Twilight: 10 Most Underrated Characters That Deserve As Much Recognition as the Main Cast

In the Twilight series, there are a core set of characters that get the most attention both in the books and in the fandom. This is how pretty much all stories are, so there’s nothing wrong with this. But, there are many characters from the saga that deserved more recognition than they got.

Many of these side and supporting characters had interesting storylines that didn’t get explored enough, and there were even times when they were more interesting than the main characters. Here are the ten most underrated characters from Twilight.

10 Angela Weber

Of all the high school friends that Bella makes, the only one that fans ever really talk about is Jessica Stanely.

This is probably because she’s the most antagonist toward Bella, but Angela Weber definitely deserved a little more attention. She was overall a more calm and caring person than Jessica, and she was also really smart, and she was definitely a better friend in many ways than Jessica.

9 Esme Cullen

While in some ways all of the members of the Cullen family can be considered part of the main cast, Esme gets the least amount of character development in the books and also the least attention by fans.

It’s a shame that the books don’t develop more of a noticeable personality for the matriarch of the Cullens, and she doesn’t come across as that interesting because she just doesn’t’ have that many scenes.

8 Laurent

There are many different vampires from the series that the Cullens have to fight against throughout the four books. However, one of the most underrated of these villains is Laurent.

While James and Victoria are often acknowledged in the fandom, Laurent isn’t talked about as much. While he might not be as much of a plot point for the books, he’s rather compelling and even more so in the movies.

7 Billy Black

As Jacob Black’s father, Billy is an influential figure who could have been given more development. The fact that he is an elder on the tribal council of the Quileute Tribe who knows all about the shape-shifter tales makes him a very compelling character.

He’s also good friends with Charlie Swan and one of the few humans in the series who gets to know everything going on between the vampires and the werewolves.

6 Charlie Swan

Charlie Swan has gotten a lot more attention recently in the fandom as people have gotten back into the series and many original fans are much older now.

Many fans have realized they enjoy Charlie’s personality and how he tries to help Bella. So, while he might not get all that much attention in the series itself, he is finally being more recognized by fans.

5 Emily Young

It’s an unfortunate fact that most of the underrated characters from Twilight are the characters of color. While the Cullens are explored in-depth, the Quileute tribe and the shape-shifter wolves aren’t so much. Emily Young is a fascinating character given how she is such an important home base for the werewolf pack.

Her backstory with Sam is also interesting, but the books don’t go into that much detail about it.

4 Seth Clearwater

Seth Clearwater gets more attention in the series than many of the other shapeshifters such as Quil and Embry(who also deserve more attention), but even still he could have gotten more. He was the youngest member of the pack, and he also dealt with many tragedies at such a young age including the death of his father.

He was also one of the kinder members of Sam’s group probably due to his overall personality as well as his young age.

3 Rosalie Hale

While Rosalie might not be completely underrated as she is a member of the Cullen family, she gets way less attention than Alice or even Jasper.

This is a shame because she actually has one of the most compelling backstories of any of the characters, and it would have been great to see her get a more well-rounded personality instead of coming across as always the arrogant and mean one.

2 Leah Clearwater

Of all of the characters from the saga, Leah might have been treated the worst. She was the only woman who became a shapeshifter, but she dealt with dislike from all the other members because of her history with Sam.

She never really got much of a happy ending or character development, and this seems like a missed opportunity because she was clearly going through a lot of complex problems.

1 Renesmee Cullen

Renesmee might not seem underrated given that she’s talked about all the time, but this is really only when referring to her as a baby or as a joke. Renesmee in adulthood isn’t given much attention because the books end about the time this happens.

Her relationship with Jacob is also one of the most upsetting things about the books, and it would be great if the story could finally get rid of the imprinting idea.

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