yet no one else was close to it.

2 The Purse Vanished

Agent June Stahl was intriguing because she knew how to bring hell to the Sons. Stahl was an ATF agent and she spent a huge chunk of her time trying to take the club down. Her actions even led to the kidnapping of Jax’s son, Abel Teller.

In Season 3, Episode 12, an angry Gemma pulls up right beside Stahl and orders her to get in the car. She can be seen with a purse on her shoulder, but when she enters the car, the purse is neither on her shoulder or on her hands. Who took it?

1 Wendy’s Bruise Moved?

Wendy was one of the most poorly written characters in the series. As Jax’s ex-girlfriend, she was always portrayed as an obsessive junkie and unfit mother, she was suddenly cleansed towards the end and given custody of Jax and Tara’s children.

In Episode 12 of Season 5, Jax forced Wendy to relapse. He injects her with heroin by sticking the needle on the side of her shoulder. However, in Episode 13, she gets treatment from Tara and the bruise is seen on the front of her shoulder.

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